Paperback ↠ Caroline PDF/EPUB å

Paperback ↠ Caroline PDF/EPUB å

Caroline ☂ Caroline PDF / Epub ✐ Author Anne Mather – A brief encounter or lasting love When Caroline first saw him on the elevator, she had no idea who he was She only knew that he was tall and darkly handsome and that she longed to see him again.Later A brief encounter or lasting love When Caroline first saw him on the elevator, she had no idea who he was She only knew that he was tall and darkly handsome and that she longed to see him againLater she would discover that the magnetic stranger was Adam Steinbeck wealthy owner of the company where she worked as a typistCaroline s friends warned her about getting involved with a sophisticated man who wasthan twice her age Even Adam s son did his best to stop her But Caroline, in her youthful innocence, listened only to the dictates of her heart.

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About the Author: Anne Mather

Mildred Grieveson was born on October , in England She had written all through her infant and junior years and on into her teens, the stories changing from children s adventures to torrid gypsy passions Her mother used to gather these up from time to time, when her bedroom became too untidy, and dispose of them Mildred has always wanted to write which is not to say she has always wanted.

10 thoughts on “Caroline

  1. Naksed Naksed says:

    Like someone took Charlotte Lamb s crisp, sharp, delicious Father Son Heroine love triangle tale

  2. Leona Leona says:

    I really enjoyed this one Anne Mather s earlier works were rather good and I am finding the few that I have read recently have stood the test of time This one was no exception Caroline is a May December romance He is almost 40, she is barely 18 They meet by accident at the elevator where she works, but she doesn t recognize him since she has only worked there for a few weeks It so happens he is President and CEO They have instant chemistry and he invites her to lunch which turns into a few dinners, and a weekend visit to his country home Of course, he is the jealous type, she is the foolish type So it s not surprising that they screw up their relationship The rest of the story is about how they find their way back to each other Typically this type of story, would not appeal to me, but surprisingly I enjoyed this one a lot.

  3. LLC LLC says:

    This actually wasn t a bad read Much better than I expected for a book written in 1965 This was Anne Mather s first book and she wrote it at the age of 19 I find that absolutely amazing This book has polish than you would expect in a first effort and has sophistication than was typical in 1960 s Mills and Boone books from much mature authors.

  4. Kay Kay says:

    4 Stars Caroline has only been working in the Steinbeck typing pool for two weeks, so she doesn t recognize that the gorgeous man in the elevator with her is actually the Company s CEO She s not shy, and groans that she s late and that her supervisor is going to be upset Adam find the young woman refreshingly charming and when he gets to his office he quietly calls down to the supervisor and smooths Caroline s way The next week Caroline awakes to discover her roommate has come down with flu and spending extra time to get her comfortable, she now late again To make matters worse, the London fog has set in and the buses are running late as well This time her supervisor sends her to the HR department for a talking to, and Caroline worries that she ll be fired if she s late once And she s sure that s to happen because she ll have to stop home at lunch to check on her roommate, and it doesn t look like the fog has lifted any But as she leaves the building she bumps into that gorgeous elevator man, and he offers to give her a lift And much to her surprise he waits to give her a ride back, but insists on buying her lunch first As they enter the restaurant the maitre d calls him Mr Steinbeck, and Caroline realizes just who she s with At first she s quite flustered, but Adam sets her at ease and they begin to get to know each other Adam s very conscious of how young Caroline is, she s a few months shy of 18, and he s almost 39, in fact he has a son about her age But s she s very mature and she enchants him While Caroline doesn t see age as a problem, she is however self conscious because he is so wealthy and doesn t want to be an embarrassment to him as it s obvious she barely makes her ends meet Quickly however, their relationship builds, and Adam leads her to believe he wants a future with her When Adam goes away for a week on business, one of the office Don Juans teases Caroline about her dating the big boss, worried that there s gossip and how this would upset Adam, she accepts the a date with the man, only to take the focus off Adam She hadn t realized what a Don Juan she d agreed to date, and when Adam returns he assumes she dated the man because she prefers someone younger and exciting So he ends their relationship without letting Caroline explain how naively she d only been thinking of stemming the office gossip A couple of month s later Caroline bumps into Adam s son, John and he insists on taking her out Caroline is drawn to John as he s so like his father When John grows to have feelings for her, Caroline makes it clear that she s still in love with his father but John doesn t care he wants her anyway Adam is a bit jaded from his first marriage and he doesn t ever expect to find love, but when he meets Caroline and she s totally oblivious to the fact that he s the boss, he finds himself enchanted with her beauty and innocence Caroline knows from their first meeting that Adam is a man she could easily love but she fears he s out of her league While this is not as polished a story as Ms Mather s later works, I enjoyed reading it very much This is definitely a romance I would have read over and over again as a teen Very romantic.This is Ms Mather s debut and it was published in 1965 when she was 19 While Ms Mather was married and a mother when this was published, her youthful voice shines and is quite delightful I think it s important to know this about the author as the book is read, so that the real charm of the story can be appreciated.

  5. Vintage Vintage says:

    This hero is not going to live to 50 The first thing I noticed was the smoking, and I was raised by two smokers Every scene he had a cig There has been such a cultural change.Anyhow, back to our H and h Not a bad little story for 1964 The changes since then are interesting to read about.Caroline falls for the H although she is actually younger than his son She s 17, and he s in his kate 30s More is made of the economic differences than their age though They fall out, and she and the son start dating Personally I find any cross dating in a family very creepy and distasteful, but this is so sanitized and sedate they get by with it Good read for a very light romance as well as some anachronistic details.

  6. Tia Tia says:

    This was really quite a sweet read The heroine was so young but honest, sweet, not a gold digger I really was shocked how young her character was but how adult she was The hero was all sorts of fool but he eventually learned I really wished Anne Mather books were descriptive and passionate though.

  7. Diya Diya says:

    Loved this sweet story May December Adore the cover

  8. Missy Missy says:

    A truly tender loving romance A beautiful love story from 1965 that really is so well written that it is actually timeless Anne Mather is a truly gifted storyteller of romance This a wonderful tale of love at first sight that defies the age social gap between them The magic that sparks between our lovers is so well weaved into the written word that you can see the glow of love that enfolds them In the short time span this tale embraces we see our lovers fall in love part then find each other again Watching them fall in love is so sweet but a envious woman man tell a lie that makes our hero Adam question if she really is mature enough to be in love makes him doubt their love so he lies to Caroline then leaves her broken hearted Caroline has a chance encounter with Adam s son who is few years older than her he reminds her of Adam so she starts to hang out with him as she feels closer to Adam The son falls in love with Caroline presses for an engagement expressing her doubts love of Adam she is not sure They agree to be engaged but if one wants out then the engagement is off Caroline starts to realize that the son really not mature but spoiled breaks off the engagement Caroline is not able to forget Adam doubts she every could so when he is injuried she flies to his side hoping that the love is still there Adam is mad, hurt, jealous so he says some mean things to her leaving her in tears heartbroken His mother is able to get their story from Caroline realizes that they really are in love perfect for each other After his mother explains the misunderstanding that happened that Caroline loves him Adam feels confident in their love that he makes everything right. they live happily ever after.

  9. iamGamz iamGamz says:

    An interesting book Caroline falls for Adam, a man 20 years older than she is But because of a stupid decision made while he was on business, he thought she was playing with him and dumped her Then she started dating his son John, while still in love with Adam I enjoyed the book It was beautifully written, the characters were interesting and the plot disturbing But I still enjoyed it Another reviewer commented on the smoking in the book I understand that the non smoking thing is a pretty recent development, but they were smoking in a hospital Adam was injured in an accident and was admitted to hospital and he was smoking That blew my mind This one may take another reading to truly appreciate But it s on the eh, maybe shelf for now.

  10. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    Ok I have to say this the smoking in this book was sooooooo gross I mean they are either eating talking or smoking and all without mouthwash they are kissing Omg I can t believe how much it bothered me The whole idea of the book was totally over done and of course because she was a young 17 year old girl and he was a 40ish man it was a little gross Also his son goes out and makes out with the heroine Really how about that for gross after his dad has had a try at her of course Just making sure she is good and ready for the son I guess Really did not get this whole story was just stupid However it was written by Anne Mather so you know it s a well written book just not as good as her other books that came later It s a solid 2 and 1 2.

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