A Monk and Two Peas PDF ☆ Monk and Two ePUB ↠

A Monk and Two Peas PDF ☆ Monk and Two ePUB ↠

A Monk and Two Peas ➸ [Reading] ➺ A Monk and Two Peas By Robin Marantz Henig ➭ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The story of the monk who experimented with peas in his monastery has all the highs and lows of great fiction Mendel was a man of nervous constitution whenever he had to visit the sick and dying he wa The story of the monk who experimented with and Two PDF Ì peas in his monastery has all the highs and lows of great fiction Mendel was a man of nervous constitution whenever he had to visit the sick and dying he was so overcome physically that he had to take to bed who was determined to work out how traits are inherited He spent seven years in the monastery garden experimenting on over strains of plants Determined to A Monk ePUB ↠ discover how species change adapt and arise anew but essentially remain the same from generation to generation he worked out that traits are inherited independently that they come in pairs one from each parent Mendel presented a paper outlining his findings in just years after Darwin's The Origins of Species came out While Darwin's work provoked agitated debate Mendel continued to labour away in silence in his garden and his work was completely ignored Mendel Monk and Two ePUB ↠ sent his paper to fellow scientist Carl von Nageli who told Mendel that his work was incomplete and unconvincing He encouraged Mendel to create hybrids from hawkweed which Naegeli knew was incredibly difficult to achieve as he had himself spent years working on them Was he furious that a younger man had struck on something far original than he could ever produce Did he deliberately divert the monk After Mendel's death all his papers were burnt in a bonfire in the monastery Was this routine housekeeping or the result of a fit of jealousy by a monk who succeeded him as abbot Finally in years after it first appeared Mendel's paper was found by the Cambridge scientist William Bateson It became immediately apparent that Mendel was onto something extremely significant Had Darwin known about his work many of the debates about the details of natural selection might have been resolved This is a captivating book about a remarkable and neglected man who played an enormous role in our understanding of the mechanisms of life itself.

  • Paperback
  • 278 pages
  • A Monk and Two Peas
  • Robin Marantz Henig
  • 17 December 2016
  • 9780753811221

About the Author: Robin Marantz Henig

I'm a long time science journalist and a and Two PDF Ì contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine In addition to my most recent book Twentysomething Why Do Young Adults Seem Stuck co authored with my daughter Samantha Henig I've written eight others including Pandora’s Baby How the First Test Tube Babies Sparked the Reproductive Revolution and The Monk in the Garden The Lost and Found Geni.

10 thoughts on “A Monk and Two Peas

  1. Lynne King Lynne King says:

    My passion is genetics I wish that I had had the foresight to follow the science route at university but I took the easier way out I think and just followed the arts Nevertheless there are excellent books around on genes genomes and human genetics etc and so I can continue my studies in this wayThis is the story of Gregor Mendel an Augustinian monk who lived in Brüunn in the 19th century the capital of Moravia He originally experimented on mice but Bishop Schaffgotsch decided that it was inappropriate for a monk to study sexual activities in mice and due to this Mendel switched over to plants Over many years he studied and experimented on many varieties of peas and other plantsHe had come from peasant farming stock and he just wanted to escape from it and so when the chance came to escape and enter the monastery he took it Thanks to Abbot Napp who had taken a great liking to Mendel he encouraged him to study and conseuently ended up an educated natural scientistMendel had written a paper on his experiments and it was published in 1865 six years after Darwin’s “The Origin of the Species” was published Nothing further came from Mendel’s paper though even though obviously people had read it and it wasn’t until 1900 that it saw the light of day in a most unexpected wayWilliam Bateson a zoologist was a don at St John’s College Cambridge and was a great supporter of Darwin’s works on evolution and natural selection Bateson was on the train to London to lecture on Hugo De Vries a Dutch Botanist but for some reason at the time three other scientists had mentioned Mendel’s paper to him and he just happened to have an article on his work him Chance certainly played a strong part in the life of Mendel even posthumously Bateson embraced Mendel’s views as his were the same; so the term “genetics” was coined from that timeMendel never managed to ualify as a teacher and suffered from depression From time to time he would take to his bed and was often there for uite a long time He nevertheless seemed to enjoy his scientific studies on peas and plants and was pained that he had to give this all up when he became the abbotI just wonder what would have happened if Darwin had met Mendel and they had exchanged ideas? And to think that genetics came about all because of peasI found this to be a super book and for anyone who is interested in monasteries priests and genetics well this is the book for you

  2. Becky Black Becky Black says:

    An entertaining story of the birth of the science to genetics Things I learned? Well Mendel's paper was in Darwin's library at the time of his death the pages uncut hah it was on his to read list Who knows what might have been if he'd got around to reading it and understood how inheritance actually works and how that supports with the Theory of Natural Selection?And I learned that Mendel was ordained as a priest on my birthday give or take 120 years which was irrationally pleasing

  3. Art King Art King says:

    We've all heard his name in high school biology class Here's the story of his life well told Gregor Mendel spent his life at a Monastery in what is now the Czech Republic This slim volume tell the story of a scientific genius working with no support or collaboration in the most obscure of places Though he was given no credit for his brilliant insights until many years after his death what he discovered truly changed the world

  4. Laura Laura says:

    From BBc Radio 4 ExtraRobin Marantz Henig's biography about the Moravian monk who pioneered genetic research 25 Despite struggles with other duties the monk begins his experiments35 The pioneer geneticist presents his findings to a baffled audience45 Other scientists including Darwin receive the monk's findings 55 The monk's religious duties take precedence but his legacy remainsRead by Liza Ross and Michael Williams

  5. Tyas Tyas says:

    Offers insights into one of the most towering figures in modern biology but of which not much is popularly known except that he's a monk who spent time crossing peas in the monastery garden

  6. Ladan F Ladan F says:

    Having read this book and recently heard extracts read on Radio 4 I can recommend it to anyone who seeks to find the person behind the scientist

  7. Daphne Daphne says:

    Cute and simple little history I dug it

  8. Judy Judy says:

    There's not much about Mendel himself in this book which was a disappointment since I'd hoped to learn a little about the man This isn't an inspiring read

  9. Bettie Bettie says:

    a reasonable read incorporating a few real informational highs

  10. Katie Katie says:

    It didn't stick to facts it allowed itself to speculate Good for a pleasure read but not if you are writing an essay etc

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