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Hootahs Baby PDF Epub Hootahs Baby Author Joanne Green Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us Hootah S Baby Is An Allegorical Story About A Mother Owl Whose Life Style Choices Have Made It Impossible To Be An Effective Mother The Community Steps In To Ensure The Baby S Safety It Is Not About Whether Or Not The Mother Loves Her Baby It Is All About Mothering Skills And The Child S Need To Be Safe Hootah S Baby Is A Tool To Be Used To Help Children Of Court Ordered Relinquishment And Or State Custody To Understand The Complex Issues That Have Led To Their Current Life Situation Helps Are Included For The Adult Who Reads This Book With These Children To Be Able To Assist Them To Open Windows Of Communication That Will Help Them Understand Basic Truths They Are Not At Fault The Courts Are Not The Bad Guys And Their Mothers Do, In Fact, Love Them They Simply Cannot Parent Any Child At That Point In Their Lives.

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