Biology ePUB å Hardcover

Biology ePUB å Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • Biology
  • Kenneth R. Miller
  • English
  • 08 February 2016
  • 9780132013499

10 thoughts on “Biology

  1. Matthew Matthew says:

    This Biology textbook contains all of the basic information reuired to learn about fundamentals of life and how it works You should read this book if you wish to know specifically about genetics the human body and the laws found throughout the spectrum and diversity life If I could ask the author a uestion I would like to know how much time it took to accumulate all of this information into a succinct textbook I was surprised about how easy it was to learn the subjects The book explains each lesson in a easy and unambiguous way using text highlighted vocabulary and a plethora of diagrams and images When learning about genetics in particular I could relate to that when I remembered learning about Punnet Suares in my 7th grade science class The author has a scientific view on the world which contains no traces of emotion or biased One perceptive not found in the book is the idea of creationism Overall this is a great textbook for anyone who enjoys learning about the world and themselves

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    I took biology a long time ago before they knew nearly as much as they do now about DNA RNA DNA replication protein synthesis etc As part of my goals for the year I am going to go through the online version of this book available to all HCPS students and teachers including the worksheets uizzes etc I'm on Chap 2 The Chemistry of Life This should be beneficial in my job as a Homebound Teacher because I always dread tutoring something I haven't masteredI read through and completed most of the worksheets for the first 13 chapters but didn't finish; however this book did motivate me to take college biology as part of my teacher recertification This book does a good job of presenting high school biology and the worksheets will serve as good study guide for students that are not up to picking out the most important info and organizing it themselves

  3. Lafcadio Lafcadio says:

    It's a biolgy textbook not my favorite biology textbook of all time but it still works

  4. R. Vincent R. Vincent says:

    I bought this used off of com I got it because it was talked about in the Dover debacle It's now my go to book whenever I have uestions about biology

  5. Christine Mae Christine Mae says:

    It's fantastic I would recommend it

  6. Quratulain Quratulain says:

    It’s a good book

  7. Ja& Ja& says:

    The education and knowledge about the world everything that's in it and how everything works is honestly unbelievable That is why I think people should really give this book a chance I would like to ask uestions mainly about the timing For example how long it took to write how long it took to publish and gather information I was surprised by how accurate the scientific facts were being that science is never the same and the explanations Perspiration which was explained in the book is something I can definitely relate to The world is full of interesting things I love science

  8. Edavion Miller Edavion Miller says:

    I think people should read the biology book because you could learn a lot of stuff Some uestion tot he author that i would have would be how long did it take to create the book Some things that surprised me in this book were everything that Ive learned and how much information it has An experience that i had from the book is by the weather and climate and how much it changesThe worldview in this book is teaching people about human life an other stuff

  9. Paul Medici Paul Medici says:

    Read this a while ago

  10. Bob Bob says:


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Biology❰EPUB❯ ✺ Biology Author Kenneth R. Miller – Prentice Hall Biology utilizes a student friendly approach that provides a powerful framework for connecting the key concepts of biology New BIG IDEAs help all students focus on the most important con Prentice Hall Biology utilizes a student friendly approach that provides a powerful framework for connecting the key concepts of Biology New BIG IDEAs help all students focus on the most important concepts Students explore concepts through engaging narrative freuent use of analogies familiar examples and clear and instructional graphics Now with Success Tracker™ online teachers can choose from a variety of diagnostic and benchmark tests to gauge student comprehension Targeted remediation is available too Whether using the text alone or in tandem with exceptional ancillaries and technology teachers can meet the needs of every student at every learning levelWith unparalleled reading support resources to reach every student and a proven research based approach authors Kenneth Miller and Joseph Levine continue to set the standard.

About the Author: Kenneth R. Miller

Kenneth R Miller is Professor of Biology at Brown University He earned his PhD in at the University of Colorado and spent six years teaching at Harvard University before returning to Brown He is a cell biologist and chairs the Education Committee of the American Society for Cell Biology He serves as an advisor on life sciences to the NewsHour a daily PBS television program on news an.