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Good With Dragons ❮Reading❯ ➽ Good With Dragons ➶ Author Hollis Shiloh – Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00B6BRCL2Lyle races dragons for a living—if you can call it living being a slave Then he meets Saul A slave has no rights but that can't sto Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN BBBRCLLyle races dragons for a living—if you can call it living being a slave Then he meets Saul A slave has no rights but that can't stop him from falling in love Even though maybe it shouldA fantasy themed gay romance or mm romanceLength approx wordsHeat level lowTearjerker or angst level mediumHappy ending Yes.

10 thoughts on “Good With Dragons

  1. Macky Macky says:

    35 The second Hollis Shiloh story I've read and even though the first was very emotional it wasn't as heartbreaking as this I'm not sure whether to class this as fantasy or dystopian because it's set in what feels like a very bleak world where dragons who only have numbers not names are raced and the riders are slaves They are beaten starved and treated so badly it brought tears to my eyes It centres around Lyle and Saul two slaves and dragon riders who meet become lovers but later get separated and from then we see poor broken Lyle sold again and again until he ends up in a place far away from his beloved dragons but there's a twist in the tale which leads to him being finally reunited with his Saul Not an easy journey but thankfully there's a happy ending for these two and mixed into the heart rending little story there are some lovely tender moments but it is uite dark in its mood so be warned This is a hard one to say the word ' enjoyed ' around but it was one of those that once started I had to finish and I so wanted Lyle to get his HEA because he deserved it sooo much and he gets it in a way that's lifts you out of the doldrums and leaves you sighing perhaps still a little sadly but also contentedly hence the bump up to 4 stars Not your usual dragon story but worth checking out if you want a different take on them At 525 locations on the kindle its very short and it was free when I downloaded it but I think its gone back to just under a pound now which still isn't a fortune

  2. Heller Heller says:

    Man this was depressing In the end though there were some sweet moments and there's an HEA ETA Looks like I forgot to rate this one Adding

  3. Mary Mary says:

    What made this such a good read for me was Lyle I just wanted for him to have some happiness It was heartbreaking reading how he had to keep his emotions and actions to himself He was an object for sex for physical abuse or labor As a dragon rider he gets the advantage of maybe a little step up from all this mistreatment but not by much From one owner to another Lyle's life moves along until an accident tears him from the only thing that's given his life any meaning and purpose the dragons Finally he ends up working in a mine where he awaits the end of his days where the love he thought he'd lost finds him again

  4. Tailtiu Tailtiu says:

    A short and heartbreaking story with a HEA

  5. Bookwatcher Bookwatcher says:

    Such sweet story Of a broken man that know just pain and abuse Can he find hapiness?I was in the mood for a short fantasy witth dragons and remember I had this freebie have no idea if it's still a freebie I'm glad I think about this story Such sweet story that warmed me up in this grey cold day of winter Love it so much I wish I could give than 5 stars

  6. Furio Furio says:

    Despite some mistakes 'lineament' instead of 'liniment' is uite blatant this short story is well writtenWriting is fluid in itself but the author is also able to create in a few pages a perfectly consistent fantasy world deftly weaving the needed background information into the plotUnfortunately she chooses to create a fantasy world where slavery is the norm and she gives the POV to one slave What is supposed to be a MM romance turns into a heartbreaking pamphlet against slavery Lyle's story is that of a sensitive being who has come to be afraid to breathe beatings sexual abuse never shown and starvation are a normal part of his lifeThe actual love story is sweet and poignant but ends by being overwhelmed by the deep sadness of the story This is why I was unable to enjoy this little short story well written though it is

  7. Em Em says:

    This is the story of Lyle a slave who is kept to race dragons He's lonely battered and broken and doesn't have much of a life but things start to look up for him when Saul a new dragon rider arrives There's a lot angst packed into this little book compared to the others I've read by Hollis Shiloh I was also impressed with how involved the story was considering that it was only 45 pages long I'm glad that after everything Lyle went through he managed to get his HEA even if the ending was still a little bit sad

  8. Liz Winters Liz Winters says:

    I really loved this short story 10K words There's a whole lot packed into a small package Set in a fantasy world where slaves race and take care of dragons among other tasks the story is beautifully written It's light on smut but not on love There are references to slavery and abuse but nothing is overly graphic and the relationship between the main characters while forming only a fraction of the overall word count is beautiful A fantastic bite sized read

  9. Serith Serith says:

    This was perfect The main character was just too cute the romance was simple yet so convincing the story moved right along and kept things interesting So much that I honestly want and would happily spend an entire novel length with these boys Oh and there were dragons AND the writing style was sharp What could you ask for? Slap on an HEA and there you have it a five star rating hands down

  10. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    Very sad story with happy ending

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