Tall, Dark, and Deadly Series Kindle ✓ Dark, and

Tall, Dark, and Deadly Series Kindle ✓ Dark, and

Tall, Dark, and Deadly Series (Tall, Dark Deadly, #0.5-2) [Reading] ➶ Tall, Dark, and Deadly Series (Tall, Dark Deadly, #0.5-2) By Lisa Renee Jones – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The Walker BrothersTall dark and deadly these three brothers run Walker security Each brother is uniue in his methods and skills but all share key similarities They are passionate about those they lov The Walker and Deadly MOBI ó BrothersTall dark and deadly these three brothers run Walker security Each brother is uniue in his methods and skills but all share key similarities They are passionate about those Tall, Dark, PDF or they love relentless when fighting for a cause they believe in and all believe that no case is too hard no danger too dark Dedication is what they deliver results are their Dark, and Deadly Kindle Ô reward Hot Secrets wordsRoyce Walker a former FBI Agent who's opened a private security firm with his brothers has always had the hots for the prim proper Assistant District Attorney but considered her hand's off because of a family connection However when danger threatens Lauren he isn't willing to stand by and watch her get hurt Now the passion for survival is only rivaled by the passion burning between them And that passion might just be the death of them both Dangerous Secrets wordsBeing a divorce attorney for the rich and famous isn't all it's cracked up to be Julie Harrison has learned that love doesn't last and she's sworn never to make the same mistakes as her mother or her clients She uses the games men play to keep them at a distance The only man who managed to break down her walls was Luke Walker a Navy SEAL who loved her and left her and changed her foreverWhen Luke arrives back in New York running Walker Security with his brothers and having left his Navy SEAL days behind he sets his sights on Julie the woman he's always wanted and couldn't have Except she runs from him every time he gets closeBut now one of Julie's clients a powerful judge gets involved with a dangerous cartel and his soon to be ex wife ends up dead Julie's next on the list and she finds herself on the run from those who believe she knows too much and counting on Luke to keep her alive In the deepest darkest moments of the night passion will bring them together while danger threatens to tear them apart Can Julie and Luke trust each other and find their happy ending before they find the end Secrets Exposed words About Secrets Exposed Her enemy is her passion her passion is her enemyLindsey Paxton was once the number one defense attorney in New York She fought for those who were innocent but charged Her instincts were her lifeline never failing her as they guided her in her choices of who to defend Or so she thought Until she won a case she would forever wish to have lost Her client an accused rapist kills and rapes a woman only a day after being set free Destroyed by her role in the woman's death Lindsey blames her father's controlling ways for what she has become and runs from her career and life Years later the past becomes the present and one man her enemy the only one she can turn to.

10 thoughts on “Tall, Dark, and Deadly Series (Tall, Dark Deadly, #0.5-2)

  1. Lisa Jones Lisa Jones says:

    You can get the ENTIRE TALL DARK DEADLY series including Hot Secrets Dangerous Secrets Beneath the Secrets and Secrets Exposed for just 99 cents And you can also get the prelude short story to Beneath the Secrets book 3 in the box set ONE DANGEROUS NIGHT for FREETALL DARK DEADLY BO SET FOR 99 CENTS ➜  DANGEROUS NIGHT short story FREE ➜  the box set all single titles and the short story are also FREE IN THE KINDLEUNLIMITED PROGRAM as well ➜ AUDIO LISTENERS You can also get the ENTIRE TALL DARK DEADLY series for FREE with your Audible Romance Package membership Or just 199 each with Whispersync ➜ AND I have the entire TALL DARK DEADLY series available on my website to but PERSONALIZED SIGNED paperback copies ➜ 

  2. Joëlle Joëlle says:

    Loved her books so far and this one is now on SALE on US Jan 13 2016

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    DNF The first story had potential but didn't hold my interest Lindsey was supposed to be with the FBI but did stupid things that made no sense

  4. Ashley S. Ashley S. says:

    Love Lisa Renee Jones and all of her books I knew that I was going to get sucked into this box set as well and I definitely did These three books are all about the Walker Brothers of Walker Security plus we get an extra bonus story at the end of this box setyayNote I will update my review as I read the individual books in the setBook 1 Hot Secrets RoyceSexy alpha and dominant Royce Walker Ex FBI Agent and resident hot cookie Royce blasts onto the scene with his good looks and confident allure He has eyes immediately for criminal lawyer Lauren Reynolds who also happens to the be the daughter of a prominent Senator What Royce doesn't know is that he is actually going to fall for his assignment and what Lauren doesn't know is that she is actually an assignment Obviously this has bad news written all over it but we get some pretty hot scenes in before it all goes somewhat south However there is so much other stuff going on in this book murder mystery suspense that the H and h aren't really given the opportunity to stay mad at each other This is a good thing especially since the book is pretty short in length There were definite twists in this one and although I had my theories I wasn't entirely correct A great readBook 2 Dangerous Secrets LukeBook 3 Beneath the Secrets BlakeBook 4 Secrets Exposed Bonus Story

  5. Hbeebti Hbeebti says:

    I really like the Walker brothers The first story was about Mark who is a friend of the Walker brothers and Lindsay Lyndsay was annoying and constantly getting herself into trouble 3 starsNext book was about Royce Walker and Lauren and I liked that one a lot Royce was such a sweetheart and yet a protective alpha 4 starsThe last story was the best and it was about Julie Laurens best friend and Luke Walker Oh Luke you are one sexy beast 45 starsBut who I want to read about the most and his story was NOT included was Blake Walker who is walking a dangerous path and is struggling after the murder of his fiance Frankly I am dying to read his book

  6. Mara Mara says:

    I read the first book of this set and then stopped Mainly for two reasons I really found the first story deadly boring and the prologue of the second was eerily similar to the one I had just read Secrets exposedI have no idea what this book is about I could not connect with any characters some of them were so over the top to be almost fantasy Or let's say if you want to talk crooked coplawyer you better be prepared to give them serious depth Motivation is lacking in all of them from the dutiful daughter to her saviour to her enemy MehPlot Hmm what plot sorryThe blurb of this set is a bit off set The Walkers brothers have no role in the first story

  7. Brandy Blackerby Brandy Blackerby says:

    The Walker Brothers are complete Alpha Males theres something about Alpha Males that I just love They have to be written right to love them Lisa Renee Jones Is Perfect at writing them This Box Set is so detailed that you can completely grasp what Mrs Jones is picturing in her head Three Great Books For Such an Epic Deal As with Most Of Mrs Jones Books they can be read as a series OR they are strong enough to Stand Alone Of course the Series is such a Better way to read them Especially for such a low price GRAB THEM WHILE YOU CANTall Dark and Deadly 3 book box setTall Dark and Deadly 3 book box setLisa Renee Jones

  8. Connie Connie says:

    This series is fantastic Lisa Renee Jones does it againThis time the first two books are about two of the Walker brothers I really want to know the third brother finds love The other is about two lawyers that well come together with slight reference to the Walker brothersThe first book is about Royce Walker definitely the brother that did not attach himself to anyone and did not fall in love Well Royce falls hard for LaurenThe second book is about Luke Walker and his former sex interest Julie who coincidentally is best friends with Lauren Julie believes she is not capable of love for any man well she meets her match in LukeThe third book is about Lindsey Paxton who turned her back on her fathers law firm to become an FBI agent Her father falls ill so she goes to her fathers former law partner Mark Reeves They are both instantly attracted to each other but can Lindsey persuade Mark to come back to her dads law firm I loved this series MUST READS

  9. Melissa Melissa says:

    The books held my attention enough to read between loads if laundrybut by mid way through the second book I was tired of the use of the words sauntered and any form of the word sashayto describe how someone walked anywhere in the room Also the made me feel like I never felt before started to lose the meaning when said at least one a chapter all female chars where VERY simular in hangups as wellas the caveman mentallity of the men I am new to reading these types of books and I dont understand why these women internalize and uestion EVERYTHING Down to the smallest event like get into the car

  10. Emily McGee Emily McGee says:

    Tall Dark and Deadly is hands down one of my favorite romantic suspense series Ms Jones continues to show her brilliance in this series All of the books are sexy yet well developed and extremely well written Watching the Walker brothers and Co fall for their leading ladies was a true joy I love watching a tough as nails man which every hero in this series is find the woman that can turn their world upside down Lisa Renee Jones really has a gift The stories held my attention from the get go and left me needing I cannot wait to get my hands on Blake's story Overall definite MUST READ

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