Ebook ✓ Rush Me Kindle å

Ebook ✓ Rush Me Kindle å

Rush Me (New York Leopards, #1) ➲ [Read] ➭ Rush Me (New York Leopards, #1) By Allison Parr ➽ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk When post grad Rachael Hamilton accidentally gate crashes a pro athlete party she ends up face to face with Ryan Carter the NFL's most beloved uarterbackWhile most girls would be thrilled to meet the When post grad Rachael Hamilton accidentally gate crashes a pro athlete party she ends up face to face with Ryan Carter the NFL's most beloved uarterbackWhile most girls would be thrilled to meet the attractive young millionaire Rachael would rather spend time with books than at sporting events and she has important things to worry about than romance Like her parents pressuring her to leave her unpaid publishing internship for law schoolBut when Ryan's rookie teammate attaches himself to Rachael she ends up cohosting Friday night dinners for half a dozen football playersOver pancake brunches charity galas and Alexander the Great Rachael realizes all the judgments she'd made about Ryan are wrong But how can a Midwestern Irish Catholic jock with commitment problems and an artsy gun shy Jewish New Englander ever forge a partnership Rachael must let down her barriers if she wants real love even if that opens her up to pain that could send her back into her emotional shell forever words.

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  1. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest 💙 I read this for the Unapologetic Romance Readers' New Years 2018 Reading Challenge for the category of New Adult Romance For info on this challenge click here 💙I've been following this author's works since she was posting on Fictionpress under the name Tessandra so when I found out that she had published something for real I went out and bought her debut novel RUSH ME I've only previously re experienced an author from online once and it was not a positive reading experience so I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up Allison Parr's work Would I still be charmed the way I had been as a never been kissed sixteen year old? Or would my jaded twenty nine year old self scoff in the face of suee?Spoiler I didn't scoff I embraced the sueeI know some people think I hate everything I read but I'm just very choosy in that I know what I like and what I hate in a book and I rate accordingly This book was everything I like The story sounds a little ridiculous but this author's stories have always reuired a certain degree of suspension of disbelief She wrote a lot of wish fulfillment stories involving super romantic and unattainable heroes like celebrities or royalty in the vein of Meg Cabot's earlier works They were trashy yes but with a lightness and a frothiness to them that was also witty and sharp with a gossipy tone that made you feel like you were having cocktails with your best friend This book RUSH ME is no exceptionRachael Hamilton is working in New York as an intern for a publishing house and dreading her five year high school reunion She's an ordinary girl with a close knit group of friends worried parents and a desire to live on her own and have security and stability but not at the cost of her passions One day when meeting some of her drama friends at a club she follows the wrong group and ends up gate crashing a party being held at somebody's apartment And that somebody is a professional football player Or rather a whole group of professional football players the New York LeopardsShe ends up leaving pretty uickly after that but not before leaving a certain impression And when she's forced to go back for her scarf the next day head all but hung in shame it starts the beginning of a long term association with the Leopards football team including their heartthrob uarterback Ryan Carter I'm a sucker for love hate relationships especially ones with lots of arguments and banter and Ryan and Rachael do not fail to satisfy in this regard Rachael is exceptionally witty and I loved her back and forths with Ryan I also liked that when they argued they also argued about real issues that were important at least to them like financial ineuality personal biases and stereotypes and the use of protection in sex This book actually has one of the most realistic reactions to unprotected sex that I've encountered in a romance novel new adult or otherwise so big ups for thatThere are so many good things to say about this book I liked that Ryan wasn't a cheater and he wasn't an abusive jerk When he catches Rachael kissing another man he doesn't punch said man in the mouth He talks to her about it first and gets upset but he doesn't get physical I liked that Rachael wasn't a virgin and had some sexual exploration of her own before committing to Ryan I know some people aren't going to like that but I found it very refreshing considering the legion of virginal heroines who consider the hero the be all end all of sexual interactions I loved the witty dialogues the warm and close friendships the good advice and female talks the subverting of tropes I liked that Rachael checked herself when she was slut shaming another girl and I loved her confrontation with the ex mean girl of her school and the result of the conversation that they finally ended up having I loved that people actually talk about their problems in this book with each other I loved itI'm kind of surprised that so many of my friends felt ambivalent about this book because I really enjoyed it The pages whizzed by and I was utterly charmed by both the hero and the heroine This is easily one of the better contemporary romances I've read and definitely one of the top ten best new adult books I've read I can't wait to read the other books in this trilogy and I'm desperately hoping that she has some new projects up her sleeve Maybe revisiting some old Fictionpress stories?4 to 45 stars

  2. Duchess Nicole Duchess Nicole says:

    I love opposites attract books mostly because I think that it takes someone who has a different mindset than you to open your eyes to a new way of thinking This book is all about the way that Rachel and Ryan bring out the best in each other and that's what made me love it Rachel is studious and responsiblenot necessarily a nerd but of an artsy deep thinking kind of girl Her group of friends are the kind that may look a little off the wall and say weird philosophical things that make you have to analyze their words before comprehending them Ryan on the other hand is a football uarterback And that's all anyone really sees in him even most of his friends When Rachel accidentally walks into the wrong party house and finds herself amidst huge musclebound drunk guys and plastic Barbie doll girls she naturally feels a bit intimidated Finding her way out of the house seems to be a problemall those muscles in the way you know Her wanderings lead her to the wrong bedroom where her first impression of Ryan is not ideal to say the least These two definitely do NOT hit it off at first so if you're sick of the love at first sight trope this could be the book for you These two dance around each other for uite some time but they actually become friends before they let their sexual attraction get in the waydespite Ryan's over confidence in the woman department Rachel holds her own against the guy she considers a cocky jock with little substance Boy is she wrong Ryan stole my heart and Rachel did too While I found Rachel's lack of knowledge about football fairly unbelievableI mean they DO live in the USAfootball is practically shoved in your face hereher ignorance definitely helped her stay indifferent to the football god that is Ryan Not to mention this is one heck of a fairy tale storyevery young girl wants to be the one who turns the head of the hottest guy in the room without even trying Rachel sure does turn Ryan's headshe intrigues him infuriates him and turns him onin that order This was a fun booknothing earth shattering but on a purely entertainment level it hit the markMy thanks so Carina Press and Net Galley for the chance to read this in exchange for an honest review

  3. Susanne Susanne says:

    With Ryan I felt intelligent witty charming I felt adventurous and beautiful and thrilling I felt like I was a heroine Swoon alert Meet Ryan Carter He rides a motorcycle and he is a millionaire pro athlete uarterback Tousled honey blond hair topped a face of sharp angles and smooth planes Broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist and since he'd misplaced his shirt I had an unobstructed view of the well defined abs and golden glow usually seen on billboard modelsRachel is a bookish heroine She know nothing about sports and she is not that impressed by Ryan when they first met I am not interestedBy the way his eyes narrowed I could tell that hadn't been the wisest thing to say Really He perused my body in a deliberately intimate manner You sure about that?I shivered and concentrated once on the wall You're not my typeAnd what's your type? He rose and came toward me with the slow strides of a big catArtistic Funny Bespectacled Not a golden arrogant prince with a warrior's body But God those eyes cut through meBy chance Ryan and Rachel come together It might have been slightly implausible that the Leopards adopted Rachel but I loved it Abe is a wonderful side character The friendships are a huge part of this book and they are awesome And of course we get the extremely funny my celeb boyfriend meet my clueless friends situations Everyone's so appalled I dare approach you I murmured Makes me want to ask you to sign my chestHis eyes sparkles with blue fire kindling the same flame deep in my belly Really His gaze lowered to the lacy camisole peeping out beneath my cardigan His smile spread slowly like dawn over water Got a pen?I flipped my hair back grinning up at him You're not that luckyThe writing is beautiful It is funny endearing and heartwarming It didn't make it fully to the top but it is a wonderful angst free NA novel set in New York It is completely PG but it still made me smile and awwwww a lot He tasted sweet and familiar and wonderful and happiness rushed through my body curling my toes sighing through my chest Thanks for Carina Press and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC It was a pleasure

  4. • Lisa • • Lisa • says:

    35 STARSIntelligent jock and all round big hearted star of NFL Ryan Carter meets nerdy shy feminist Rachael Hamilton in a chance encounter Sparks flyinsults are traded and therein begins the unlikely relationship This couple could not be further apart in the personality scale but as in all good romances we know that opposites MUST attract But don't be fooled readers this is one rocky journey Misunderstandings are aplenty in this story there are Insecurities flying around from both camps Both characters have their flaws and likeable factor There is no insta love thank goodness and a happily ever after that makes the journey worth whileI enjoyed this story I am always a fab of sport related romances lets just say I always find the hero easier to fall in love with There won't be awards given out for originality of this novel but the author certainly knows how to put together a well written book with the right amount of drama and steamThe story is told from the heroines point of view This girl is neurotic but I found myself falling for her uirky maddening ways She was as beautiful as she was crazy I would have like to have connected with the books hero but I guess I needed to be satisfied with the heroines descriptive swooning over his typical football image It's a book to relax with no great drama or shocking turns Easy run of this mill romance with enough to keep me turning pages There's nothing really to complain about here it's just not got the wow factor for me this time but utterly enjoyable all the same35 NFL hunky stars

  5. Mo Mo says:

    Really liked this one Reminded me of when I first discovered Susan Elizabeth Philips and her Chicago Stars series couldn't get enough of them Think this is a debut novel and it is very well written Rachel might have been a bit annoying at times but that was just her character The sparks flew around these two Loved it Ryan what a sweetheart good looking sporty rich nice Irish sort of Rachel made an assumption that maybe he was just a dumb jock but he was far from it Would have loved to have seen of his family But I did get a nice epilogue so that was nice

  6. Jamie Jamie says:

    Cute Story First we have NFL B Ryan Carter sweet sexy and than just a jock He can be an ass for sure and he goes through girls like crazy but he's honest with them and they know what they are getting image error

  7. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    I was thoroughly underwhelmed by this bookI should give fair warning that sports books are not my favorite I read them but I don't have any fantasies involving athletes and I don't get anything special out of the theme However I wanted to try Rush Me because it is Carina Press's first go at the New Adult genre and it is based in New York my neck of the woods Another preface is that I am a New Jersey Jewish girl You wouldn't think that that would be relevant but it kinda is here This book is very religion y and very Jewish They talk a lot about having Shabbat dinner and going home for Rosh Hashannah There are a lot of Jewish references The reason that I said I was Jewish before stating this next statement is so no one thinks I'm being a jerk I didn't like all of the religious talk in this book I don't like reading much about religion in general and here it felt out of place and odd Just sayingI also didn't feel the romance between Rachael and Ryan In the first few scenes he is a complete jerk to her and she still lusts over him and wants him It just came across as desperate and like something a girl with low self esteem would do I didn't connect to Rachael as a character after that Just overall this book didn't really work for me I mean it had some cute moments and I didn't mind reading it but I wouldn't seek this one out again Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  8. Rose Rose says:

    Initial reaction YeahI need to think about this one but it's unapologetic chick lit I wanted to mentally headsmack some sense into the leading characters several times but the premise of the story wasn't terrible It was just really generic and over the top in executionFull reviewThis book irritated the ever loving crumb out of me for about 95% of the time that I read it Mercifully it proved a uick read when all was said and done but at the same time I'll admit it held my attention from beginning to end So if you're asking me whether or not I liked this book I don't know on what side I fall definitively This left me sitting on the fence I think Allison Parr carried the storyline well enough in the structure but this felt like hearing nails on a chalkboard in spurtsThe biggest part of my annoyance came from the unapologetic and insufferable leading characters Rachel is a flighty bookworm ish assistant at a publishing house Ryan is a major NFL star whose name by mention alone draws a crowd When Rachel stumbles into the wrong party one night she begins a tumultuous relationship with Ryan that involves crude assumptions about his profession I could believe that Rachel knew nothing about the inside workings of the NFL but even with bringing my own knowledge and interest in sports into this read Rachel really just didn't have a single clue about the sport at all not even for generalbasic knowledge She's clumsy her voice runs a mile a minute and I felt like banging my head against the wall especially when watching her heated exchanges with Ryan Ryan's just as terrible for brushing off Rachel whenever he gets a chance and at the same time making assumptions about her that lead to the two clashing freuently I've read my share of hot blooded heated romances but somehow I don't know what it was about this particular book that turned me off about the heated exchanges between these characters Part of me wants to say that Rachel's character was just too OTT for my liking and I couldn't sympathize with her at all Her mind flies in about a million directions and her internal voice was too grating for me to stomach in turns Ryan was a little easier to follow and see his frustration towards Rachel but he's not much better in the assumption and accusation departmentUltimately Rachel and Ryan have to weather their insecurities and tough out past and present events to having a coming to terms with each other By the end I did think it tied events up well for what it offered but it was too much of a slog to get through and wore me out emotionally by the time I finished not in a good or satisfying way I wouldn't really recommend this for those who dislike cliched formulaic and unlikable leads in a romance It's a shame because I was in the mood for a funny flirty and sports themed story and I can't say this is one of the stronger offerings for those measuresOverall score 155

  9. Heather Heather says:

    This book seems to be getting a wide range of reviews First off this is not a fast and light read It is a thought provoking book It is a smart and witty There is a lot of lead up to the love part of this story There are a lot of books out there that rush into the relationship and the sex without building characters and the relationships Not that there is anything wrong with that I actually like those books This one just had a little something Rachel is a twenty something struggling to survive in NYC She is a proud woman who wants to make a name for herself doing the thing she loves publishing books She is a book loving nerdy girl One night while out with friends she accidentally crashes a party a pro football party While at the party she meets Ryan Carter Ryan Carter meets a woman who baffles him In a city full of fans he finally meets someone who has no idea who he is And she gives him an earful They develop a tenuous friendship That friendship develops into something a little bit Shocked into silence I snapped my mouth shut and followed him Guerrilla compliments; conueror of sarcasm Rachel is little proud and a lot scared Ryan is a lot stubborn and a little insecure This book takes us on their journey to find something I lifted my lips that last half inch between us and pressed them against his For a heartbeat the kiss was soft and tender newly born I could feel his heartbeat under my hand could feel my pulse leaping in my throat I loved this book It was smart and funny and left me feeling warm and fuzzy I loved the back story of the old high school flames and the annoying girl who you love to hate I would recommend it to someone who loves romance with HEA with a little something 5 StarsThis book was given by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review

  10. Wminbc Wminbc says:

    I totally enjoyed this story The interplay between Rachael and her new found “guy friends” is awesome I wanted to sit down and eat pizza and watch football with them The instant chemistry that Ryan and Rachael felt was great but I loved their sparring even Add to the mix meals parties smexy shoes and two “normal” people getting to know each otherRyan is a famous football player and he is gorgeous rich fun loving but he is also totally high on himself Or at least that is how he likes to play it with women When Ryan first meets Rachael he can tell she is different from the wannabes But as the B and captain of his team he still wants to protect his buddies from women who might get too closeRachael was just trying to meet up with some friends when she happened into someone else’s condo The only uiet room seemed to be the bedroom so she slipped in hoping to make a call to find her friends Getting caught by Ryan wasn’t too bad but when she had to return the next day to get her cashmere scarf she dropped Ryan grew hostile Because when retrieving said scarf the whole O line seemed to think she was there to play poker and eat pizza with themwhich she totally enjoyed In Rachael the team found their mascot Unfortunately Ryan doesn’t like it but he begins to tag along to “team” dinners at Rachael’s for the sake of the team I enjoyed the dialogue uick wits and funny situations almost as much as the angst and lustI loved these two as they both let their hair down let it hang out and let the chips fall where they mayThey let their relationship happen and they nurtured it in a way that so genuine and loving I highly recommend EnjoyLOVED THIS STORYhow or why two stars are sitting up there when the book is not even released and no reviewers have readrated??FootballawesomeHotties who have great linesawesomeBook loving girlcome on super awesomeMore to come on wwwnocturnereadscom

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