Paperback à Neighbours PDF/EPUB å

Paperback à Neighbours PDF/EPUB å

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  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    The Flood family isn’t what you’d call totally normal—Nerlin and Mordonna the parents are a wizard and a witch respectively; Valla the oldest of the seven children works at a blood bank and brings his work home with him; Satanella was once a cute little girl but after a terrible magic accident involving a shrimp and a faulty wand she turned into small dog; Merlinmary is completely covered in hair so nobody knows if it’s a boy or a girl; Winchflat is the family genius—except that he looks like he’s already dead; the twins Morbid and Silent only speak to each other telepathically; and Betty the youngest is the only “normal looking” child in the family—but she still possesses magical powers The Flood family thinks that everything in their lives is perfect—except for their next door neighbors the DentsThe Dents are as obnoxious as can be Their lawn is littered with garbage and old cars their dog Rambo attacks anyone who comes near the house the television stays on at full volume all day and night the family communicates with one another by yelling and the children are bullies It comes to a point where the Floods decide that they aren’t going to stand for this any and take measures to change the Dent family’s waysThis story is hilarious The Flood family brings to mind those in The Addams Family and The Munsters—spooky and weird but in a funny way The author’s tone is humorous throughout the entire book which is sure to make readers snicker Continue reading about the Flood family in the rest of The Floods series

  2. Stef Rozitis Stef Rozitis says:

    I gave this one the highest rating because it was the first one I read and they are mildly amusing especially to begin with There is enough wickedness in Thompson's sense of humour to surprise a laugh even out of a reader like me I love the way the series is named after the crappest TV shows you could ever watch apart from play school which is an awesome show if you are under sevenThompson's misuse of footnotes adds to the comedy and the irreverent tone which is what is most likeable about these books If something seems too improbable or particularily too gross to be true then in these books it WILL be true Be warned

  3. Jack Jack says:

    This was a hilarious book filled with dark comedy and lots of jokes This book reminded me very strongly of The Adams Family as they were both a spooky family with a generally funny and dark theme to them The humour in this book also reminded me of the author Derek Landy the writer of one of my favourite book series ever ‘Skulduggery Pleasent’ I recommend this book to people aged 10 and up

  4. Ulrike Ulrike says:

    this is the only book

  5. Adele Broadbent Adele Broadbent says:

    The Floods are a strange family who live in a normal neighbourhood Nerlin and Mordonna are the Mum and Dad with six children who have arrived in different ways – by spells etcValla – 22 who works in a blood bank Satanella – 16 – Was once a pretty girl but now resembles a scruffy dog Merlinmary – 15 Nobody is sure whether Merlinmary is a boy or girl as shehe is so hairy and no one can get close enough to find outWinchflat – 14 – A nerdy genius who happens to look dead The twins – Morbid Silent love the names 11 and Betty who is ten and looks perfectly normalThey are a family of wizards and witches all with their own talents They have their relatives buried in the back yard who aren’t really dead at all and the children go to a special wizarding school – nothing like the namby pamby HP version of schoolThe Floods are part of a series and the 1st called – Neighbours is all about getting rid of their noisy rude lazy neighboursThese stories are illustrated with foot notes on most pages explaining many parts of the text It’s funny creepy and different

  6. Muphyn Muphyn says:

    The first book in the Floods family series dark nasty morbid but also uite hilarious The Floods an unusual family have got new neighbours very unpleasant ones and these need to be gotten rid offThe book's fairly short which makes for a uick refreshing read or in my case listen but contains heaps of lines that cracked me up I found it highly entertaining eg the somewhat normal daughter Betty Flood does away with one of the neighbours' children by turning the son into a fridge so of course Dickie died but he died happy and very shiny his last thought then went Wow I am like the handsomest most expensive fridge in the shops and the book continues a nasty little tale not exactly for children at least not for nice ones ;

  7. Collin Collin says:

    Kind of like the Addams Family Okay extremely like the Addams Family But still adorable and really creepy with acts of You know cannibalism Just the kind of thing I expect to read in the hour long book I find deep in the children's section of the libraryBut still really adorable somehow and also hilarious So yeah Do rec

  8. Lucykb Lucykb says:

    this book is easy to read but i enjoyed reading it to my little sister

  9. Michael Earp Michael Earp says:

    So much funnier than I anticipated But I don't know why I doubted I love his picture books so much

  10. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* says:

    Thompson Colin The Floods Good Neighbors pgs210 HarperCollins Childrens books LanguagePG Sexual ContentG; ViolencePG; This is the first book in a new series This family’s story is a mix between The Series of Unfortunate Events and the Addam’s Family The Floods are almost the exact copy of the Addam’s Family The family consists of a beautiful dark haired mother a slightly dumb father and several weird children one of which is completely covered in hair like ThingOpposite of what the title suggests the Floods are not good neighbors Their neighbors begin to bother them so much that they come up with creative ways to get rid of them This book is full of gruesome dark humor and the Flood’s neighbors have such terrible manners and treat each other horifically This book will be enjoyed by those who can set aside reality and ethics and can just enjoy the dark humor ELMS – Optional Allison MadsenTeen Librarian SJO Public Libraryhttpskissthebookblogspotcom2008

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Neighbours [Reading] ➿ Neighbours Author Colin Thompson – The Floods aren't like other families for a start they're all witches and wizards And they weren't made in the traditional way like you or me Some of Nerlin and Mordonna Flood's six eldest children we The Floods aren't like other families for a start they're all witches and wizards And they weren't made in the traditional way like you or me Some of Nerlin and Mordonna Flood's six eldest children were made in the cellar using a ancient recipe book and a very big turbocharged wand The youngest child Betty is a normal pretty little girl but her attempts at magic never go the way she plans The next door Neighbours should have known better than to annoy a family of witches and wizards But they did and they're about to find out what the Floods do to bad Neighbours.