Fifty Dead Men Walking Epub â Fifty Dead Epub /

Fifty Dead Men Walking Epub â Fifty Dead Epub /

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  1. Lee Sherred Lee Sherred says:

    I read this book years ago but was reminded of it recently A very informative book detailing the pressures faced by the author from both sides after finding themselves in the most dangerous position possible at the time If anyone is interested in the realities of what was happening in Northern Ireland in the latter part of the twentieth century than this is well worth a read

  2. Elliot Richards Elliot Richards says:

    Not a bad book though its writing style left something to be desired and felt as though it was written by a teenager with its repetitive text Without belittling the author's contribution to the security of others he clearly loves himself has an ego and seems rather self centered; when things don't go his way he likes to moan about it and is a hypocrite I lost sympathy for him by the end

  3. Jamie Rose Jamie Rose says:

    Please note I wrote this for the goodreads site unfortunately hijack kindle reviews to this site and it's not a setting I can change The uotes to back up points mentioned are on my profile there but don't show up on reviews The relevant points can also be confirmed from various reliable online sources if you can't find me on good reads Please read them before making any kind of ignorant troll attack on my opinion of this book Thanks ‘There’s nobody callous and ruthless than MI5 once an agent has pasted hisher sell by date Hope you enjoyed reading my story’ Marty McGartland January 2013'Growing up in England I was always aware of the war in Ireland as an adult I understand it's as horrific as anything ISIS have done in recent years The actions of ISIS have caused understandable universal outrage The actions of Irish Terrorism inexplicably not so much Reading this once again I cannot understand why that's the case There might be spoilers if so I'm sorry but most of the information in this book has been widely reported made into movies etc Also this got a bit longer than my normal reviews so I apologize for that This is not really an enjoyable book There are parts that made me very angry It's not the book it's the subject The book is well written well edited engaging and interesting which are normally things that I love in a book especially a non fiction book because non fiction does tend to be awkward and dull at times even if the overall topic is fascinating but for me in this area the subject is just hard to read I'm glad that this guy was one of the brave that were willing to risk so much trying to save and protect hundreds of others He should be getting a peace prize nomination instead of the hideous snake maguinessI hope lots of people in America have or will read this I grew up in England I've always vaguely known how horrific events related to Northern Ireland were I've always been vaguely aware my American friends and family seemed to think the situation in Ireland Wasn't that bad was it? And you know Bloody Sunday was bad wasn't it? The Bloody Sunday references always get me Yes Bloody Sunday was a tragedy but the focus on that seems to infer other atrocities like the kingsmill massacre the Omagh and Birmingham bombings weren't that badand anyway you work it the fact remains that the 'peace prize nominee' was in fact known to be carrying a machine gun at the event Even as a child thanks to family holidays I was definitely aware and made sick by the knowledge that Americans had charity collections for the IRA the way we had them for British Legion or Guide Dogs for the Blind I never thought I'd see the day when the most vile example of a terrorist commander is inexplicably nominated for a peace prize The same period of time a royal marine admits to stealing weapons for that 'cause' and 60 year old paratroopers are being arrested for doing their job I'm not disputing the correctness of the orders they were given but their job is to follow orders however insane they might seem to be I wondered if I was mis remembering events at the time or if the way adults in my life had explained things to me because of their jobs I'm half intelligent I know it's not impossible my own culture environment and upbringing was making me biased So as usual I started reading about it This is not the only book on the subject that I've read over the years or plan to read in the futurebut honestly so far this is one of the only one that actually seems to acknowledge both sides I find the books written by terrorist types on both sides are mostly pathetic attempts to justify their appalling actionsTurns out my child memory was right but the adults had been playing it down They really were worse than that badMr McGartland didn't particularly want to betray people he'd known his whole life nor did he want innocent families suffering punishment beatings because a terrorist decided it was necessary or men being blown apart in their homes and cars just because they happened to be in the Army The normal drama of teenagers falling in love like they do In Ireland that was enough for a pregnant girl and her boyfriend to be executed in cold blood just because of a postcode or she was Protestant and he was Catholic Bobby Sands and his poster boys for terrorism were not martyrs they were suicidal attention whores The reason they were not entitled to POW status and privileges was because they weren't prisoners of war they were terrorists Murder attacks on innocent families theft hijacking punishment suads affairs kneecapping friends of the PLO fraud violent incest Jerry Adam's brother raped his daughter Adams didn't act on that years later he tried to bully his niece into keeping it uiet because he feared his reputation was likely to suffer The claim that they did not attack civilian targets is a lie for example not one of the pubs bombed in Birmingham was a military or government establishment or known to be patronized by military or government staff Plenty is said about the inappropriate use of plastic bullets by the Army little is said about Belfast confetti a by product of using traditional bullets the spent casings were collected and thrown at security forces by children This practice also caused accidental blinding in some cases How many media or propaganda stories about that are there compared to the accidental blindness as result of misfiring plastic bullets? The IRA are not the bunch of poor misunderstood choirboys under the brutal boot of the British Army as they seem to be considered in America The loyalists were no better They're all terrorists who even today show no remorse for the sickening acts they performed Sinn Fein are not even duly elected as they committed voter fraud to get their seats In comparison the British Army were responsible for only about 10% of the total deaths in the war in Northern Ireland I refuse to contribute to the downplaying of the atrocities of that war by referencing it by that inaccurate cutsey label The Troubles Yet the British Army and government have apologized freuently for the occasional unacceptable actions of their men unlike the various shameless terrorist murderers responsible for the other 90% of deaths Those killed by the British Army their loved ones have been able to ask for answers millions have been spent on official inuiries that have not given answers soldiers have been unjustly called to account for their actions under order the bodies were available to the family for a funeral On the other hand the terrorists even to this day refuse to apologize give answers for their voluntary actions or share information on people responsible for various murders or in some cases divulge the locations of remains of people they murderedAll over the world it's rightly considered criminal immoral and ignorant to deny the holocaust or support terrorist groups such as ISIS Hopefully books like this will influence people to understand that the Irish war and the terrorist commanders responsible shouldn't be denied or absolved the way they are currently Ps I wrote this for the goodreads site The uotes to back up points mentioned don't show up on reviews They can also be confirmed from various reliable online sources if you can't find me on good reads Please read them before making any kind of ignorant troll attack which you maybe feel you can justify simply because your distant family once lived in a village in Ireland because if they did that doesn't make you Irish but if you're human whatever your roots are you should find the actions of terrorism abhorrent irrespective of the colour of whatever terrorist flag they made the free choice to live under Thanks

  4. Rhonda Heyns Rhonda Heyns says:

    This book was written by the man who lived the life of a Special Branch agent infiltrating the IRA it is written just as he speaks and as a result is an easy read easy to understand to the average person What Martin went through to help his country and save lives is nothing short of phenomenal While the story is true the movie inspired by the book has been doctored for Hollywood and view ability Read the book first take the movie with a grain of salt

  5. Jenny Karraker Jenny Karraker says:

    Having gone to college in the 70's when there was much in the news about the Troubles in Ireland later living in a northeastern city with a large Irish population and then visiting Northern Ireland 20 years later I found this book fascinating Though Irish and resenting the British occupationpresence and their rough handling of the Catholic people the author was even resentful of the harsh treatment by the IRA of their own people On my trip to Portrush one summer I observed the parade of the Orangemen Protestant Irish through the Catholic section of town drums drumming and instruments playing Rather than a celebration of their heritage it seemed of a rubbing it in your face of the Protestants' supposed superiority over the Catholics This man took tremendous risks to protect the lives of British people who lived in Northern Ireland and with each episode I was wondering when he would finally get caught At times he seemed immoral in his behavior yet at others he seemed to stand for justice and fair treatment by all for all When finally found out and having to leave the country and eventually his family your heart broke With the violence and terrorism in the Middle East currently eclipsing that of Ireland and the conseuent negative view of the IRA's activities associating them with terrorism than the nobler cause of rejoining a divided land you would have thought that this fellow would have been safe But it seems these hatreds never go away and attempts on his life are a constant threat I admire his courage and determination to persevere and not back down It's not many who are willing to pay such a high price for what they believe in

  6. Aaron Aaron says:

    Decent enough book Written in a very straightforward almost childish manner 'I did this then I did that' Could have done with a lot insight into why he turned against his childhood friends If my family was subjected to that abuse by the British and RUC as a child it would take a hell of a lot for me to join them as an information There is a lot here he is not telling us

  7. Helen Helen says:

    read the book and avoid the movie

  8. Conor Galloway Conor Galloway says:

    interesting read very hard to put down and a brilliant insight to the troubles in belfast

  9. Sarah McNally Sarah McNally says:

    The usual story of naive man turned informer Not much to be learned probably a little dated now Better written than some others of this genre

  10. Baeleigh Baeleigh says:

    I really liked this book It was very interesting and you learned a lot about the IRA and what life was like during that time

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Fifty Dead Men Walking [BOOKS] ✭ Fifty Dead Men Walking ✯ Martin McGartland – For than four years Martin McGartland lived a double life To the IRA he was a trusted intelligence officer and an integral member of an active service unit To the British Government however he was kno For than four years Martin McGartland lived a double life To the IRA he was a trusted intelligence officer and an integral member of an active service unit To the British Government however he was known only as 'Agent Carol' McGartland is credited by British Intelligence with having saved the lives of at least fifty people Working within the ruthless network of the IRA every time Fifty Dead Epub / he tipped off the authorities he saved a life but with each success came a higher risk of detection He continued to pass on life saving information until one day his cover was blown.