Paperback ¾ Unconditional ePUB å

Paperback ¾ Unconditional ePUB å

Unconditional ❴PDF / Epub❵ ★ Unconditional Author Eva Marie Everson – Samantha Crawford an acclaimed storybook artist seemingly had it all until losing the love she cherished most Now fighting despair she is obsessed with tracking down the murderer of her husband With n Samantha Crawford an acclaimed storybook artist seemingly had it all until losing the love she cherished most Now fighting despair she is obsessed with tracking down the murderer of her husband With no leads and no hope Sam prepares to take her life until providence intervenes and she is reunited with her childhood friend Joe BradfordDying of kidney disease Joe spends his last days serving fatherless children in an under resourced community Observing Papa Joe’s tireless love for “his kids” Sam begins to find new purpose until she comes face to face with her heart’s desire The innocence and hope of a child competes with the lure of revenge in an effort to show Sam how even in life’s darkest of circumstances Love is above all.

About the Author: Eva Marie Everson

Eva Marie Everson is a best selling multiple award winning author of both fiction and nonfiction She is the president of Word Weavers International and the director of Florida Christian Writers Conference and North Georgia Christian Writers Conference She enjoys teaching and speaking at writers events across the US as well as coaching new writers via her company Pen In Hand Inc.

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  1. Sidney W. Sidney W. says:

    During the last week of Billy Crawford's life we learn what a wonderful life he and Samantha had Samantha who wrote children's books and Billy who worked for the power company lived on a farm near Nashville Tennessee They had two horses to ride cows to milk and chickens to feed There was enough acreage to go camping together Billy was her whole world and when his life was taken hers began to endHis death was sudden and violent with no time to say goodbye He'd been called out to a rough neighborhood called the Commons for an emergency power failure during a storm The police assumed he was shot during a robbery attempt but nothing appeared to have been takenSamantha lost her faith and her will to go on after Billy was killed She couldn't finish the book she was working on even though Billy had told her it would be her best yet All she managed to do was to take care of the animals on their farm Instead of drawing birds for her new book she drew a faceless killer wearing a red hoodie from the description of the suspect given to her by the policeA year after Billy's death at the insistence of her agent she manages to get out of her self imposed solitary confinement to attend an event where she was honored for a previous book Instead of talking about her books she starts telling the attendees about Billy and how he gave away two dollar bills to strangers This caused her to break into tears and run out of the building Two years after that on another rainy night Samantha drives Billy's old pickup truck to the spot where Billy died She loads the pistol he kept in the glove compartment and prepares to end her life Before she can pull the trigger she hears a cry for help from a young boy Unable to go on with her plan she finds the boy and learns his sister Keisha was the victim of a hit and run accident Samantha takes the injured child and her brother Macon to the hospital in her truck At the hospital Samantha meets up with Joe Bradford a childhood friend she'd lost contact withAnd so the story begins And it is a wonderful story about how Samantha finds a reason for living after joining Joe in his effort to help underprivileged children in the Commons while giving her an opportunity to search for Billy's killerA movie by the same title starring Lynn Collins as Samantha and Michael Ealy as Joe is scheduled for release September 21 2012 The book is a novelization of the movie which is based on the life of a real person Joe Bradford out of prison for computer hacking with years tacked on for trying to save the life of a prisoner has taken on the job of being the father he didn't have to the children in the Commons who had no fathersI was intrigued by the story from the beginning Although I was most drawn to Samantha's story Joe's story is strong too The important story is how the lives of these two people crossed at critical times She saving him and he saving her There were lots of tears throughout but many tears of joyI received a complimentary copy of this book for review from the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR Part 255

  2. Laura Laura says:

    This book starts with a heart wrenching story of a short lived marriage between Billy and Samantha Crawford until a bullet took Billy’s life Eva has written with clarity the life Samantha was living as a recluse after her husband died It’s heart rending deep and personal You can easily put yourself in her shoes as she drowns herself in grief No one being able to pull her out of herselfBefore his death she was a daydreaming children’s book writer Her mischievous ways followed her into her marriage with Billy The scenes are hilarious and have you relishing the scenes The romance is exuisiteWhile rescuing a young child hit by a car Eva subseuently renews her friendship with her old friend Joe Bradford from grade school Though both were shunned in school they had become fast friends He was African American and she was Caucasian Eva brings Samantha back to life through the life of Joe in ways one would never expect It’s heartwarming and delightfulThis book Unconditional is a powerful story of love triumphing over tragedy God is ever close throughout the circumstances–only a prayer away

  3. Randy Tramp Randy Tramp says:

    Unconditional by Eva Marie EversonSamantha lost her husband killed in a senseless murder Sam prepares to end her life but doesn’t because of a child then is reunited with her childhood friend Joe BradfordThe story beginsMy ThoughtsI give a book a five star rating when it has made an impact upon me Unconditional is such a book The characters will stay fresh in my mind for a long timeSamantha’s pain must have been beyond human possibility The nightmare of losing someone you love lurks in each person For Samantha the nightmare became reality then became unbearableJoe entered her life at the right time and demonstrated a love that heals all wounds Mix that with children and a perfect story is toldTraveling to a Native American Reservation on Sundays ministering to Native children caused me to connect to the children in Unconditional I understood the love Joe had for children I look forward to watching the movie Unconditional

  4. Cindy Huff Cindy Huff says:

    Reading this novelization of a screenplay is like getting the extended version DVD of the movie The movie was awesome but left me with a few uestions about the characters and what happened next The novel answered those uestions and This book and the movie are based on incidents from the life of Joe Bradford He is affectionately called Papa Joe by the at risk kids he works with Joe changes the life of his childhood friend Samantha when they reconnect many years later The murder of Sam's husband has left her desolate and hurting The story takes the reader through the themes of forgiveness and healing Lots of surprises as Sam longs to solve the mystery of who killed her husband

  5. Ivi Oltovska Ivi Oltovska says:

    I loved it

  6. Bill Fisher Bill Fisher says:

    Easy read understandably some basic true story

  7. Patrice Hoffman Patrice Hoffman says:

    Unconditional is the novel by Eva Marie Everson that's based on the Christian drama film of the same name The story is based on the true story of a man named Joe and his wife Denise who decided to make a difference in the lives of the low income children of Nashville TN Their inspiring story gives others hope just as it does for the character Samantha in the novelThree years after the murder of Samantha's husband Billy she find herself in the parking lot ready to succumb to the darkness when a shout for help breaks through that storm A young girl named Keisha has been struck by a car that doesn't stop to help her Sam drives Keisha and her brother Macon to the hospital Before she's set to leave the hospital she runs into a childhood friend Samurai Joe Unconditional took only a few hours to read and should appeal to fans of Christian fiction with its message heavily geared towards the love of God and lots and lots of prayer I often find that the message is what's most important so I don't grade higher or lower for the freent God references or Hail Marys The moving story of one family trying to make a difference in the lives of people who even the police had essentially counted out is one worth reading On one hand Sam is the uinessential person who seemingly would have a reason to smile Sure it's devastating that she's lost her husband in such a violent manner but she doesn't wake up to the constant reminder of life in the Commons projects Death there is just as freuent but doesn't deter any of the children she meets from facing the day with a smile and the will to go on To attempt to walk on the clouds Unconditional is a good read and I look forward to watching the movie now The message of finding purpose and love again after all hope is gone is a powerful message for such a short book to handle but is done so with ease Copy provided by Netgalley

  8. Cindy Navarro Cindy Navarro says:

    I had been hearing buzz about the film for several months so my curiosity was already piued when I was asked if I had interest in reviewing the book I have read several other books by Eva Marie Everson and knew I loved her style I was not disappointed Within the first paragraph I was already drawn into the story and could not wait to find out what would happen next I uickly learned to care about each of these characters and read the entire book that dayThe power of making the best use of your time and knowing God is with you each step of the way still awes me I was also reminded of the uote I have seen in a variety of places Life isn't about waiting for the storm to passIt's about learning to dance in the rain I have seen the uote attributed to several people I don't want to give away anything in the book but it is one of those that has numerous characters who strike a chord within me It also one of the few I will give a top rating to simply becauseseveral days later I am still thinking about these people and comparing what changes I should make in my own life to live the life God wants me to live and make the best of the circumstances I am inI received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review All opinions are my own and I was not reuired to write a positive review

  9. Danita W. Danita W. says:

    Where do I begin what can I say about Eva Marie Everson's book Unconditional It was heart wrenching and eye opening Why can't we live in a world with unconditional love? Why is there evil? You go out to do something to help someone and evil raises its ugly and head and takes your life That is what happened to Billy a man full of love and ready to spread it to anyone he met I was pulled into this story from the very beginning I love Eva's style of writing and how her descriptions of the characters are brought to life As with any good read you are pulled into the story and you become a part of it Love is amazing when you open your heart to it God loves us unconditionally We continue to mess things up and He continues to forgive and love us no matter what CAIN'T NOTHING OUTSHINE LOVE I really felt this book in my heart and totally recommend it to everyone to read

  10. Pamela Pamela says:

    I really thought this would be a great reading experience Alas it wasn't I gave up midway The story might have had a wonderfully powerful message but the writing got in the wayRather than reading like a novel it reads like a script Which makes sense as this book was adapted from the movie and not penned by the screenwriterCinematography music scores lighting seasoned actors provide nonverbal clues which enhance emotions believability plausibility atmosphere etc Unfortunately through none of that translated onto the page Among other issuesThe movie was well received So maybe some day I'll chance to watch it Then again the ratings for the book which prompted me to read it were also exceptionally high So maybe those who had positive movie experiences are one and the same with those who awarded high book ratings Maybe not all who watched the movie read the book???? It happens Buy who knows? All I can say is it simply didn't work for me

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