Kindle Edition à Sarahs Cowboy PDF/EPUB å

Kindle Edition à Sarahs Cowboy PDF/EPUB å

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  1. Emily Emily says:

    Sarah Jane Alexander knows it is time to shake things up if not for the blatant reminder of the list she wrote years ago and the friends she can always lean on they make a pact to start new it is time she does something about her dismal love life Everything is not going to plan until she meets Christopher “Kit” Stewart Stunt Coordinator for a film she is doing a temporary teaching job at Kit is what she is looking for except he is not a commitment type of man his job has him traveling often and if the rumors are true he is uite the ladies’ man Despite early misgivings Sarah follows her heart only to wonder if there will be one left when filming is doneEntertaining story I thought Kit was fascinating He doesn’t want to explore why he feels so attached to Sarah He wants to spend time with her as much as possible but could there realistically be a future with the school teacher Another excellent addition in the Five Women One Night Series

  2. Laura Carson Laura Carson says:

    This book was part of a blog tour I received a copy for my honest review A sweet slightly cheesy story that will feed your romantic side Sarah Alexander is ready for a change Always the practical onealways making the boring choicesOn New Year's Eve on the 10 year anniversary of The ListSarah gets together with her best friendsAll realizing time hasn't been the kindest and after a little too much winethey bring out a list they compiled that night 10 years ago that would make their perfect man Some revisionsthe girls decide they have a year to find a man matching 80% of those attributesThis is Sarah's journey Enter a new exciting job as a teacher on a movie set and a sexy stunt coordinator called Kit and we have our storyWe follow our practical Sarah while she meets the adventurous and fun cowboy “This” she said just south of his left ear “is just a trick to get me close to you isn’t it?” Laughing he patted her hand where it rested at his waist “Honey riding double on a motorcycle is the most fun a man can have with a woman on the wrong side of him” The dialogue was choppy and didn't flow that welland the descriptions were slightly excessive in the beginning but things did smooth as we went At only roughly 97 pages there wasn't the character depth I enjoy but the characters were likable and had us rooting for them the whole time I would have enjoyed better chemistry between the two and the sex scenes could be improved but they didn't take away from the enjoyment of the story All in all a fun light hearted romance that is great to curl up with on a rainy day

  3. Dalene Dalene says:

    I was excited to review this book and the entire series of books This series is about a group of girls friends from college and their getting together on New Year’s Eve When they were in college they made a list of ualities they wanted to find in a husband With all of them single again they make a new list and challenge to find someone by next yearI was a little reluctant about the title having cowboy in it Not to worry I thoroughly enjoyed this book Sarah and Kit were awesome characters Their spark was real and enjoyable Not only did this story have the romance in it but enjoyed the on set location Living and working in a small town did not short this story any adventure and excitement The courtship of Sarah and Kit was a lot of fun and romantic Their friends and co workers on the set were also a great addition to the storyI have really enjoyed this little series and like how all of the books have different authors but they have been able to do very similar work I would recommend this and all books to all romance readers No worries as the romance doesn't get to hot but is very enjoyable

  4. Jasz Jasz says:

    Sarah wants a 'not so dull' life And now isn't that exactly what she gets by secretly dating Kit? I just love the fact how Kit seems to be so easy going He's not only a good guy but he doesn't beat around the bush He isn't trying to convince himself he doesn't care about Sarah He's honest I like that He and Sarah make just make the cutest couple I really do believe that they need each other to be happy that they complement each other even so than the two other couples did in the first two books 'Loving Mick' and 'A Real Man' Therefore I think this one's the best I just I honestly think this book has the best plot and two of my favorite characters

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