A New Kind of Country MOBI Ú New Kind of Kindle

A New Kind of Country MOBI Ú New Kind of Kindle

A New Kind of Country [BOOKS] ✫ A New Kind of Country Author Dorothy Gilman – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Novelist Dorothy Gilman author of the bestselling Mrs Pollifax series had reached a point of no return in her life With her sons in college Ms Gilman was searching for something unknowable unnameable Novelist Dorothy Kind of Epub à Gilman author of the bestselling Mrs Pollifax series had reached a point of no return in her life With her sons in college Ms Gilman was searching for something unknowable unnameable until she bought a small house in a little lobstering village in Nova Scotia CanadaAnd so she began her life again discovering talents and interests she never realized were hers accepting the inner peace she had always fought and most of all understanding the untapped part of herself almost as if it were A New Kind of Country to challenge explore and love.

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  1. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Somewhat memoir about Gilman herself Also somewhat philosophy esp about a woman living alone It's also a bit about village life in general and lobstermen in particular Beautifully written I won't say it's 'like' Michael Perry but I will say I'm experiencing the same kind of joy in and admiration for the writing that I do when I read his essays Still relevant 4 decades on at least to women of a certain age I know we're making progress but I was raised in some ways much the same as Gilman was and what a woman does with her life has been less about her identity and about context expectations etc I hope that our children young people now both male and female don't have to struggle so hard to find grace satisfaction joy and accomplishment in their lives My particular problem has been that when I see Before and After photographs on the beauty pages of a magazine I usually prefer the Before photosI hate waste If I had to define evil or sin or wickedness I would point to waste waste of talent waste of potential waste of freedom women men food and the earth's resources as well This includes prisons poverty alienation bad education pollution and what happens to people when they prefer shadows to sunlightVery short Give it a try Or if you've read other lovely memoirs by mature women about their fresh starst on life or books with similar themes tell me the titles please

  2. Liz Liz says:

    I first read Dorothy Gilman’s Mrs Pollifax mysteries around the time that my youngest child left home for college Mrs Pollifax was a good role model then – a widow with grown children choosing where life would take her next Now at a time when all of my children have left home for good I have read Dorothy Gilman’s own story of moving to Nova Scotia from the New York suburbs after her youngest leaves home for college and getting to know herself for perhaps the first time in her life I can’t really express how much this book touched me I checked it out of the library but I will be buying it as soon as I find a copy and I plan to read it every couple of months I need her story than I can say right now

  3. Beverly Edberg Beverly Edberg says:

    I have given this book about fifty times but it is hard to come by these days It is the story of a woman who had to find a place in order to find herself Be care many have left their boring lives and struck out to claim something new and better It is a hell of a read

  4. Nan Hurley Nan Hurley says:

    Interesting introspective from 1978 Dorothy Gilman packed her stressed out self off from a suburb near NYC to a remote village in Nova Scotia her insightful reflections are worth the readSome things in this country have changed in 4050 years some things have not and that too is interesting Wonder how the village in Nova Scotia has faredFor me the most interesting and valuable aspect of the book is the reminder that living minimally and close to nature is healing to both body and mind

  5. Christina Christina says:

    I wish I had written this review when I finished the book a few months ago It's very much a snapshot in her time of when she was a no longer married woman in the 70s whose kids have grown up who learns to find herself apart from the others by going to the coast of Nova Scotia and having a go at a garden Which sounds perhaps cheesy or red hat ladies esue but which was actually uite lovely in a uiet and honest way

  6. Peg Peg says:

    This book changed my life when I first read it 20 yrs ago I now own it and have recently re read it and it provoked deep thinking about myself

  7. Leslie Angel Leslie Angel says:

    a short book with a lot of heart To honor her passing

  8. Jinjer Stanton Jinjer Stanton says:

    This was such a revelation Far different from her other books which I also love A memoir I didn't want to end Something I could never have imagined I want to read it again

  9. Nanb Nanb says:

    This book saved my life way back when it came outa story In itselfyears later I wrote ms Gilman and thanked herShe very graciously replied

  10. Diane Diane says:

    I love Dorothy Gilman's fiction Mrs Polifax is a hero of mine I wanted to gain some insight into the author's life to understand where she was coming from This is not that kind of a book Not a biography but a philosophical memoir Her discussions about the meaning of life and the nature of solitude sometimes caused me to overthink a bad habit of mine and lose sleep as in the middle of the night I pondered my own lifeIt is when the mind has uieted and we have died to those thoughts that were so full of ego and pain that we understand how far away from ourselves we had gone in our suffering and how imprisoned we'd become The human mind which has harnessed electricity discovered the atom and taken us to the moon can actually be our enemy until we learn by understanding its tricks how easily it can crucify usAfter putting the book down for a few days I continued mostly skipping over the philosophy in favor of the charming stories of her time spent in a small coastal village in Nova Scotia I think I might like to visit there sometime but not alone and not in the winter

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