Cowboy Jackpot Kindle å Paperback

Cowboy Jackpot Kindle å Paperback

10 thoughts on “Cowboy Jackpot

  1. Ginger Ginger says:

    I just love this series It gets better and better Jayden and Stormie are cute as can be and sexy hot at the same time A great love story

  2. Crystal Crystal says:

    I had been hearing great things about Randi Alexander's work so when I was lucky enough to win Cowboy Jackpot St Patrick's Day I was thrilled I really loved this book It is a great mix of a really hot story with a totally sweet love story This is the third book in the Cowboy Jackpot series and I now have the first two in the series in my to read pile I can not wait to read by Randi Alexander She has a wonderful talent of combining a really hot story with a great story lineStormie Thompson is a sweet young innocent girl that has pledged to keep her virginity until she is married She has always wanted to please everyone else in her life now she is going after she wants What she wants is at least one night with the man she married last month Jayden When they win a big jackpot together this plays out perfectly for Stormie This is going to give her the chance she wants to seduce Jayden Jayden Hancock is a hot cowboy who is a little down on his luck He uickly finds himself giving into Stormie seduction and feeling things he doesn't uite understand Stormie just might be the good luck charm Jayden needs to turn his luck around I loved what Jayden was willing to do to show Stormie that he wanted her not her money This book has such a cute story line as well as being one steamy hot read I enjoyed watching Stormie Jayden's love grow as they got to know each other better Their fireworks attraction to each other made for a very uick enjoyable read If you enjoy a steamy read with a sweet romance then this is a book you should check out

  3. Ronda Tutt Ronda Tutt says:

    St Patty’s Day is rockn’ with some Shamrock HOT LOVEThis was an awesome hot novella for St Pattys day The story is full of passionate characters who bring the best out of each other on this day full of luck Jayden is the perfect gentleman for Stormie I loved how they worked together to figure out if their one night of past bliss that got them hitch in the first place would have a lasting future together Making everyone around you happy has always been Stormie’s goal especially her parents but at the same time it put her life on hold for her own happiness With a little luck on her side and on Jayden’s side they both become not only lucky at the casino but with each otherThe story is fast paced and the writing is superb and this series is definitely addicting I can hardly wait to read the next book Excellent Read

  4. Debra Lavoie Debra Lavoie says:

    Cowboy Jackpot St Patrick’s Day by Randi AlexanderI was very pleasantly surprised I haven’t read Romance books in a while and have never any Cowboy Romance I liked Randi’s writing it’s fresh and fun her characters were likeable and somewhat innocent Jayden Hancock has had some really bad riding times at the rodeo circuit and blames Stormie Thompson Their time together is fuzzy in Jayden’s mind but he knows he needs to stay away from her His luck changes when Stormie and Jayden win a big jackpot The Old West Casino puts them up in a beautiful suite and the time they spend together reveals who Jayden and Stormie are Will Jayden follow his heart?A few adult situations make this book for adult readers Randi’s writings of thes scenes are well written making the story hold together beautifully

  5. Christine Christine says:

    A cute predictable short read with a few unexpected turns Stormie and Jayden are in Vegas and do what all crazy drunk people do get married Jayden has been busy riding in the rodeo circuit and is trying to put Stormie out of his mind She finds him and wants to deal with the marriage After a few laughs and shed tears this story makes we want to take a trip to Sin City and see what it is all about

  6. Ruby Ruby says:

    I love this series The books are romantic sweet sexy and a feel good read You're going to fall in love with Jayden and Stormie

  7. Sunshine Sunshine says:

    Nice easy spicy read

  8. Vickie Vickie says:

    Jayden is having it rough He can't make the short go on the rodeo for anything He's real low on cash but decides he's gonna hit the slot machines Stormie has had it bad for Jayden When she sees him at a machine she decides she's going to go say Hello Jayden has been on the call list for poker so he was just waiting for a seat to open up As Jayden is being called back to the poker room Stormie decides she's going to pull the handle on the slot machine BAM Jackpot Not only do they have the problem or Stormie betting his money they have to figure out who actually won As the casino manager approaches Jayden has to tell Stormie he isn't even old enough to be betting much less be able to collect the winnings Stormie tells him she will claim the winnings Jayden is a little skeptical about the situation He doesn't know Stormie well enough to be signing over millions to her At least he doesn't think so anyway That's when he finds out the two of them got married and he doesn't even remember it When they are treated to the luxurious honeymoon suite they don't know what to do She's been crazy about him but he can't seem to stand having her aroundJayden is afraid she's gonna run off with the money he so desperately needs He doesn't realize she doesn't need him and she doesn't tell him how much she's worthCan they trust each either to make this marriage work? Does the millions bring them together or tear them apart?

  9. Laura Laura says:

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the third book in this series and while it is a stand alone story I think the reader would enjoy it best if having read at least the second book if not both previous books in this seriesJayden is the youngest cowboy in this circle of friends riding the rodeo circuitHe is perhaps the most confident and cocky At the time of this story he is down on his luck and his confidence has slipped Another reason I think you'll like this book better if you've read the previous book is that book two gives you a better idea of Jaydon's character In this story it takes you a little longer to connect with himAs in the two previous stories the cowboys are at a rodeo connected to the same casino in VegasAs in the previous stories there is an accidental jackpot winning and a complimentary suite until the money is available to themI like that the characters are loyal to each other and return in each book I appreciate that although the physical connections seem to be amazing each time there are challenges to overcome in each storyEven though this plot began predictably especially having read the previous books it presented it's own challengesOnce again I will say this is written for mature audiences

  10. Arlyn Arlyn says:

    Loved it Loved it Loved it Great characters great chemistry great ensemble of personalities that are making encore appearances throughout the series It's great to keep tabs on each character to see how they're doing since we first watched them find love and great sex in previous booksJayden and Stormie were fun youthful vibrant believable and sexy as hell Both overwrought with vulnerability passion and trepidation about the future they embark on a soul searching uest to find direction in their lives career paths and in defining their identities as new adults Nothing gets in the way of life's plans like getting hit over the head with toe curling lust enthralling sexual chemistry and the stunning prospect of love at first sight I loved Stormie and Jayden from the second book and was rooting for them from the beginning There was something special there I was so excited to see that this book would tell their storythe uality of the storytelling itself pulling the reader along on the journey with these two beloved characters than met my lofty expectations And that's saying a lot

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Cowboy Jackpot [Download] ➿ Cowboy Jackpot ➻ Randi Alexander – Stormie Thompson has only one reason for being in Las Vegas; to seduce rodeo bronc rider Jayden Hancock Thinking she’s the reason for all his bad luck Jayden wants only to avoid her But when a lucky Stormie Thompson has only one reason for being in Las Vegas; to seduce rodeo bronc rider Jayden Hancock Thinking she’s the reason for all his bad luck Jayden wants only to avoid her But when a lucky mistake at a video poker machine makes them both big winners Jayden realizes Stormie may be the best thing that’s ever happened to him especially when he gives in to her seduction When she finds evidence that Jayden is interested in what she has instead of who she is can he convince Stormie to ignore her suspicions and trust her heart.

  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • Cowboy Jackpot
  • Randi Alexander
  • English
  • 09 September 2016
  • 9781482633351

About the Author: Randi Alexander

Randi Alexander writes smokin' hot romance with heroes who'll have you begging to ride off into the sunset with them When she's not dreaming of or writing about rugged cowboys Randi is biking trails along remote rivers snorkeling the Gulf of Mexico or practicing her drumming in hopes of someday forming a tropical rock bandForever an adventurous spirit with a romantic imagination Randi is a.