Searching for Everardo A Story of Love War and the CIA in

Searching for Everardo A Story of Love War and the CIA in

Searching for Everardo A Story of Love War and the CIA in Guatemala [EPUB] ✵ Searching for Everardo A Story of Love War and the CIA in Guatemala Author Jennifer K. Harbury – Harvard educated attorney Jennifer Harbury went to Guatemala to help refugees and found herself drawn into a political drama that would test her beliefs courage and moral strength She fell in love and Everardo A eBook ↠ Harvard Everardo A Story of ePUB ↠ educated attorney Jennifer Harbury went to Guatemala to help Searching for PDF/EPUB or refugees and found herself drawn into a political drama that would for Everardo A PDF Í test her beliefs courage and moral strength She fell in love for Everardo A Story of ePUB ↠ and married Efrain Bamaca Velasuez better known as Commander Everardo a Mayan Indian resistance leader Soon after he vanished in combat This is the story of Harbury's search for Everardo for Everardo A Story of ePUB ↠ one that grew into an impassioned crusade to expose those responsible for the human rights abuses suffered upon the victims of Guatemala one woman's heroic stand against the Guatemalan oligarchy the US State Department and the CIA A headline making story of love war and courage this is the personal account of an American woman and her unrelenting fight to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of her husband a Guatemalan guerrilla leader.

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  1. Letitia Letitia says:

    Really really enjoyed this very personal account from an American woman about the civil war in Guatemala and related human rights abuses I would offer this advice don't do what I did and read it on a plane between two strange business men who do not want to see you weep uncontrollablyThis book is highly emotional and I recommend it It is not however historical or particularly balanced I recommend doing a bit of scholarly work before or along with Harbury's account Her story is very moving and important to hear but her portrayal of the URNG and the guerillas is highly idyllic I'm not sure if it's because her political leanings to socialism caused her to see the companeros sympathetically or the reverse the beautiful camaraderie of the companeros led her to be sympathetic to the political causeIn any case this book is definitely worth a read and a must do for anyone interested in Central American history or human rightsRead for holiday in Guatemala 2015

  2. Kelly Kelly says:

    Horrifying true story I don't remember this being in the news during my college days I probably wasn't paying attention And that makes me wonder how many stories like this are there out there involving cover ups by the US government with the justification of national security

  3. Kiessa Kiessa says:

    Around the World in 52 Books GuatemalaThis haunting personal account of an American who fell in love with a Guatemalan native and her search for justice on his behalf is page turning eye opening and heart breaking I will remember it always and re read it at some point

  4. Melodie Pearse Melodie Pearse says:

    One of my favorite books thus far Both heartbreaking and eye opening Jennifer Harbury sheds light on the human rights violations carried out by the Guatemalan army by demanding truth and justice Harbury’s story is dangerous and captivating allowing you to experience every emotion while reading her devastating love story She is a true heroine

  5. Jill Dobbe Jill Dobbe says:

    An amazing book with a heartbreaking and incredible story A well written and honest account of Harbury's deep love for Everardo and all she went through to find out what really happened to him Guatemala is a beautiful country with beautiful people who lived through a barbaric past

  6. Marianne Marianne says:

    I'm prefacing this by the knowledge that this is my favourite book ever written I read it for the first time when I was 16 and I found it by accident after reading a book for an English assignment dealing with similar subjects and I was in the library and figured why not First time I read it I burst into tears and it's cliche to say something changed your life but it at the least altered my perception on everything in my life Before it I was aware that bad things happened in the world but sometimes you need to see it feel it for it to actually be than just a bunch of statistics or photos of faceless nameless peopleI finished reading the book and immediately wanted to use it for my RPR but realised I couldn't do a proper evaluation on it so i benched it instead figuring I would use it for my SYS English but again shelved it in order to do a thing on the cultural and stereotypes difference in African literature between African and non African authors so I never used it much to my regret because I wanted to talk about this and get people to read it and understand why they had to read thisIn 1982 there was a military coup in Guatemala and the military junta began a presidential lead campaign of ethnic cleaning against the indigenous population of the country By the time the war ended in 1996 hundreds of thousands of Mayans had been murdered over a million had been 'displaced' thousands tortured and innumerable numbers 'disappeared' or having fled the country to Mexico and beyond The one country who wouldn't provide them safe haven was the USJennifer Harbury was a human rights lawyer who went to Guatemala trying to get information on what was going on down there in order to build a case She spent time learning all sorts of horrors and it was then she decided to write a book in order to try and highlight what was going on In order to write it she managed to spend some time with the guerillas or the companeros it was here that she met Everardo or Efraim Bamaca a leader of the group who had been waging the war since the start They spent time together and the two eventually fell in love but as the way of things she had to leave and he had to stay Eventually despite his insistence that he would not write to her she began receiving letters and the two managed to meet up in neutral Mexico where they made the decision to start a relationship despite the knowledge that he would eventually have to return back to his group in the Guatemalan VolcanoThe two married and lived a happy if brief life together before he returned and it was then she got word that she had to return to Mexico because some of the companeros has to see her Obviously this is the guerilla version of a man showing up with a uniform and clutching a telegram but due to the lack of safety she had to follow the protocols and that's when she finds out that Everardo's group was attacked and that he's missing He may be dead but they have no body and she has to prepare for the fact that he may still be aliveIt says a lot that the initial reaction is to wish he had died instead of still being alive but as she discovers that he didn't die we watch her try and force the Guatemalan authorities and the US politicians to help her to save himShe goes on hunger strike and as you read you find yourself cursing the games that get played around her from the Guatemalan army to the US diplomats It's painful and agonising to watch the road blocks put up and you watch in horror as the US the 'leaders of the free world' aren't just wilfully ignorant to what's happening but a contributing and active participant in it In fact the CIA actually paid Everardo's torturers for the information they tried to get out of him When you read what happened when you picture it it leaves you horrified and even so that they knew that the army had faked his death in order to keep him captive to get the information from him by any means necessaryThis story doesn't have a happy ending It is one of many stories during these forgotten countries who are nameless faceless people and the sad truth is that if the author wasn't a middle class educated white American we probably wouldn't know this story The efforts she went to get information to find out the truth are nothing short or admirable and you compare her to for example Marilyn McAfee the then American Ambassador to Guatemala who at best was a hindrance and at worst wilfully obstructive you can't help but be in even greater aweIn 1999 Bill Clinton apologised for the US's part in the genocide in Guatemala but as this book demonstrates it was a case of way too little way too late The uote I used in the header of this entry is the actual motto of the CIA I just find it ironic that they have that there in good consciousness when you continually read about this being the norm for themIn my last book I commented that I felt disconnected from the story because of the lack of personal insights if anything this book is the polar opposite I probably felt too invested even though I knew it wouldn't end well The author addresses her husband directly in every chapter and as you read you feel the frustration of every road block and the weariness of chasing your own tale Despite that though and despite the fact it will probably be months before I can even contemplate reading it again it's a book I highly highly recommend everyone reads at least once It might not change your life but it should make you grateful appreciative that you're living the one you're living

  7. Liz Liz says:

    This is a very disturbing book about the US governments involvement with Guatemalan death suads and one woman's fight to find out who murdered her husband

  8. Gustavo Mendez Gustavo Mendez says:

    A great testimonial of the history of the genocide in Guatemala It affects me directly because I'm half Guatemalan and to learn this bit of history and how the US was involved really gets to you It's powerful what she did not just for her husband but for the indigenous people of Guatemala as well I will consider reading her other stuff

  9. Grace Grace says:

    What an amazing incredible story of astounding courage strength and character I cannot fathom the suffering reuired to propel a person to confront evil head on in a uest for truth and justice like what Jennifer Harbury went through in order to find out what happened to her husband I lived in Guatemala as a child during the 1970s Over the years I was disheartened and sickened by the military's violence perpetrated against its beautiful and peaceful Mayan population and terrified by the crime wave that inevitably followed I have always been too fearful to even go back to visit and yet this woman held the Guatemalan military and the US Government accountable for the torture and death of her husband I got goose bumps from reading this book It haunted me day and night until I finished it I cannot recommend it enough

  10. Ian Ian says:

    Absolutely fantastic book about a bravecrazy woman from the US who goes to Guatemala and marries a leader of the rebels during the Guatemalan civil war and her fight for knowledge and justice for her husband in the years that followed from injustices committed by the USGuatemalan governments Some of the writing could be a little bit tighter the author is a lawyer by trade and so her narrative lacks a little bit here and there but the uality of the story and her unending passion than shine through Regardless of your opinion on the morality of the war this book is worth reading

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