Mistress of My Fate PDF ☆ Mistress of ePUB ↠

Mistress of My Fate PDF ☆ Mistress of ePUB ↠

Mistress of My Fate ☀ Mistress of My Fate PDF / Epub ✍ Author Hallie Rubenhold – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Set during a period of revolution and turmoil Mistress of My Fate is the first book in a trilogy about Henrietta Lightfoot a young woman who was abandoned as a baby and raised alongside her cousins no Set during a period of revolution and turmoil Mistress of My Fate is the first book in a trilogy about Henrietta Lightfoot a young woman who was abandoned as a baby and raised alongside her cousins noble children of a lord and lady At just sixteen years old circumstance and a passionate love affair tear Henrietta away from everything she knows leading Mistress of ePUB ↠ to a new life fending for herself on the streets of th century London as a courtesan gambler and spirited intellect of the city.

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  1. Susan Susan says:

    This is a delightfully melodramatic historical novel featuring our – initially – naïve and innocent heroine and narrator Henrietta Henrietta is raised with her cousins and is that favourite of all characters in historical novels the poor relation She is the meek little mouse next to her brash confident and spoilt cousin Lady Catherine However despite Henrietta’s lack of wealth or prospects she manages to upstage Catherine by her beauty and angelic nature and when Lady Catherine is about to marry the handsome George William Allenham 2nd Baron Allenham of Herberton Park his attraction to the lovely Henrietta unleashes a tragedy which results in Henrietta having to flee her relatives homeWhat results is Henrietta’s metamorphosis from a shy and unsure young girl to a mistress and a courtesan However this novel is often uite tongue in cheek and there is not really a real sense of danger Whatever befalls the hapless Henrietta she recounts clearly and she always manages to fall on her feet – despite shedding her scruples uite uickly as events unfold What emerges is a fun historical romp This is the first in a trilogy and I look forward to reading on with Henrietta’s adventures in the next instalment

  2. Sarah Mac Sarah Mac says:

    This was an enjoyable book but not uite what I was expectingThe first of an eventual trilogy Mistress of My Fate features our narrator Henrietta as she describes her downfall from virtuous virgin to secretive kept woman to a highly recognizable courtesan Something of a shy bookish teenager Henrietta has the misfortune of being prettier than her bitchy cousin Catherinean error she compounds by falling for Catherine's fiance Allenham for his part is a philosophical dreamer he returns Henrietta's feelings but they can't marry for financial reasons An ill timed death forces Henrietta to flee her uncle's house after which Allenham takes her as mistress When he disappears with no explanation Henrietta follows his trail to London where survival dictates that she's roped into the courtesan lifestyle with two very different 'keepers' all the while continuing to pine for AllenhamAnd there it isThe book was well written Henrietta has a strong smooth voice The plot features many historical personages the Georgian era comes through uite clearly as opposed to the drab wallpaper of most Regency settings I loved the tongue in cheek literary references particularly re Samuel Richardson's moralistic melodramas the sublime gothics of Ann Radcliffe Henrietta's self deprecating remarks about how her female audience was too tender for the 'intimate details' of her life though she takes great joy in sharing learned tidbits for the wisdom of uninformed young ladies But it's not without problems Firstly there isn't enough grit either physical or emotional I'm aware that some readers shy away from rougher novels about prostitutes courtesans so if you want a kinder gentler approach this one should do the trick no pun intended But for my part I'd have appreciated an edgier tone I didn't feel anything raw about Henrietta's passion or desperation or disgust I had no choice but believe it based on how she discussed the aforementioned passion desperation disgustbut such a smoothly polished veneer muffled the impactWhich brings me to another issue ie that of the dreaded Unlikeable andor Unreliable NarratorHenrietta is not an unlikeable narrator Despite her profession uestionable choices she's not an anti hero She's trustworthy she's sympathetic she's a classically styled romance leading lady What's wrong with that you ask? Well I like anti heroes And in this type of story particularly one which draws such wry comparisons between itself the inaccuracy of Richardson I was expecting a less blatant protagonist I wanted to be MADE to care for this person to UNCOVER what was likeable honorable beneath a prickly overly scandalous exterior Instead she seemed too good to be true too willing to cling to innocence too easily labeled the good guy amongst the decadent lifestyle of Georgian courtesans Her repeated bawling for Allenham grated my nerves especially when combined with such clinging to twu wuv purity of heart In short this is a romance novel But I wasn't expecting a romance novel I was expecting Les Liaisons or something akin to it Frankly the lack of emotional debauchery disappointed meAuthors please If your storyline allows for it risk the anti hero Dare to offend someone by making your narrator a bitch Force the audience to build affection for someone who isn't consistently reliable Don't assume your readers need to have a heroine spelled out in candy pink lettering a glittery halo I promise there are those who will appreciate your effort Hey even Valmont had moments of endearing self awareness You can't convince me otherwise D This introduces my final issue the hero Allenham He was a milksop with very little personality I couldn't understand why Henrietta was so devoted His all forgiving sappy attitude seemed way too unbelievable35 stars It was entertaining in its way but I wish it had been less Pamela Crimson Petal

  3. Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* says:

    4 StarsSetting Georgian EnglandSteam FactorConventional lovemaking to explicit sexRaised in the countryorphan Henrietta Longfoot is almost unaware of her station in life as she lives with her noble cousins But when she learns the truth of her heritage and gets caught up in a forced marriage and murdershe flees to London and naively becomes a member of the demimonde She then falls hopelessly in love with the wrong man and then makes her way through London's gambling hallsballrooms and yesbedrooms becoming an integral part of a community that accepts her intelligence and uniue spirit But Henrietta is intent upon finding the love of her lifeeven if she has to leave London for Pariswhere even adventure awaits this feisty Heroine If you have ever read Fanny HillMoll Flanders or Forever Amber my favorite oldie you will love this bawdy debut of a bold woman whose daring adventures will captivate youThe story is told with rich historical detail and dialoguecoupled with witty writing and deft prose Told in the first person confession very well done the author and Henrietta make you feel you are really there with them and this reader didn't want it to end Be ready to be swept away into another worldanother life and another romp of a read with a smart and sassy heroine and every adventure she takes is a delight I didn't know this was a 1st book in further books to come and usually I wait for the next books But I'm really glad I read this treat and look forward to the next visit with Henrietta

  4. Barb Barb says:

    The month of December has been crazier than most for me A project that I've been working on for three years will end on the 31st and I have logged in many hours than I typically do preparing for the deadline At the same time my husband and I are having an addition put on our house and I have been distracted by all of the choices and decisions that go into figuring out what we want and how we want it in our new space Sometimes when there's a lot going on like this I have a difficult time focusing on what I'm reading Not so in this case Mistress of My Fate completely sucked me in and held my attention until the very last pageI loved this story and the heroine Henrietta Ingerton aka Henrietta Lightfoot I know there are many readers who dislike narration in the first person but I have always liked it and this story is no exception Henrietta speaks to the reader confessing her fall from grace and describing how she was forced to make the choices she did She recounts her tale from the present day of 1835 when she is sixty three years old and takes us back to her youth growing up in her uncle Lord Ingerton's home of Melmouth with her cousin Lady Catherine She also refers to her cousin Lord Dennington and cautions us not to believe the stories he has told stating they have been circulated in an attempt to discredit her Which makes you uestion her reliability as a narrator The initial event that triggers all the others that come to change Henrietta's circumstances could be viewed in than one way As I was reading I wasn't sure what the truth of the matter was or if I liked this narrator or not Either way the story was compelling and pulled me in I wanted to know about this young girl and how she managed the choices she had none of them seemed to be good onesI enjoyed the setting and the period details as well as the complicated path Henrietta was force to navigate This is of a romantic story than I typically read but I really enjoyed that thread and the tension it created throughout the novel I'm looking forward to reading the next two books in this trilogy I think fans of Historical Fiction will enjoy this as will fans of Historical Romance

  5. Sue Smith Sue Smith says:

    Lordy I'm glad that's over I know lots of other readers out there loved it or at least felt it deserved higher ratings than what I gave it I felt that 2 stars was even pushing it It's books like this one that make me wish Goodreads had half star rating options too it wasn't a complete troll but there were times that is was certainly less than ok 15 stars would have fit the bill perfectlyAnyways enough whining on the rating system Lets move onto whining about the book I'll be honest the premise of the book is great and has merit It was very well researched and the writing was original and well done My beef the main heroine that the story revolves around was just was just was hmmmmm Be nice my inner voice says uickly followed by that other voice that says f that be truthful sigh Fine Truthfully people through the entire book I just wanted to slap that bitch silly Maybe I'm just getting old so my kids tell me but I just can't handle the snivelly whiny poor me arm across the eyes 17 year old declarations of situations that the stupid btch just put herself into in the first place I mean honestly once is ok but over and over again is just over the top Spaaaaaaaare me It just overshadowed all the merits the book had otherwise She didn't come across as an adventurous strong character at all All that moaning and groaning just made her ridiculous If the story is supposed to be about making lemonade from lemons then lets keep to that promise instead of just leaving it sour and shittyI think the worst of it all is that this book is supposed to be followed by of her exploits being that this is book one of her life Well count me out I honestly don't care about her fate

  6. Whitney Whitney says:

    Mrs Henrietta Lightfoot is trapped within her own life Bastard daughter yet raised in a genteel family she has the choice of either becoming a vicar's wife or a mistress to a man of moneyTake a guess which she choosesUnfortunately she falls in love with her heart husband who is unable to marry her If men from wealthy families married fallen women the men would lose their inheritance title and estates Also the husband suddenly disappears from England without warning so our dear Henrietta must again decide her next movesShe understands that among the classes of fallen women it is best to be beautiful seventeen years old and therefore you can catch ANY of the moneyed men who are swarming about It doesn't matter which They are all vileLuckily an enormous group of wealthy fallen women reach out to support Henrietta in all her next moves She even has a devoted lady's maid named Lucy Henrietta is very lucky indeed to find herself falling into such a bright and colorful safety netWhy does she even WANT to find her husband again???Perhaps it really is true love???

  7. Lisa Creane Lisa Creane says:

    The story of a Victorian era young woman and her downfall and potentially her resurgence by book 3 is written as a hot melodrama in the first person following Henrietta as she gets herself wronged time and again and then woe is me's for pages at a time It is not for those who read romance steamy It is instead lovelorn and euphemistic and often silly sometimes fun The author's tongue in cheek use of Henrietta as a cautionary tale and heroine for the ages works pretty well I like the tone it was amusing The writing is also greatBut the pace is slow and the cheek of dragging this tale out for 3 books is galling The story could have been wrapped up by the end of this book which at 439 pages was already stretched beyond my patience

  8. Minna Minna says:

    I hesitate to label this a romance as there is little that is particularly romantic about it beyond a chapter or two Most of this story is a mix between a historical coming of age a sob story Moll Flanders and the tale of a real idiot naive country girl who learns some hard lessons in the big scary city about humanity and love and reality at the time Most of the book I couldn't get over how dumb the main character was I understand she was sheltered and all and perhaps as a modern day reader things are obvious to me than they would have been to her I thought by the end of the story she would have learned enough to avoid some terrible decisions but the last decision she makes in the book proves she learned nothing from any of the well meaning individuals who gave her advice Clearly Henrietta learns her lessons at some point since she narrates the book from a much older wiser and worldly perspective I'm just not sure if I want to wait around for her to 'wise up'The best part about the book was the historical detail and the use of some real life characters to bolster the story I had fun looking up before I got to the historical note at the end oh well who was real and who was fictitious I enjoyed the book overall but I don't know if I'd seek out the seuel

  9. Éowyn Éowyn says:

    Hallie Rubenhold's foray into the world of historical fiction brings us to Henrietta Lightfoot and the first volume of her memoirs I confess that I didn't realise that this was the first book in a planned series and felt a bit frustrated at the end of the book as there were many unresolved uestions I was dying to know the answer toBooks written in the first person can sometimes feel a bit contrived but that wasn't a problem here at all An older Henrietta relates the 'true' story of her life evidently in answer to some untruths put about by a character we have yet to properly meet in this first volume; I'm sure all will become apparent later onMany of the characters who weave their way through Rubenhold's tale are actually real historical figures Even her fictional characters owe something to the real life experiences of other Georgian inhabitants This certainly isn't prettified historical fiction; we follow the initially very naive Henrietta through her ups and downs The main action of the novel takes place over the space of about a year when Henrietta is still only 17 I look forward to the next instalment

  10. Kelley Kelley says:

    I wanted to LOVE this book but I just didn't Honestly I couldn't really get into the main character She felt like a child whining about how she didn't really choose her fate was so innocent and just fell into this life all the while the title is mistress of my fate No one not even a 17 year old girl is as innocent as this girl tries to paint herself throughout the book The way she beseeches the reader to understand and see it through my eyes just gets plain annoying And the ending was SO abrupt Like the author got as bored with the story as I did and decided to put his readers out of their misery There was no build up just bam it's over The loose ends weren't tied up I just didn't love it

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