the list of offenses Epub ´ the list eBook ↠

the list of offenses Epub ´ the list eBook ↠

the list of offenses ❴Ebook❵ ➧ the list of offenses Author Dilruba Z. 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  1. Wendy Wendy says:

    A List of Offences which I won from Goodreads Giveaways is a poignant story about a young girl's struggle against the superstitions and constraints of a rural society that smothers any kind of freedom outside of the staid customs of the village The story begins with Daria's birth in Gulab Ganga a small rural village in South Pakistan Whispers about her strangeness her unnatural behaviour follow Daria from birth through her childhood even after her silvery white hair turns colour and drastic steps are taken by her mother to stifle her natural curiosity As a young woman Daria rebels against tradition when she falls in love and marries Ali Baba a handsome young secular attorney from Firingi Para What she doesn't realize is that the cost of her defiance might be higher than she ever imaginedDilruba Z Ari's narrative is lyrical in its emotional intensity It fills the senses with all the exotic colour sights and sounds of Gulab Ganga and Firingi Para Well written the plot flows smoothly as the characters interact and events unfold in this complex look at a class distinction abuse superstition and cultural restraintsThe personalities of the characters are multi faceted especially Daria As she develops into a woman she must face her own natural fears without a mother's unconditional love and guidance As a child she resists the whispers and criticisms of the village gossips clinging to the freedoms that a happy childhood brings in her close friendship with Mizan a flood survivor who's fostered by the Chaudhury family As she grows to maturity her loving happy nature her eagerness to learn is suppressed by the arrogance intolerance and abuse of the Baba family but in the passivity that cloaks her pain and anger she finds the courage and determination to break the chains that bind her All well as Daria the other characters arouse an emotional response in the reader like Jharna Begum Daria's narrow minded emotionally detached mother; a woman who's just as superstitious as her neighbours and insists on conformity Persistent in teaching Daria the long established views and skills of a traditional woman of her class she fails to nurture her as a loving mother would Azad Chaudhury is a strong and loving father who believes in the freedom that education brings a woman Although he loves his wife he recognizes her weaknesses and is the strength and support Daria will desperately cling to Mizan the Chaudhury's foster son is warm and caring deeply in love with Daria A man of intelligence and sensitivity he suffers from a lack of self esteem Ali Baba Daria's husband is the antithesis of Mizan; cold hearted arrogant and cowardly Alia Baba and her daughter Rani are self indulgent proud and morally deficient while her husband Kasim is spineless because he fears rejection because of his declining healthInterspersed in Daria's heart wrenching struggle are elements of friendship love patience perseverance and salvation This is a story that transcends time and place because even today many women do not have the freedoms many of us take for granted It's an inspired and uplifting work and well worth reading

  2. Thalia Thalia says:

    Even before beginning to read this novel my attention was captivated by the intriguing and what I could only assume metaphorical chapter titles including Snails and Butterflies A Silver Fish in a Fisherman's Net Elephant Woman and A Clay Doll just to name a few Juxtaposing these with the novel's somewhat austere title I wondered where this story might leadand having never read a novel by acclaimed Bangladeshi author Dilruba Ara I was keen to find outThe story follows the life of character Daria and could be described as a story of self discovery in a world where customs and traditions play a major role in defining one's pathThe story begins just prior her birth where we learn that her mother who after rearing four sons and struggling to conceive a daughter visits a Pir akin to a supernatural witch doctor who prescribes her a mysterious bottle of river water meant to help her conceive this longed for daughterSet in a small village known as Gulab Ganga where gossip and speculation run riot news of the child conceived using paranormal methods soon circulates the grapevine So much so that even before her birth Daria is described as a mermaid half fish half human and shortly after her unfortunate unforgettable birth an unlucky child doomed to live out a pitiable life You see Daria is born with a head of shocking silvery hair seen as not human but rather touched by evil spiritsso when Daria later exhibits signs of individuality and uniueness even where they would undoubtedly be seen as normal in any other child she is cruelly judged as suffering from some form of insanitySuffice to say that Daria grows up affected by the rumours that follow her ill wanted legend rumours that crop up each and every time she strays from the expectations of a woman of her conservative traditional and cultural backgroundAnd whilst her father tries to release her from the grip of her inauspicious destiny by arranging a marriage with a good local boy who loves her dearly Daria follows her heart to another man and leaves her village for the city However in the end she is forced to face her demons and the opposition of the villagers when she unwittingly finds herself back in her hometownAra's description of Daria's journey of self discovery is compelling right from the get go It is uniue touching and inspiring written beautifully by an author talented with the gift of writing prose and poetry A must read

  3. Karen M Karen M says:

    I wish I felt that I could write a review that is so beautifully descriptive that I could begin to explain why this book is a five star read but that is why I am a reader and not an authorThe author paints a picture with expressive language that leaves you seeing the scenes and characters in your mind Each setting is described so completely that you cannot only see but also smell and feel the surroundings And the characters are so well written that you understand what motivates them and accept each of their actions and reactions as creditableWe start with the birth of a baby Daria whose appearance is different but this should not surprise us because even her conception had an unnatural shadow cast over it The baby grows into a child who is still perceived as different which causes fear in her mother's heart and a determination that her daughter will not remain different Daria tries to please her mother and slowly accepts the fact that her mother is rigid in her thinking and will never understand Daria nor accept anything from Daria that does not conform to what she thinks and believes is proper behaviorDaria marries a handsome young man who comes from a large town and she escapes from her small village and a life she no longer can live Her plans to pursue an education and be loved and encouraged by her new husband soon become only a bitter dream Her husband does not love her and does not shield her from his family Even the birth of her daughter becomes bittersweet for DariaWhat Daria goes through to achieve a life for herself and her daughter shows a strength of character and a will to survive that is praiseworthy beyond any words I have Women are surpressed throughtout the world and trying to survive and this book is a beautiful reminder to all us that many women are still struggling against oppression Beautiful bookThis book was won as a FirstReads giveaway

  4. My Book Addiction and More MBA My Book Addiction and More MBA says:

    A LIST OF OFFENCES by Dilruba Z Ara is a powerful Women's fiction set in Bangladesh This is the story of Daria born with silvery hair she is considered to be an ill fated omen for her family and her village With deep rooted traditionssuperstitions ancient beliefsoppressed womenand customsDaria must make her own wayfind her own destinyand her own integrity Defying her parents she marries a young anglophile lawyer Ali Babashe soon learns life is a challenge when she realizes her new mother in law resents her Faced with traditions and customs of the Bengali people when she becomes pregnant with her daughtershe realizes their ways are not her ownshe strikes out to make a better life for herself and her child What courage Dariashows A compelling and powerful story on the life of a dysfunctional relationship cultureand family A List Of Offences voices what so many woman young and oldalike face in different parts of the world A complexheart wrenching story This is not just the story of one woman but the story of many womenit will defy raceculture and religion If you enjoy reading stories of other countries' customsand traditionsthan you will enjoy A List of Offences I would recommend this title for women everywhere Received for an honest review from the author andor publicistRATING 4HEAT REATING MILDREVIEWED BY AprilR Review courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

  5. Catherine Stickann Catherine Stickann says:

    “A List of Offences” by Dilruba Z Ara is an intriguing story I won this book on Goodreads First Reads Giveaway This exotic story with deep Bengali roots was such a nice study of a part of the world of which I have little knowledgeThe characters are studies of a culture There are many dimensions to the story from the country vs city religious vs nonreligious western vs eastern culture as well as study of different female personalities The reader is treated to some well written prose that paints the settings of this far off land The main character Daria is well developed and the reader is treated to a complex character study of a young girl who develops into a strong mother It is sometimes a difficult journey Ara takes her readers on with DariaThe author sometimes gives too much detail for instance who really needs to know what is in the vomit? This amount of detail results in a longer than needed manuscript Though the book is beautiful with a cover painted by the author the format of the book was a concern for this reader The font is smaller and tight leaving little white space making the read a bit over whelming at times The glossary in the back should be useful but many words are left out leaving the reader frustrated The glossary should either be complete for the manuscript or be eliminatedI give “A List of Offences” four plus stars with a recommended read for those interested in other cultures and interested in women’s issues

  6. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    Welcome to Bangladesh In 'A List of Offenses' you'll see what it feels like to be one woman in the Muslim culture here and how she survives a life where all of her choices are made by the people around her and and how she struggles against this Author Dilruba Z Ara uses colorful evocative language in writing this piece of one woman's life from the ill omens of her birth to the frustrating circumstances of her young adulthood and marriage The way she has of describing things is like tasting an exotic dish and you will be captivated until the very last page I was lucky enough to receive this book from Goodreads and would highly recommend it to both women and men

  7. T. T. says:

    I received this wonderful book through Goodreads Giveaway It was a wonderful book about a poor girl who lives in a rural village I don't want to spoil the book The main character Daria is born with pure white hair Because of her white hair she is treated differently This book will be of interest to readers who have an interest in women's studies mythology anthropology sociology poverty studies cultural studies Excellent writing plot and characters I have recommended this book to all of my friends

  8. Sherry Sherry says:

    A list of offences was sent to me by the author for an honest review Thank you Dilruba for this wonderful book your writing and artwork are beautiful Your poetic descriptions made me feel as if I was right in Bangladesh and the emotions portrayed by your characters were both heartfelt and realistic You have great insight into human nature and show that despite being bullied and mentally abused one can rise above it and still be strong and independent Truly a lovely and interesting read Thanks again

  9. Chrsiter Chrsiter says:

    A fascinating book Full of colours and scents I read it three years ago but still remember the pictures and the characters a book well worth reading

  10. Katie Katie says:

    This book was beautifully written in my opinion I loved the main characterIt is truly an inspiring book about overcoming what others think is correct

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