Audio CD ↠ The Ha-Ha PDF/EPUB å

Audio CD ↠ The Ha-Ha PDF/EPUB å

The Ha-Ha ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ The Ha-Ha By Dave King ✑ – Howard Kapostash has not spoken in thirty years Ever since a severe blow to the head during his days in the army words unravel in his mouth and letters on the page make no sense at all Because of his Howard Kapostash has not spoken in thirty years Ever since a severe blow to the head during his days in the army words unravel in his mouth and letters on the page make no sense at all Because of his extremely limited communication abilities a small repertory of gestures and simple sounds most people think he is disturbed No one understands that Howard is still the same man he was before enlisting still awed by the beauty of a landscape still pining for his high school sweetheart Sylvia Now Sylvia is a single mom with troubles of her own and she needs Howard's help She is being hauled into a drug rehab program and she asks Howard to care for her nine year old son Ryan The presence of this nervous resourceful boy in Howard's life transforms him utterly With a child's happiness at stake communication takes on a fresh urgency and the routine that Howard has evolved over the years designed specifically to minimize the agony of human contact suddenly feels restrictive and even dangerous Forced out of his groove Howard finds unexpected delights in baseball in work in meals with his housemates His home comes alive with the joys sorrows and love of a real family But these changes also open Howard to the risks of loss and to the rage he has spent a lifetime suppressing The Ha Ha follows Howard down his difficult path to a new life It is a story about the cost of war and the infinite worth of human connection.

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  • The Ha-Ha
  • Dave King
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  • 13 October 2016
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About the Author: Dave King

Dave King holds a BFA in paintingand film from Cooper Union and an MFA in writing from Columbia University King's debut novel The Ha Ha was named one of the best books of by The Christian Science Monitor and The Pittsburgh Tribune Review and was among eighteen books included on The Washington Post list of the season's best novels The Ha Ha was a finalist for Book of the Month Club's Best.

10 thoughts on “The Ha-Ha

  1. David David says:

    I kept waiting for this book to veer into mawkishness and it is to Dave King's enormous credit that he managed to avoid this particular trap For a first novel this is pretty impressive and I will definitely be on the lookout for further work by this author Not a perfect book by any means but a very good one It has an understated power that creeps up on you I recommend it highly I'm deliberately stingy with my five star ratings but I did consider it here Which probably translates to 45 stars truth be told

  2. LeAnne: GeezerMom LeAnne: GeezerMom says:

    Phenomenal story of redemption Howard had barely made it to Viet Nam when a head injury sent him to the VA hospital then rehabilitation and ultimately back home to his parents' house While his faculties are intact and he moves just fine his ability to form words written or spoken has been taken away by the brain injury But Howard still can think very clearly and what he has to say as the story's narrator is excellent Imagine a highly intelligent man stuck in a menial lawn mowing job hired as charity by a group of nuns and forced to rent out rooms to a couple of nit wits in order to make ends meet Imagine that because you can no longer speak or write everyone around you considers you to have the mental faculties of a child Howard is annoyed with how life has turned out and nobody is surprised than he when his old girlfriend deposits her only child in his arms on her way to court ordered drug rehab Suddenly Howard has to communicate even if just with gestures with the boy He is forced to ask the roommates for help Howard begins to have hope but he realizes that what he has with the child is temporary a taste of what he will never haveThere are some exceedingly dark scenes here that left me with tears and others full of joy There are a couple of graphic sexual moments but they serve as a window into Howard's emotions You will find that a ha ha is really just a landscaping trick a way to assemble hedges or a berm to obscure the view of things we'd rather not see Howard mows and grooms that ha ha weekly but as the story reaches its hopeful conclusion he is able to look out upon a horizon finally unobscured 5 stars and on my favorites shelf

  3. Lori Lori says:

    I picked this up as a harcover on sale for 5 bucks read the flap and thought ok this might workWow It is such a great story written in such an easy down to earth everyman but not as youll soon see toneThe main character had severe head trama in the war at a young age came home had surgery but lost the ability to speak and write and sometimes has trouble reading He is normal in every other sense of the word Holds down a job has a few close friends manages to get by on his own until he gets the phone callYou follow his struggles as a woman friend he secretly pines for goes to drug rehab and leaves him in charge of her tweenage son he must find ways to communicate with the kid and the world around him its a love story and a story about overcoming ones disability in the face of adversaryplease do your self a favor and read this one Its amazing

  4. Mara Mara says:

    Although the title might lead one to think that it's funny this book was described to me as depressing In fact the title refers to a type of hidden retaining wall rather than laughter Either way though I wouldn't describe the book as depressing myself aside from the steep slide downward toward the endRather I'd say this book is astonishingly hopeful Our main character has overcome a great deal of adversity and managed to make a life for himself despite an injury that has left him unable to speak or to read easily He has overcome addiction and the death of parents He has made a life for himself and achieved an euilibrium largely characterized by his detachment from the people around himBut when his high school sweetheart asks him to take in her 9 year old son Ryan while she goes to rehab he finds that they are able to form a bond But perhaps this emotional reawakening is not all that Howard thinks it will be Inevitably though Ryan must return to his mother and Howard finds his newly constructed world unravelingThis is the depressing part of the book which perhaps is drawn out than it needed to be Again Howard must struggle but this time instead of finding solace in solitude Howard is able to turn to the relationships he formed through Ryan and find comfort in companionship

  5. John John says:

    I listened to the unabridged audio and can highly recommend it Howard is mute yet you're hearing his thoughts a far intense experience than reading them in print Moreover the narrator does a great job with the other characters as well especially Laurel's soft Texas twang

  6. gaudeo gaudeo says:

    This book the author's first novel centers on Howard a man whose Vietnam injury left him speechless yet still sound of mind This malady makes for a very interesting story especially as other characters misunderstand his actions especially at the book's climax King's talented work brings to mind Mark Haddon's Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and Emma Healey's Elizabeth Is Missing each of which also tells a story from the perspective of a disabled narrator King is no less gifted at conveying the joys difficulties and heartaches of life with Howard's condition Howard's developing relationship with nine year old Ryan is especially endearing I recommend this book highly

  7. Candice Candice says:

    I enjoyed this book but not a lot The main character Howard suffered a severe head injury in Vietnam and cannot speak He has much difficulty reading and can barely write as well So how did he tell this story? I know I probably shouldn't wonder about this but I do It was a sweet story with mostly well developed charactersHoward is asked by his ex girlfriend to care for her 9 year old son while she is in rehab Predictably the veteran and the boy form a bond It is not all sweetness There are some scenes that are filled with anger and suffering I thought that the book dragged in places mostly toward the end But all in all it was a good story and it showed what caring for someone other than yourself can do to a person

  8. Etola Etola says:

    This book really wants us to feel sympathy for the main character Howie and all of his pent up angers and frustrations at being a crippled mute middle aged veteran in a world full of young beautiful talking people This book really wants us to feel for his struggling attempts to connect with the young boy foisted off into his care by his passive aggressive drug addicted ex girlfriend who is forced into rehab by her sisterBut we can't all get what we want and despite the book's valiant attempts to make Howie into some kind of relatable hero I just couldn't bring myself to sympathize with or even like him Despite years of living an independent and mature though admittedly sterile lifestyle the moment his life is shaken up he regresses into a child man who makes decisions based on pride and impulse and who throws destructive and even violent temper tantrums And how many times do we need to hear about what's happening in his pants really? I had to force myself through the second half mainly skimming and that only because it had been lent to me by a friend and I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubtThe minor characters were slightly likeable but there was far too much time spent on Howie's ex girlfriend Sylvia whose presence in any scene was the euivalent of nails on chalkboard I could not at all sympathize with Howie during moments when he actually fantasized about building a life with this poisonous emotional train wreckOn top of that the story moved very slowly and the first 70 pages felt twice as long as they actually were I tend to prefer stories with a active plot though your mileage may vary I have never been a fan of what my husband calls broken vase stories where all the characters are emotionally stunted maladjusted andor immature and the story is all about their failed attempts to relate to one another in any meaningful way This book reminded me why

  9. Mom2nine Mom2nine says:

    This story deals with difficult issues in a very believable manner I felt as though every character played hisher part well from the 9 yr old to the former jock 20 somethings to the drug addict mom and the main character Vietnam vet head injury Howard King was into Howard's head and I could feel his pain I kept wondering what would I do to help and what could the people around him do A few of the reviews felt as though the war happened 20 yrs ago and he should have found a way to communicate I found this believable as I have met too many Vietnam vets whose time in Vietnam still affects their lives today The book is probably not for the faint of heart some have complained about foul language crudity or explicitness I did not find it gratuitous and felt that it fit and was possibly needed to flesh out the characters Medicine has uestions than answers for head injuries

  10. Sheryl Sheryl says:

    Howard a Vietnam vet was injured in the war and lost his ability to speak His former girlfriend is a coke addict looking for a place to leave her son while she goes to rehab and Howard who is at her beckon call takes him in The story which has great potential never takes off Not only that but the premise that Howard never learned sign language or any method of communication isn't believable This dog just wont hunt

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