Lost Treasure Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure #1 PDF/EPUB

Lost Treasure Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure #1 PDF/EPUB

8 thoughts on “Lost Treasure Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure #1

  1. Kathleen Martinez Kathleen Martinez says:

    I love historical fiction and that portion of the book the map the soldiers diary and search for the treasure were my favorite parts and I wish there was of that in the book I had a hard time getting into the storyline about the other happenings to Clay and Mac

  2. Nancy Steinle gummel Nancy Steinle gummel says:

    Lost Treasure by Bruce Wetterau sucks you right in from the beginning It's such an interesting book It delves into historical fiction reading the diary entries of lost Confederate gold coins There is a murder mystery arson and drug dealers to keep you occupied Then there's the actual search for the treasure with plenty of obfuscation There is a slight romance in there too between Clay Cantrell and Suzanne There is something for everyone in this book

  3. G.F. Smith G.F. Smith says:

    Lost TreasureBy Bruce WetterauI must say I was surprised by this book; I honestly didn’t expect it to be so good in many ways I suppose it was a pre judgment on my part I am an author of a series and I know how much work goes into plotting character development story layers etc I won this book in a give a way contest and having been so fortunate and curious I researched the author Bruce Wetterau This is his first try at writing fiction though he has written numerous reference books I suppose this is why I pre judged it—first attempt at fiction used to writing reference stuff facts info history etc However I was pleasantly surprisedThis book has an interesting and believable plot line; it is laid out well; it has likable characters that hold to their characterization throughout the work which also makes them believable; and I must say the periodic sparks and hooks and twists Bruce interweaves into the story kept me wondering and guessing It also offers up a than decent nicely paced twisting and fulfilling ending as wellThis work reminded me of the “National Treasure” movies along with many elements of a few of Clive Cussler’s adventure novels of which I also enjoyed I can also see the characters in future works and adventures and I find myself pondering the possibilities I will read of this authorNice work Bruce Please let me know when your next installment as been releasedG F SmithwwwgfsmithbookscomParallaxParallaxEye of GodThe PredicateThe Predicate

  4. Eleanor Eleanor says:

    I love a great adventure story Who doesn't? This filled the bill With a storyline that perhaps could be plausible the author takes us on a little tour of civil war history and immerses us in a vignette from a different angle well different for me anyway While doing that he gets the reader dreaming about finding the mother lode Along with his main characters I found myself imagining what I would do if I ran across the proverbial treasure map Would I really be up for an adventure like that? Particularly when Things Start To Happen?Speaking of characters this I believe was the one weakness of the story I found the characters to be a little shallow and frankly not that likeable The women served the purpose of providing sex and cooking skills The men werewell money sex and food motivated I would have liked them to have a little depthat least to give me a clue as to why the women would be remotely interested in them Anyway it was still a good read and the adventure part was very well written to the point of making me claustrophobic while reading the cave scenes Not saying than that Read it yourselfI received this book for free through the Goodreads First Read giveaway program

  5. Joshua Macer Joshua Macer says:

    I won this book in a Goodread's giveawayThis book drew me in right from the beginning I didn't want to put this thing downI don't want to give anything away so without further ado GO READ ITI highly recommend this book5 stars

  6. Nancy Nancy says:

    It was OK

  7. Bryan Bunch Bryan Bunch says:

    This is an action mystery with the emphasis on the action From the first I was interested in where this story was going and read enthusiastically as the mysteries deepened Although I am somewhat nervous about being in caves the scenes under the earth's surface were particularly engrossing and suspenseful Even though this is listed as #1 in a series it was not until the very end that I could find out what happened no matter how I guessed usually I can foresee the ending of a book often even near the beginning Now I am looking forward to #2 in the series especially since I cannot imagine what will happen to the hero next

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I received a copy of this book via the Goodreads First reads program

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Lost Treasure Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure #1 ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Lost Treasure Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure #1 By Bruce Wetterau ✸ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Clay Cantrell and his partner Mac Harper are restoring a 200 year old mansion when they discover a dusty old journal a Confederate captain’s diary that points the way to a horde of Confederate gold Clay Cantrell Kindle Ñ Clay Cantrell and his partner Mac Harper are restoring a year old mansion when they discover a dusty old journal a Confederate captain’s diary that points the way to a horde of Confederate gold coins locked in three strongboxes Coins that today will be worth millions if Lost Treasure PDF/EPUB or the horde Treasure Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure PDF or can be found The son of well to do parents Clay Cantrell is not your ordinary contractor An ex Army Ranger who served in Ira and Afghanistan he has returned to his hometown of Staunton Virginia and everyday civilian life He restores old houses for a living Treasure Clay Cantrell Epub Ý now but can’t uite shake a nagging itch for adventure So a treasure hunt is a stroke of luck tailormade for Clay The adventure takes an ominous turn though when Clay is charged with murder even as he Mac and a third friend hunt for the treasure Lost Treasure Treasure Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure PDF or alternates between this modern day treasure hunt murder mystery and flashbacks to the Confederate captain’s story The captain commands a secret Confederate supply depot hidden deep inside a cavern in the wilds of Virginia’s Allegheny Mountains That’s where the Confederates put the treasure for safekeeping in the last months of the Civil War and where the fate of the captain’s command was sealed What really happened in that cavern years ago Who is trying to frame Clay for a murder he didn’t commit Will Clay and company find the treasure A first novel by accomplished nonfiction author Bruce Wetterau Lost Treasure is the first book in the Clay Cantrell series It's a fast paced tightly plotted mystery adventure that will keep you guessing to the very end.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Lost Treasure Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure #1
  • Bruce Wetterau
  • English
  • 12 March 2016
  • 9781481801249

About the Author: Bruce Wetterau

Clay Cantrell Kindle Ñ The Long Winding RoadThe Clay Cantrell mystery series marks a new departure for me what amounts to my third career I spent over twenty years as a reference book author eventually publishing eleven reference books then another decade plus buying and renovating old houses in Virginia Now finally Lost Treasure PDF/EPUB or with Lost Treasure Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure PDF or Treasure Clay Cantrell Mystery Adventure I’m realizing my dream of writing novels.