The Doctor's Family Reunion Epub ☆ The Doctor's

The Doctor's Family Reunion Epub ☆ The Doctor's

8 thoughts on “The Doctor's Family Reunion

  1. Christina Christina says:

    The Doctor’s Family Reunion was a charmingly romantic story of second chances and the power of faithBlakely is a well rounded likable character She has spent the last decade as a single mother while running the family tour business But she still struggles and stresses even so once Trent suddenly comes back into her life She has a hard time letting go and allowing others to help her out so she can have a chance to breatheShe has been let down before in the past so it’s stubbornly hard for her to trust Trent which is understandable Trent seems honest loyal to a fault and honorable – a real man of his word From an outside perspective he is the total package and not the type of person to “dine and dash” I do think he could have tried a little harder with Blakely before shit hit the fan I was getting impatient waiting for him to confess to herOuray Colorado seems like such beautiful place The author described it in such a way that made me want to go see this place in real life – the perfect destination vacationMindy Obenhaus is a talented romance writer and storyteller I am so glad I found her books I can’t wait to read by her

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    Mindy Obenhaus writes a wonderful tale about love forgiveness patience and perseverance Strong heroines and heroes Another great family in Ouray

  3. Sherida Stewart Sherida Stewart says:

    I simply LOVE this book The Doctor's Family Reunion is set in one of my favorite places Ouray Colorado Author Mindy Obenhaus' writing captures the beauty of this special town Trent is my kind of herovery honorable Blakely is dedicated and courageousa mama bear mother This story does not slow down from the heart stopping opening to the final heart catching scene Their road to a happy ending is just like a rocky mountain roadplenty of bumps along the way but so worth the ride The supportive warmth of small town communities is truly felt while reading this charming book I'm so glad there is another book set in this town and hope there will be many So grab a flavored truffle from Mouse's and enjoy the alpenglow of this romance

  4. Ann Ann says:

    I loved this book It is wonderful debut novel I was caught up in the story and lives of the characters from the first pages It is a heartwarming story and beautiful reminder that with God there are second chances I definitely will be looking forward to reading other books from this author

  5. Nicole Nicole says:

    Spunky Fun Emotional Sweet InspiringWhat a wonderful debut novel I loved the strength and tenacity of the heroine and the charming setting where the story takes place Mindy's characters are realistic and enjoyable

  6. Debbie Debbie says:

    Great debut novel Good plot line with Trent Blakely I love their son I will be looking forward to books from this author

  7. Michelle Millen Michelle Millen says:

    easy read captivating and inspiring

  8. Marji Laine Marji Laine says:

    Couldn't wait to finish this book I finally had to read deep into the night to get to the conclusion Can't wait for Mindy Obenhaus's next book in this series More review coming soon

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The Doctor's Family Reunion [BOOKS] ✯ The Doctor's Family Reunion By Mindy Obenhaus – His Instant Family  Family means everything to Dr Trent Lockridge Growing up without a father he always yearned for a family of his own One long ago  summer in Ouray Colorado he thought  he might His Instant Family  Family means everything to Dr Trent Lockridge Growing up without a father he always yearned for a family of his own One long ago  summer in Ouray Colorado he thought  he might build a future with beautiful  Blakely Daniels But when he abruptly fled town he broke her heart and left behind The Doctor's MOBI :å than memories Years later Trent is shocked—and overjoyed—to learn he's a father He'd like to earn back Blakely's love and trust— but it won't be easy And the clock is ticking He's got only a few weeks to prove that this time he's here to stayforever.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Doctor's Family Reunion
  • Mindy Obenhaus
  • 21 July 2015
  • 9780373817191