Mercy Bound PDF å Ebook

Mercy Bound PDF å Ebook

  • ebook
  • 44 pages
  • Mercy Bound
  • Kele Moon
  • 06 October 2016
  • 9781419945915

10 thoughts on “Mercy Bound

  1. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    3 Shortie StarsThis was a hot little PNR read Perfect for when you are in the mood for that Or if you need to burn 30 minutes of your work day Or you are stuck in line at the DMV Or you are going to the bathroom

  2. Exina Exina says:

    I need to figure out how to land an Alanten The storyThe setting is an infirmary on a spaceship somewhere in the galaxy Mercy and two Alanten warriors Dray and his brother Conrad are waiting for the doctor’s arrival pretty impatiently “When that doctor comes back I’m gonna kill him” Dray has suffered a serious injury and the doctor mistakenly believes he is human and treats him with a medicine that has a side effect for Alantens namely it triggers mating heat It is fatal for Dray if he can’t find a suitable mateThere is no other female on the ship only Mercy Mercy has no intention of letting him die and they have been secretly in love with each other for agesMy ThoughtsDespite its shortness the story is uite detailed from the small details about their childhood and life through the characteristics of the Alanten race to the name of the planets in the Galaxy the world building is genuinely writtenThe physical aspects of bonding as well as the spiritual and mental ones are really engaging So is the humor The bar scene is hilariousA uote with adult contentview spoiler “You’re tight” Dray moaned his fingers resuming their work stroking and stretching her as Mercy thrust into his touch “Tighter than I’m used to”“My social life sucks” she gasped pushing her hips against his hand shamelessly “My best friends are overprotective Alanten warriors Dates are few and far between” hide spoiler

  3. Nicola Nicola says:

    In a galaxy far far away a human form alien and his entirely human best friend get down and dirty together in a uest to save his life When we find a potential mate a female who makes us feel certain things we bite her” Bit on the short side but delivers on the steam

  4. Karla Karla says:

    4 Solid Stars Fun witty steamylots of story in a small package This is the way you write a short story From page one I was hooked and by page two I was invested in the characters and wanted to know what they were all about Orphaned at a young age Dray and Conrad are Alantens warriors they look human but they're not They were rescued by Mercy Walsh's father a bounty hunter who found them on the planet Jasper after their parents were killed while they all were fighting in a battle to free slaves Over the years Dray was honor bound to Mercy's father and now that he's passed this proud warrior will do anything and everything to keep Mercy safe Mercy doesn't think she needs protecting and Dray's acts of heroism are getting on her nerves She's been in love with him since the day she met him and he loves her too However he keeps his distance because she's human and he feels it's best to keep their relationship strictly bounty hunter business That is until he receives a new treatment meant for humans for his latest injury and it triggers the mating heat HOLY CRAP You'll have to read it to find out happens There is some sssssscorchin' hot passionate sex but it didn't not consume the story it was balanced perfectly It had a little bit of everything funny dialogue passion love and an engaging story Kele Moon managed to write a big story with a few words Please please tell me that Conrad is going to have a book he was adorable and needs to be heart bound too Just a side note Even though this is labeled as sci fi anyone can read this and enjoy it It's just a setting for the story and the characters but I think it's appeal will be broader than it's label

  5. Lorraine Lesar Lorraine Lesar says:

    I’m claiming licking rights on all Alanten’sNow I’m not a hotdog sort of girl but lunchtime today I found myself eating one whilst reading this super uick sexy Alantenuickie about 50 pagesWhether it was the book or the hotdog? Let’s just say that they accompanied each other perfectly 😉 So it’s not a meh 3 but a foot long enticing 3 from meThanks Exina you were spot on in your review and I also want to land an Alanten

  6. ☾ Dαɴιyα ☽ ☾ Dαɴιyα ☽ says:

    Mercy Bound is a uick hot read set in a world with spaceships interstellar travel and a warrior race from the planet Alanta The main characters are Dray an Alanten and Mercy a human woman who've known and wanted each other for years This is the story of them getting what they want A careless doctor gave Dray medicine that triggered his mating heat It was dangerous for Dray because for Alantens that gets to be a mate or die situation Although Dray is willing to die before even thinking of mating with Mercy she is determined and than willing to help Mercy and Dray got what they wanted — they were heart bound I got what I wanted too — a short enjoyable read that was just enough hot and sweet

  7. Leyla Leyla says:

    You know what makes me happy?And chocolate DUHI admit I may be a wee bit obsessed But who cares? Nobody gets hurtExcept my diet In this case this story was the perfect bite to soothe my hunger until I find something fleshed and lengthy in the genre It was just what I neededIt was fun sweet and adorably romantic It's a pity it's so short Good characters Plot not too deep but popcorn worthy And the fuzzies were splashed in every pageI enjoyed it very much and it reminded me I should read of Kele Moon's books like asapHer writing was fast paced and she absolutely absorbs your attentionBluuuurbMercy's father rescued and adopted two Atlantan brothers Dray and Conrad They grow up together and stay together as a family even after Mercy's father passes away Mercy is totally smitten with Dray and Dray does his best to put a distance and shut down any emotions related to his attraction to Mercy He promised to protect her even from himself Thank God Mercy takes charge Anyways this is an enjoyable read Not too complicated Issues are resolved uickly with little angst and there's a guaranteed HEA Pure hot temporary fluffSo don't expect a deep meaningful story or world building Some space travel drugs and banter Good erotica too35 Mating Stars with obviously destined mate themes as the main dishWARNINGMating urges need to be soothed You need no further info

  8. Jill Jill says:

    This was a really uick read from author Kele Moon I enjoyed it especially when I had just read a ton of heavy reads this was a welcome changeMercy Dray and his brother Conrad have known each other most of their livesConrad and Dray are Atlantan warriors and were adopted by Mercy's father when their own parents were killed Atlantan warriors seem to be from a different planet and are a different genetic makeup from humans though look mostly human Mercy is human and has been in love with Dray for as long as she can remember Dray has also felt that Mercy was his mate but because of a promise he made to her father feels he can never act on his feelings without breaking that promiseThings change when Dray is injured and the medicine that the doctor administers to him throws him into heat and with no other female around other than Mercy his choices are limited mate or dieThis is a enjoyable steamy little read I had enough information and storyline but really this is a book based around sex and love but mostly sex I have absolutely no complaints in that in fact sometimes that is exactly what you need The characters were good and Mercy with her no nonsense attitude really stole the show for me I am giving it 4 stars because it was exactly what I needed

  9. Katie Katie says:

    I didn't particularly enjoy this book as I think it should have been a full length book rather then a short story I needed to know about the characters their relationship job background alien species and the world this story is set in I needed than what this book gave me

  10. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

    MERCY BOUND is a sci fi short story that was originally written for the Something Wicked Comes This Way anthology and is now being released as a single title It is about bounty hunter named Mercy and her two best friends Dray and Conrad They are brothers and Alanten warriors but Mercy has always loved Dray When Dray is seriously injured and takes medication that supposedly pushes him into his mating heat Dray is gravely concerned for his well being The mating heat for their kind reuires time and preparation But because of his injury Dray has no time before his body needs relief This is where Mercy steps in not just as a best friend but now as a potential lover The stakes are high but Mercy isn’t willing to just let the man she loves sufferConrad Dray’s brother is uite involved in this story He tries to warn Mercy off Dray and I liked their interaction However towards the end I thought there was too much of Conrad when the focus should have been on Dray and Mercy There’s a good amount of world building in the first chapter of the book I was very impressed by that but again the ending seemed too rush and none of the world was mentioned after that So overall MERCY BOUND is an enjoyable read but I would have liked a little attention to detailARC provided by publisher

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Mercy Bound❰Ebook❯ ➧ Mercy Bound Author Kele Moon – Despite wanting her forever Dray has vowed to protect Mercy even from himself Then his mating heat is triggered leaving only two choices—mate or die And luscious Mercy is suitably euipped—and dete Despite wanting her forever Dray has vowed to protect Mercy even from himself Then his mating heat is triggered leaving only two choices—mate or die And luscious Mercy is suitably euipped—and determined—to save him.

About the Author: Kele Moon

A freckle faced redhead born and raised in Hawaii Kele Moon has always been a bit of a sore thumb and has come to enjoy the novelty of it She thrives on pushing the envelope and finding ways to make the impossible work in her story telling With a mad passion for romance she adores the art of falling in love The only rules she believes in is that in love there are no rules and true love know.