The Truth about Lilly Barnes PDF ↠ Truth about Lilly

The Truth about Lilly Barnes PDF ↠ Truth about Lilly

The Truth about Lilly Barnes ➶ [Read] ➲ The Truth about Lilly Barnes By Kimberly Russell ➾ – “Today is the day it is going to happen I’m not melancholy or nervous I just want to get it over with than anything Today is the day that I Lilly Barnes die” Lilly Barnes doesn't want to live an “Today is the day it is about Lilly PDF/EPUB ✓ going to happen I’m not melancholy or nervous I just want to get it over with than anything Today is the day that I Lilly Barnes die” Lilly Barnes doesn't want to live any She is prepared The Truth PDF or to leave her life family and importantly her best friend Buddy behind for good But why What could be so horrible that it makes a young girl want to end her life Find out in The Truth about Lilly Barnes.

  • ebook
  • 343 pages
  • The Truth about Lilly Barnes
  • Kimberly Russell
  • English
  • 10 January 2015

About the Author: Kimberly Russell

Aspiring author I love black sweaters about Lilly PDF/EPUB ✓ coffee and John Mayer.

10 thoughts on “The Truth about Lilly Barnes

  1. Kimberly Russell Kimberly Russell says:

    I guess I'm going to give this one 5 stars I thought the author showed real just kidding I hope you all enjoy the book It can be purchased at the following links

  2. Watermelon Daisy Watermelon Daisy says:

    When I put a down down as my favourite don't take it lightlyThis book is one I'm happy to read over and over again It has a sort of magic which keeps me glued to the pages and I love how I don't know instantly why Lilly wanted to commit suicide it's an ongoing mystery throughout the entire bookLilly the main character was raw It gave me shivers how much I could relate to her on a personal basis Her character manages to put humour even when she's starting to kill herself She has this lonely feel to her and rather than feeling pity I relate to her I think I would do the same thing in her situationWhich in my books is better than any pityUsually I'm not fond of books where heavy past stories are told through dialogue Kimberly Russell did it She perfected the idea of telling the story through dialogue I didn't feel as if it left out any memories than as if she remembered itThe psychiatrist that plays in this story is brilliant Since I want to take that career path I'll be reading her lines over at least three times to get of an idea of how to approach troubled youthAnd of course there's romance I love the relationship between Lilly and Buddy I was chanting for their relationship from the minute I knew he existed Whether they end up or not is up to you to find out ;Overall a definite favourite There's something about this book that sets it apart from other suicide novels like Thirteen Reasons Why It's raw it's honest and it's believable uite frankly it's better than three uarters of the published books I've readAnd I grade it an A plus plus plus plus plus

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I was obsessed with finding out the truth from the second I started reading this book I loved it I had the pleasure of reading it before othersI am fortunate enough to call the author my friend but friend or not I am honest in my assessment of this book it was amazing

  4. Anagha Uppal Anagha Uppal says:

    Everyone absolutely knows what a strawberry tastes like even if you are allergic to them Everyone absolutely knows what the toilet flushing sounds like Everyone absolutely scratches their mosuito bites And I know that I was absolutely ready to die This wasn't a cry for help I didn't want to be saved I was ready to call it uits Done TerminadoI don't know yet whether this just wasn't my kind of book or if it was actually subpar Looking at one after the other 5 star reviews makes me believe it's just me but I just have this voice whispering in my ear that just because a book's about suicide doesn't make it insightfulFirst of all I believe this is aimed toward younger teens 10 13 year olds who are just starting to change and grow as an introduction to mature YA topics like sex and suicide The vocabulary used was very basic and the story was written in a large font on a small thin paperback seriously it's 150 pages Those of us who've actually experienced some amount of depression will find it a bit absurd for its lack of authenticity The author handles such a serious topic as suicide with characters who lack any sort of depth let alone pop off the pageThough the protagonist attempts to commits suicide I feel nothing She tells her story I feel nothing Even after the resolution I feel absolutely nothing for any of these characters More importantly I learn nothing about the teenage mind I don't get a sudden understanding of the suffering faced by every day teenagers by reading this book And contrary to the other reviewers I don't believe it's honest OR believable Lilly attempts suicide fails ends up in a teen clinicview spoiler and with the help of a caring psychiatrist is all good and okay in a week falls in love happily ever after hide spoiler

  5. Disincentive/Feta Disincentive/Feta says:

    MY REVIEW GUST POST BY AUTHOR AND A GIVEAWAY Lily wants to die That’s the only thing I could be sure at the beginning Why? Maybe because of her alcoholic mother? It doesn’t matter She just takes all the pills she can see and drinks a cup of wood polisher At least when I die they can say I had lemony fresh breathBut she gets saved of course Asked in the hospital if she’d do it again she says “yes” Why? Lily is one of my favorite heroines in books Ever Also she is so easy to relate to I know not everyone tried to commit a suicide I hope you didn’t but I was suicidal for years I can say that this book is true simply true All those emotions that go through Lily and people she meets are real At the treatment she gets to know an anorectic girl and I liked her even than Lily even though she was just a small character in the whole book which had only 95 pages I’m still struggling with my eating disorder I know I’m pretty messed up person and Headley was so believable too Even the fact of cheating when they were trying to control her weight This book is about serious topics but it’s still so easy to read It’s written as Lily’s diary and we can easily see how she handles everything that happens to her but a few chapters are from her best friend’s point of view It makes you realize how different people see the same thing and it’s really important in the issue books I was so full of emotions that I forgot I started reading this book to find out the truth about Lily’s problems Then it just happened And I was so shocked that I almost fell of the chair After reading the story I’m wondering why aren’t all bloggers hyper about Kimberly She is definitely a perfect writer I’m sad it was so short and I wish I could read it forever It is a must read for everyone For real

  6. Ruth Hill Ruth Hill says:

    From the moment I began reading this book I was absolutely engrossed This is one short powerful book that I think should be reuired reading for almost every youth I have read young adult books that left me wanting or very disenchanted Not so with this book It was an adrenaline rush from the beginningThere were no bedroom scenes thankfully There was some profanity but I honestly was not turned off by it While I would caution parents about letting their kids read this if profanity is a turn off I don't see it as a major problem This is a real book and I am pleased it ended as it did no spoilers on this end I loved the way the book's perspective changed on a somewhat regular basis and I never felt lost I am a teacher who has a heart for teens and whenever I read books like this I find myself thinking about students I have taught in the past who might be going through similar thingsI appreciated that the author had links to helpful sites at the end You never know what another youth may be going through and appearances can be deceiving This is a fast read that should make us all aware of the people with whom we come in contact daily and what they may be going through in their private livesI was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I was not financially compensated and all opinions are 100 percent mine

  7. Alison Alison says:

    I had randomly spotted this on downloaded it to my Kindle and read it in one afternoon I’m drawn to stories about suicide I’m interested to know the reasons behind the action The reason behind Lilly’s decision isn’t immediately obvious and in fact I hadn’t guessed the reason until it was revealedThe story is told mostly from Lilly’s point of view but there are a couple of chapters told from the point of view of her best friend and possible romantic interest? Buddy I liked the varying viewpoints because suicide affects the family and friends of the victims as wellI really liked this book and might even read it again some time in the future I recommend it if you like books such as Thirteen Reasons Why or If I Stay not suicide but death is a main theme

  8. Paula Ratcliffe Paula Ratcliffe says:

    This was sent to me via the author as part of a blog tour for a honest and fair review There aren't many people who could pull of this sort of book Kimberly Russell has the ability to write about things we would rather not talk about Lilly Barnes has horrible secrets that she can't seem to talk about She tries to kill herself hoping that would end the horror in her mind but it didn't go as planned Lilly's family is about as dysfunctional as can get The only one she cares about is Buddy and his family which turn out to be her saving grace It was an awesome raw look at what some teens go through that parents don't always know about Kudos to Ms Russell for attempting this type of story

  9. Hmr28 Hmr28 says:

    This is a poorly written issue book There were so many grammatical spelling and word choice errors that it was difficult to read The bones of a good story were there but the execution was poor

  10. S Parent S Parent says:

    Kimberly Russell’s The Truth about Lilly Barnes is one of the most realistic depictions of depression I’ve ever read and it’s also a story you won’t be able to stop reading once you start I really think anyone who has experienced depression themselves or knows someone who’s struggled with depression andor abuse should read this book—and really isn’t that almost everyone? At the risk of getting too personal I will say that I have struggled with depression myself and a lot of fictional and heck even nonfictional accounts of depression read somehow “off” to me With The Truth about Lilly Barnes I never had this problem I’d say the author either has some personal experience in this field or did very detailed research because everything about this book felt realistic from Lilly’s internal thought processes at various stages in her journey to the description of the psychiatric facility to the characterization of the therapist In addition Lilly’s reaction to the incident that prompted her suicide attempt was VERY real complex and well definedThis novel draws you in from the very beginning as Lilly tells us that she plans to commit suicide but doesn’t reveal her reasons This tactic forces readers to keep turning pagesbut it also forces me to be a bit vague in my review so sorry about that The other factor that draws you in right away is Lilly’s vivid voice Lilly’s depression comes through loud and clear but so does her dark sense of humor which keeps the narration from becoming overdramatic or maudlin Here’s a great example when Lilly sees her IV in the hospital“It seems sort of unnecessary to prolong my life but I guess they can’t just let me die I’m sure there would be paperwork”As the story continues we also get the POV of Lilly’s friend Buddy While Buddy’s POV isn’t uite as memorable as Lilly’s it’s still distinct and gives us a necessary break from the intensity of Lilly’s worldview Since Smashwords gives word counts on its website I know that The Truth about Lilly Barnes is a shorter book at just over 30000 words However it didn’t feel short to me and definitely not too short If anything I think the sparseness and compactness of the writing really helped to avoid any potential melodrama And the ending was perfect—hopeful and sweet without being unrealistic

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