Ebook ✓ Inventing Sin eBook å

Ebook ✓ Inventing Sin eBook å

Inventing Sin [Download] ➽ Inventing Sin By Alicia Thorne – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk When English professor Gabriella Kurtz is dumped by her ho hum boyfriend because she doesn’t have the energy to do the breaking up herself she knows a drastic change is in order But she’s not coun When English professor Gabriella Kurtz is dumped by her ho hum boyfriend because she doesn’t have the energy to do the breaking up herself she knows a drastic change is in order But she’s not counting on just how drastic the change is going to be While she’s reinventing herself as a hot sexy chick Gabriella imagines her perfect man Big and masculine but gentlemanly he’s going to take one look at her and then it’ll be mind blowing sex all weekend That’s what she wants That’s what she tells her colleagues she already has Because she just can’t stand the fact that everyone knows she’s been dumped by a boring academic colleague What’s wrong with an imaginary boyfriend to shield her from the worst of the humiliation And that’s when Duncan Sinclair Sin to his friends enters the picture Ex military now working for an oh so secret government agency he’s on the hot seat Take out an undercover terrorist posing as an accomplished academic his boss tells him Sin gets the game plan the terrorist will be giving a talk at a big Midwestern university When Gabriella’s colleagues mistake Sin for her imaginary boyfriend he thinks she’s set up the situation to provide him cover which means she must be a deep cover asset Brilliant deductive reasoning Except it’s wrong Sensuality Level HotAuthor Bio Alicia Thorne is a former college professor who has invented a boyfriend or two in her life although she found the results not nearly as satisfying as her heroine does wwwaliciathornecom.

5 thoughts on “Inventing Sin

  1. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    What WorkedWhat I LikedFirst off I would have given this story 35 stars if possible I liked this couple These were two strong people who knew who they were There was none of the 20 something antics of game playing while trying to find themselves Both were making strides in their chosen professions college professor trying for tenure and an antiue store ownerassassin This is a classic mistaken identity theme It slightly reminded me of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream I like that the story starts with Gabriella making a positive change after being dumped She works on herself and doesn't fall into the pity vat When Sin comes along she goes for it and bangs him on her desk And then they have sex in the lecture hall And then they have sex at her boss' home And finally they have sex at her apartment That last location seemed so mundane after all the other thrill seeking places I liked the change that comes over Sin in chapter 7 I think that he really is bleak but she changes him and makes him happy Supporting evidence is given in chapter 10 when Sin turns down Mary Anne's set up date and even tells her about Gabriella That chapter also foreshadow on Sin's dislike of flying unless he really has to And he realizes that he will give up working for Predictions first instead of giving up Gabriella Gabriella knows she has fallen for Sin but really wants to keep it casual That all changes in chapter 10 when he romances her I really enjoyed how we see other family members of both Gabriella and Sin I liked the different settings Kanas North Carolina Florida and Greece I like Gabriella's ghetto hope that Sin will lose interest in her while she is hiding in Greece but she knows he will be coming after her She thinks to kill her but he just wants her and has been pinning over her I really liked how the author has Gabriella chasing Sin after all the chasing he has done And I really liked the verbal foreplay in chapter 8 When Sin leaves in chapter 9 and Gabriella realizes how much she wants him she still does not fall into the pity vat but keeps moving forward She sees him as a great short term affair Her reaction to finding out that Sin is an assassin is too funny I liked the cover What Did Not WorkWhat I Did Not LikeAll the different locales They really don't seem to play any special part in the plot The fact that Gabriella runs away to Greece is really not that important She could have just as easily run to Chicago I liked how the author made it a challenge for Sin to get resources but the author has proven herself to be clever enough to give a twist in Chicago My point is that the setting could be anyplace it is not that important I would have liked to see the setting be used make it another character uestionConfusionWhat is his name Duncan Sinclair or Bobby Lee? The author states that the name of Duncan Sinclair is not his given name but no reason as to why he changed it The fact that he has two different names goes alone well with the fact that he has two different lives But I still want to know why The ending Is there another story with these two? How long does it take Gabriella to go to Sin? What does she think analyze about being with an assassin? I was also confused with the scenes on page 42 and 45 Gabriella changes into jeans and a sweater from her work clothing of tailored black pants and blue blouse Then on page 45 she is dressed in a button down blouse skirt and leggings Sin goes from wearing a turtleneck to a tee shirt

  2. Irene Irene says:

    This book was just downright enjoyable to read What would you do if your secret fantasy man walked into the office? It happens to Dr Gabriella Kurtz and smart girl she runs with it Thorne captures Sin’s southern boy attitude perfectly – I could practically hear his laid back drawl I absolutely adored the fact that for most of the book Gabriella thinks he has failed at his job as bodyguard not your standard hero fare For Gabriella and Sin it’s one wrong assumption after another right up to the point where they have to face the truth about each other and themselves FunOh yeah did I mention? Also SMOKIN’ HOT

  3. Tracey Tracey says:

    What a surprising tasty little read Hot and steamy with a great plot This was well written and had wonderful character chemistry This was not what I expected when I started the book however I just had to devour it in one sitting Fortunately the story is a perfect length to achieve this desire without compromising the storyline by making it feel abbreviated

  4. Purple Iris Purple Iris says:

    35 The last uarter felt rushed Also there's a scene where the heroine changes from blouse and skirt into jeans and a sweater Then when she's getting undressed to have sex with the hero her clothes have magically changed back WTF? No editing?

  5. Jessica Diame Jessica Diame says:

    I couldn't finish it If he called her Sugar one time I was gonna have to throw my phone out the window

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