La vie et demie Epub ¿ La vie PDF/EPUB or

La vie et demie Epub ¿ La vie PDF/EPUB or

La vie et demie ➼ [Download] ➹ La vie et demie By Sony Labou Tansi ➹ – Grandeur et décadence de la Katamalanasie immense pays d'Afriue noire soumis à la plus sanglante mais aussi la plus absurde des dictatures Les morts n'y meurent jamais tout à fait juste retour des Grandeur et décadence de la Katamalanasie immense pays d'Afriue noire soumis à la plus sanglante mais aussi la plus absurde des dictatures Les morts n'y meurent jamais tout à fait juste retour des choses puisue les vivants n'ont guère le droit d'y vivre Si le constat de Sony Labou Tansi pour drôle et réjouissant u'il soit peut paraître pessimiste c'est u'il décrit au delà du continent africain le monde du prochain La vie PDF/EPUB or siècle Au fond la terre n'est plus ronde Elle ne le sera jamais plus La vie et demie devient cette fable ui voit demain avec des yeux d'aujourd'hui.

About the Author: Sony Labou Tansi

Sony Lab'ou Tansi July June born Marcel Ntsoni was a Congolese novelist short story writer playwright and poet Though he was only when he died Tansi remains one of the most prolific African writers and the most internationally renowned practitioner of the New African Writing His novel The Antipeople won the Grand Prix Littéraire d'Afriue Noire In his later years.

10 thoughts on “La vie et demie

  1. Tuck Tuck says:

    turned back to his Four Seasons meat which he cut and ate with the same bloody knife ?a gruesome fiction of what the big man gets up to in africa he takes he stuffs his face he fucks he kills he gives to his family and friends he protects the weak a fascinating novel written is vernacular but rendered in english a must read for modern afica lit philes

  2. Fariba Fariba says:

    The first half was very engaging I cared about the story of Chaidana but once we begin to follow the 1000 sons of a dictator named Patatra the second half of the book I lost all interest I skipped several passages If this book had maintained the energy of the first halftwo thirds I would have given this book 4 stars but it didn'tThis novel is heavy with magical realism It follows a series of guides dictators of the fictional Republic of Katamalanasie loosely inspired by the Congo They are in constant war with the spirit of the Martial who along with his family is murdered at the start of the book Only his daughter Chaidana survives She is forced to marry the Guide Providentiel Nevertheless she has several tricks up her sleeves including poisoning administrators with champagne When I say this is a weird story I'm not exaggerating The beginning is also extremely violent so be prepared If you like Gabriel Garcia Maruez you might like this novel I would read other books by Tansi but I must admit that this novel took a lot out of me

  3. Jeruen Jeruen says:

    Hmm this was a weird book In the beginning I liked it Heck I even loved it But as it progressed I started not caring for it And in the end I hated it It's like this book with lots of energy in the very beginning but it all fizzled in the end See it's a novel that is a cross between your classical dictator novel and magical realism It first reminded me of the dictator novels written typically by Latin American authors Like Autumn of the Patriarch by Gabriel García Máruez or Feast of the Goat by Mario Vargas Llosa In the former it was indeed combined with magical realist elements But nevertheless it was not overdone There were fantastic elements yet still the reader still felt that one could suspend one's disbelief In Life and a Half on the other hand the magical realist elements were over the top as if Sony Labou Tansi was on steroids and on overdrive using all magical elements in all parts of the book Sure the cannibalistic beginning was fantastic but it kept on going and at some point I got tired of it In this book there's basically the battle between two forces the Providential Guide and Martial The Guide represents the corrupt dictator who never dies believes in bizarre supernatural ideas and just kills all his enemies Martial on the other hand represents the rebellion and he also never dies His ghost lives on and wrecks havoc on the Guide and his men There's also Chaidana who is the offspring of Martial who is in the centre of everything The thing is the Guide dies only to be replaced by another Guide and Martial keeps on living same thing with his daughter Chaidana And at some point it became hard to see that this is the battle between good and evil Rather it just became the battle of two evil forces And the magical realism just turned into the theatre of the absurd The thing is the narrative just turned into something superbly stupid that I found myself just skimming the text since I lost interest already When there's a dictator fucking thousands of virgins so that he would have thousands of children all with the first name Jean then at some point you ask what is the point Bizarrely enough the introduction of the book had a literary expert call Sony Labou Tansi's work as sui generis but I beg to differ James Joyce's Finnegans Wake is sui generis This one however felt like a copycat like an author who wanted to write a magical realist novel yet somehow lost steam in the middle I really wanted to like this book and I did like the first 50 pages However as it progressed I hated it In the end I was just glad it was over I give it 2 out of 5 starsSee my other book reviews here

  4. Jo Jo says:

    The subject matter of the book means that it is a tough read at times but it skillfully captures the link between tyranny and absurdity Beautifully written wide in scope and uite possibly brilliantNote that the violence in this book has an unreality to it but is also very extreme If you can make it through the first chapter you will likely be ok for the rest; in my opinion it is worth it

  5. Starlon Starlon says:

    This entrail spilled magical realist novel about a dictator and his opponents is perhaps the most twisted and absurd tragedy on the corruptive influence of language power and politics And although the translation flows uite well I can't help but feel the power and the impact of many of the puns are lostDefinitely a strange book Some of the most gory scenes read like something out of a Buster Keaton film

  6. Harry Rutherford Harry Rutherford says:

    This is my book from the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the Read The World challenge which was still the Belgian Congo when Sony Lab’ou Tansi was born and was Zaire when he diedIt is yet another book about dictatorship — a seuence of dictatorships in this case each as violent and capricious as the one before From the very first scene in which a man refuses to die even as his body is hacked into ever smaller pieces in front of his family it is unremittingly brutal and full of impossible things It is um mythic? symbolic? surreal? I suppose you could call it magical realism except I don’t think it fits in the realist tradition at allAs I say it is about a seuence of dictators and one of the striking aspects of the book is the sense of violence just spawning violence So in the first few chapters it is focussed on a handful of protagonists and it seems like it is about violence politics and revenge on that personal level But then they die and the focus moves on to the next generation but it still seems like a family story; then it moves on again and again and everything that seemed specific and personal — all the particular details and motivations — increasingly just seem to be part of the patternIt’s dark poetic and certainly worth reading

  7. Val Val says:

    Sony Lab'ou Tansi was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo when it was a Belgian colony His family moved to the Republic of the Congo former French colony where he learnt French and English He became a teacher a government administrator and ran a theatre group He was committed to democracy and campaigned for it through his work but it was under the democratically elected government that he himself suffered restrictionsThis short novel is one of many plays screenplays novels letters and poems he wroteIt is not an easy or pleasant read It is a dark brutal almost visceral satirical story In addition to the subject matter the style is complex and full of allusionsThis book should come with a warning that it may turn you vegetarian or even put you off eating at all It won't do a lot for champagne sales eitherIt is very well done but I can't say I enjoyed it That makes giving a rating difficult do I score it for how much I liked it or for the author's achievement in writing it Four stars is mainly for the book not the enjoyment of itA definite plus is the translation It is very difficult to translate word play Alison Dundy here has done a good job

  8. Yamini Yamini says:

    Beautifully written captivating but also so so disturbing I'm not an easy person to gross out so don't read this if you have a weak stomach I loved it but not without having to take freuent breaks from the gruesome descriptions of eating flesh At the same time however a very powerful way to deal with Labou Tansi's issues with the Congo

  9. Max Max says:

    Very strong beautiful cruel horrible and fascinating as only black Africa can be Not for everybody It doesn't happen me very often to read two times a book but this one is worth Artaud? Bataille? Alfred Jarry? What else? A tropical nightmare

  10. Janet Alain Janet Alain says:

    In memory of Sony who shared with me his vision of Africa while he was in residence at the La Napoule Art Foundation chateau Henry Clews

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