The Social Impact of the Chernobyl Disaster PDF ´

The Social Impact of the Chernobyl Disaster PDF ´

The Social Impact of the Chernobyl Disaster [Download] ➻ The Social Impact of the Chernobyl Disaster By David R. 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    My rating is 3 only because of course this book was written within 2 years of the disaster and so is logically not up to date on any of the findings that have been made since its publication Nonetheless it has worth to read because of the feeling of immediacy that I felt it expressed And there is historical interest in seeing how the various countries' governments did and did not interact on the disaster I have just seen the HBO 5 part series on the disaster and recent books on it are of course checked out of the local libraryI also need to state that I did not read the entire book I was interested in the initial chapter on howwhy the disaster happened and the immediate steps the Russian government took to solve its problems No surprise there I worked in bureaucracies and there is a sameness to all of them disclaim responsibility hide the negative PR as much as possible etc I was interested in finding out about how the disaster affected individual civilian Ukrainians The book did have some excerpts from interviews but given its publication date there were not many interviews done or released Nonetheless the overview the book gives on evacuation disaster response to help individuals and the new communities they were moved to or had built for them satisfied some of my curiosity There are 9 photos illustrating the bookDefinitely an in depth look at the event at the time of writing

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