A Long Time Dead The Dead Trilogy #1 PDF/EPUB ñ Long

A Long Time Dead The Dead Trilogy #1 PDF/EPUB ñ Long

A Long Time Dead The Dead Trilogy #1 ➢ [Epub] ➜ A Long Time Dead The Dead Trilogy #1 By Andrew Barrett ➬ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk First book in The Dead Trilogy A Long Time Dead asks is forensic evidence incontrovertible How would you feel if forensic evidence incorrectly incriminated you In the world of crime scene investigatio First Time Dead The Dead MOBI :å book in The Dead Trilogy Time Dead Kindle Õ A Long Time Dead asks is forensic evidence incontrovertible How would you feel if forensic evidence incorrectly incriminated you In the world of crime scene investigation Roger Conniston A Long MOBI :å is one of West Yorkshire Police's finest But his cheuered past catches up with him when forensic evidence implicates him in the death of a young woman Arrested for murder Conniston must prove the evidence Long Time Dead MOBI ñ was planted and manipulated But how can he do that from Long Time Dead The Dead PDF or inside a cell especially when his prime suspect is a high ranking police officer and not even his friends believe him.

About the Author: Andrew Barrett

Hi Time Dead The Dead MOBI :å everyoneMy name is Andrew Barrett Time Dead Kindle Õ and I live and work in West YorkshireMy work focuses on the world of Scenes of Crime Officers SOCOs or CSIs I try to offer a uniue insight A Long MOBI :å into this often dark landscape; after all I've been doing it as a career for over twenty yearsThanks for lookingAndy.

10 thoughts on “A Long Time Dead The Dead Trilogy #1

  1. David Staniforth David Staniforth says:

    I believe this is Andrew Barrett's first novel I read his recent titles – four in total – before reading this one and had this come first I would likely have rated it higher The book is a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey but I'm happy to report that Mr Barrett's later writing gets better and better as the novels progress Therein I feel this rating is reflective of Mr Barrett’s growth as an author over the ensuing years His style is here in spades however and it is certainly recommended Very british and with a final half that refuses to be put down Great stuffPS at the time of reviewing it's also free via and other places

  2. Hans Hans says:

    This book has been on my TBR list for a long long time I finally gave it a go and did not regret itAn addictive police procedural with Roger Conniston as the leading SOCO specialist Written with a lot of inside knowledge Kept me wondering what would happen next And with a rather unsuspected ending

  3. Kathi Defranc Kathi Defranc says:

    A fascinating police procedural with Roger Conniston as a SOCO in charge of collecting all evidence from crime scenes and figuring out just what happened We see into the background the family problems police corruption and the intense focus needed to attend scenes of murder every day of your life Not an easy job as so much can go wrong while so many others look for the glory Roger just wants to work with his team and do the very best he can I really enjoy the writing by this author you feel yourself actually in scenes with the darkness around you and the intensity of dealing with forensic evidence amid others who are looking for their own glory A 5 Star story that all who enjoy criminal stories and thrillers will enjoy

  4. The Cats’ Mother The Cats’ Mother says:

    I adore this author’s Eddie Collins series so want to read everything else he’s written I’ve had this a while having got it for free possibly by joining the mailing list or maybe just from I was leery that his earlier work wouldn’t be as good as his recent offerings Sadly this proved to be trueSet in Wakefield Yorkshire in 1999 I’m not sure if this reflects when it was written or if it was deliberately set in a primitive era for forensics this features Roger Conniston an experienced Crime Scene technician married to Yvonne who is crippled with rheumatoid arthritis Roger is having an affair with the Occy Health counsellor he’s seeing about the stress of his possible promotion which he only wants to live up to the expectations of his horrible dead Dad and nightmares about dead bodies having devoted himself excessively to his workHis best friend and senior colleague Chris is also in line for the job and while Roger naively thinks the best man will win and that they can still be friends Chris is convinced the job is his and doesn’t care if that’s the end of their friendship Roger spends his free time stalking a corrupt Detective Inspector Weston that he previously tried to have arrested for gun dealing When two young women are murdered and the evidence points to Roger himself he’s sure Weston has framed in in revenge and Roger will have to use his skills to prove his innocenceThis was a well written atmospheric thriller that features Crime Scene examination and evidence recovery techniues at a level of detail that I found fascinating but might be too much for some readers and a protagonist who was difficult to warm to There were few likeable characters in fact and the only humour the constant insults colleagues hurl at one another The constant grime stink and run down buildings and the incessantly atrocious weather were pretty depressing too I found it hard to believe that people who have worked with Roger for nearly ten years are so uick to believe he’s a serial killer and refuse to countenance that evidence could’ve been planted or that knowing he’s really good at his job they think he would be so careless as to leave said evidence For a smart guy Roger comes across as ridiculously naive The perpetrator their motivation and methods were so obvious that I spent most of the book hoping to be proved wrong I was wrong about how it would end though there’s a bit of a cliffhanger and plenty to be resolved in the following books which I do plan to read when I get a chanceOverall this is still worth a read but if you haven’t read anything else by Andrew Barrett you should definitely try his later books before deciding he’s not for you

  5. Kath Middleton Kath Middleton says:

    This book is an exciting and complex tale about a SOCO working towards a promotion He has problems at home and further problems with work colleagues one of whom he is convinced has been dealing in guns The story unfolds and with it the richness of the characters and their interactions with one another There are two murders in the story and we are rather misled as to the perpetrator as were the policeThe language used throughout the book is really well thought out descriptive and inspiring I very much enjoyed it The author is in this line of work himself and writes with authority I loved the way the story built gradually and I thought I knew who was to blame but of course I didn't The ending is almost a cliff hanger and although I have started another book I know I shall very soon read Book 2 The man has a story telling talent and I love to find another good author

  6. Anna Maria Anna Maria says:

    I absolutely loved reading this crime at first I was not totally in the book as there were too many characters names that I had to keep in mind but the I read it the I was intrigued and I just couldn't stop I really recommend this book as it is worth reading for those who like crime stories I will surely be reading of this writer as this is not his first book that I read and I appreciated even his previous stories

  7. Todd Simpson Todd Simpson says:

    Fantastic Thriller I already knew that Andrew Barrett was a great Author after reading ‘The End of Lies’ which is an amazing story This book is just as good and I thoroughly enjoyed it One thing he does really well is putting the time into each of his characters and their backgrounds This certainly shows with so many great characters Another highlight is there’s than one thing happening alongside the main plot which for me always makes for an interesting and entertaining story This is definitely a book you could immerse yourself amongst the pages for hoursRoger Conniston can’t believe that Inspector Colin Weston somehow weaseled his way out of trouble after he supposedly lost a truck full of guns and ammunition It baffled Roger that the Investigators fell for Weston’s story However Roger isn’t prepared to give up that easily and he’s certainly confident that he’ll catch Weston in the act of selling illegal fire arms Meanwhile Roger is competing for the Head of the Department in the Scenes of Crime area against his friend Chris They both have extensive experience as civilian crime scene officers but Chris really needs the pay rise and besides he clearly thinks he’s the best man for the job Rogers’s world is turned upside down when he’s accused of murdering a girl and there aren’t many that believe he’s innocent I’m really glad that the Author has made this story into a series and I’m really looking forward to book 2 after enjoying this one so much

  8. Pat Pat says:

    Where to begin? Roger Conniston is a SOCO with the Yorkshire police He is up for promotion along with his friend Chris They're both being trialled for the job He is also secretly following Inspector Weston who he knows is dealing in stolen weapons with a view to seeing him arrestedA couple of murders where women have their throats slashed are keeping the SOCOs busy but Roger also has a sick wife to deal with You start to get the feeling that something very fishy is going on And soon Roger is arrested for the second murder Evidence puts him at the scene Although he protests he is innocent he is thrown into a holding cell only to have some unpleasant visitations from Weston Is Weston trying to frame him for this murder to get him off his tail?Roger realises his only hope is to clear his name and find out who framed him how and why He escapes and with the help of a SOCO newbie who believes him manages to find some new evidence But in his uest for help with this he has to be careful who he turns to Someone may want to stab him in the backThis is a slow burn The action arrives in the second half of the book but you are already well hooked by then Populated with genuine seeming characters who are neither black nor white and with a very plausible plot I was absolutely riveted as Roger stumbled to the truth The forensic information is detailed and appears to be spot on I succumbed again and straight away got hold of the second book

  9. Ted Tayler Ted Tayler says:

    Slow burning but fascinatingIf you like the details of a police procedural then this one is right up your street It might not have the pace of some thrillers but the story line is good the characters are well defined and all too believable and the uality of writing is above average Stick with it and I'm confident you'll enjoy the ride

  10. Anne Anne says:

    Another winner from Andrew Barrett I don't know when I've found an author that I enjoy as much as I do Mr Barrett I have done nothing but read his books for the last 3 weeks I only wish he could write as fast as I can read

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