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Paperback à Deceptive Cadence Kindle å

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  1. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    My rating 35 of 5 starsAt one point his life Conor McBride was a successful concert violinist but he’s reverted back to his roots and has gone home to Ireland to care for his mother and the family farm This life change came after his brother Thomas was involved in an international case of fraud that just so happened to involve Conor after he signed documents that he didn’t bother to review Thomas disappeared and Conor spent the next several years living a life of simplicity paying the fines that the McBride family became stuck with Five years go by and a gentleman from the British intelligence agency knocks on Conor’s door reuisitioning his assistance in locating the brother he presumed was long gone Suddenly his life of simplicity gets very complicatedWhile Deceptive Cadence is a fast paced spy thriller however the real essence of the story centers around family and the lengths that you would go for them regardless of history The idea of a simple farmer or even musician being commissioned to become a member of MI6 at the drop of the hat may be far fetched but Conor McBride is one of those individuals that catch on uick but the fact that he has to do well in order to protect his brother is never far from his mind His fast paced training takes him out of the villages in Ireland and thrusts him into a new world While searching for his brother he experiences religious retreats known as ashrams in Rishikesh India to the cities of Mumbai ‘For the first time his senses began to register the exotic heady atmosphere of Mumbaithe odors most insistently demanded his attention There were layers upon layers of them all present at once but individually distinct They shifted in strength and character with the ocean breeze that blew soft irregular gusts across his face First came the sharp tang of engine fuel mingled with an even acrid burning smell as though something unnatural had been set alight to blanket the city with a smoldering stench A shift in the air’s direction brought a fresher aroma of salt and brine floating in from the sea It gave way to the hot smell of spices frying in oil which in turn incongruously merged with the subtle reek of garbage’ The authors clear research into this part of the globe takes the reader on a fascinating journey to far off parts of the world and describes Conor’s surroundings in fantastic detail Conor was an enjoyable character that managed to contribute a dash of whimsy to a story that could have been nothing but dark and mysterious ‘His instructions for the flight had been uneuivocal He was to remain uiet and anonymous avoiding unnecessary conversation and making every effort to appear as invisible as possible He presumed this meant someone had ensured that the aisle seat would remain empty Surely an intelligence expert of any uality – particularly a British one – would not expect an Irishman to sit next to someone for nine hours without talking’ In addition to a compelling main character and an enticing storyline the Ireland born audiobook narrator Wayne Farrell only further impressed me with his storytelling ability If you’re a fan of John le Carré andor spy thrillers Deceptive Cadence could be an unexpected treat I received this book free from the Author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

  2. Deanna Deanna says:

    DNF at 25% This had promise but my attention would not hold It often read like a dozen familiar movies or books like a potentially fresh story over a predictable template of thriller scenes that didn't seem to be going anywhere Eventually other books were calling louder so I wasn't the right reader here

  3. Sue Sue says:

    I won a copy of Deceptive Cadence The Virtuosic Spy #1 by Kathryn Deceptive Cadence through the Goodreads Giveaway Contest This was a refreshing take on the mysterythrillerspy genre I was totally glued to the novel and stayed up late last night as I was so captivated with the book The title of the novel is very appropriateThe setting for the novel switches from Dingle PeninsulaIrelandto IndiaAt one time Thomas lived the life of a simple Irish farmer on the Dingle Peninsula Ireland while his brother Conor pursued a career in Dublin as a violinist But one day Conor was arrested as his brother's accomplice in a conspiracy to commit international fraud for which he was falsely accused His brother Thomas fled the country as he had stolen grant money from the farmers to filter into the IRA Thomas was troubleFive years later Brigid McBride calls her son Conor to tell him there is a well dressed gentleman from London to see him at the farm house The gentleman introduced himself as Frank Emmons Murdoch an agent with the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6 He filled Conor in on the details that his missing brother needs his help Thomas is in India and is involved in something dangerous than fraud And Conor is then recruited by MI6 to find himand bring him homeIt is his last chance for redemptionConor's assignment is to find Thomas and convince him into helping MI6 disclose the person running a global money laundering operation For that they will help ThomasBut Conor had no knowledge of what is to be a spy He had to receive extensive training and discipline before he could make the trip to India He must learn to operate on instinct and travel under an alias This was a fast paced spy suspense thriller that had you uickly turning the pages to see what would happen next The characters were well developed and believable The descriptive scenes in India added value to the novel and shows the author's research and passion for cultureThe depths of danger that one brother will gladly go through to save his brother is a testament to their love for each other

  4. Brian& Brian& says:

    A Long Winded Bourne like ThrillerI kept going back and forth on this book I’ll be blunt up front — it was an enjoyable book that was a little long winded Guare wrote a story that was really full of detail and didn’t dart from topic to topic like a lot of first time authors will But instead she may have spent a little bit too much time explaining some of the backstories of the main charactersDeceptive Cadence is a story about mistaken identities unexpected secret agents and family bonds There is a lot going on but those are the main totems for this book and most of the story fits within at least one of theseGuare was able to tell an interesting story here and one that I did enjoy reading The characters were fun and different and the title of the book along with the backstory of its main character revolved around music That was a different touchThe story itself other than being a little long winded had a nice story arc to it I did find myself lost in the details from time to time but maybe I’m just used to reading developed stories and characters Every story has to start somewhereIfwhen Guare continues this series I would definitely be interested in continuing it especially now that she’s gotten most of the introductions out of the way That should lend itself to being what it was meant to be — a mix between a Bourne Identity and almost an old “gumshoe” or detective storyI will add though Farell’s narration of this was excellent He was able to lend voices to so many characters and made them all so believable His narration really helped move this story forward I can honestly say that due to his narration alone this went from being a 3 or 35 to a 4 star book

  5. Thom Swennes Thom Swennes says:

    एक रहस्य एक रहस्य में लिपटे।“A riddle fillte i Mystery”“A riddle wrapped in a mystery”Irish violin virtuosi Conor McBride has fallen from the podium Not for anything he did but for what he didn’t do He didn’t read the occasional correspondences with his brother Thomas Thomas McBride stayed at home with their mother and working the family farm In truth the farm belonged to both brothers eually The letters from Thomas often include forms for his signature Conor signed them without even looking at them Thomas was defrauding the European Union of thousands through fraudulent farming subsidies Thomas flees and Conor must pay the piperWhen MI6 discovers that Thomas McBride now appeared to be helping the IRA whether willingly or under duress they do not know Conor is recruited to find out and possibly save his brother’s lifeThis is a story of deception betrayal and espionage that spans the globe The most unlikely of agents seems to have just the right talents to keep him alive and tenaciously on the mission Conor isn’t your average fiddler I found myself intrigued with his virtuousness and ingenuousness When he finds himself forced to wallow with the underworld swine of Mumbai he always seems to rise above it and remains uncontaminated It isn’t anything like the MI6 spy novels made famous by Ian Fleming and others In this story their operative of choice has only completed a crash course in espionage 101 before sent out on a mission you are sure he will fail and never set eyes on the emerald isle of Ireland

  6. Aubrey Aubrey says:

    I was fortunate enough to receive a free e copy of Deceptive Cadence to review Unfortunately my e reader's lame battery prevented the late night marathon reading session I would have liked to indulge in It was so hard to put the story down even for an hourConor McBride's mission seems straightforward enough at first; go to Mumbai find his brother and being him back to London Only his brother is a criminal who destroyed Conor's career when he let Conor take the fall for his crimes Plus he's become a money launderer for terrorists Conor's mission is soon complicated by duplicitous agents and honorable criminals among other things and before it's over he will be tested in ways he never imagined Deceptive Cadence has all the action and intrigue of a spy novel combined with the emotional punch of a family drama Ms Guare's writing style is engaging and the action rolls along at a smart pace The characters big and small are interesting well drawn and believable though non spiritual readers may need to suspend some disbelief I did wonder whether it was a good idea to clue the reader into an important part of the plot's climax so early in the story but that part when it came was so well written that I didn't feel my reaction had been in anyway lessened by foreknowledge of it I was very impressed with that and highly entertained by the story in general Ms Guare is definitely going on my favorite authors list

  7. Susan Susan says:

    Set in 2003 2004 Conor McBride is willing to go to great lengths for his family He was a concert violinist when he found out just how badly his older brother Thomas screwed him over He’s since fled the country leaving Conor to pay the government back the large debt He also moved back to the family farm in Ireland to help his ailing mom Brigid McBride out Then a mysterious man shows up offering him knowledge of where his brother is in exchange for service Pretty soon Conor is wrapped up in a world of deceit drugs corruption and guns And magnificent Indian foodThis was a gripping novel Conor and his brother Thomas have some serious history between them Conor feels that his life was ruined when he was saddled with his brother’s enormous debt having to return from London to the family farm on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland that he never had any interest in Years have passed and Conor grows comfortable on the farm even though it’s a far cry from his concert violinist life Then Frank Murdoch from MI6 shows up offering information on the whereabouts of Thomas but it’s not free The British Intelligence Service wants something from Conor and that involves 10 hard weeks of spy camp and several long months working in some of the roughest parts of India I was surprised when Brigid sends Conor off with her blessing saying that Thomas needs himThere’s very little about the spy camp Our hero goes from fiddling cow milker to trained deadly spy in several paragraphs tho there are a few references to his time there later in the story Conor brought some of his own skills to table from the beginning like his intelligence linguistic skills and athletic build With that he surpassed his instructor’s expectations Yet he isn’t ready for everything he comes across in the field There are some tough scenes for this fledgling spy and despite the dirty business he’s in he never loses his humanity He’s this wonderful mix of competence steel nerves and soft heartMost of the book takes place in India in and around Mumbai I definitely felt that the author had done her research She brought the beauty and the grunge It was a very believable setting complete with child slavery tasty food generous hospitality illegal arms sales gentle religious rites and drug useThere’s several female characters in this spy novel which isn’t the usual for this genre So that was a breath of fresh air Yet the ladies were pretty much there to comfort the men They each have some personality and some role in the story that is than window dressing and yet none of them ever really touch the central plot Conor’s world of spies is a man’s world I would have liked a bit from the ladies However this little weakness of the story didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the novel Kavita was the most prominent lady in that she provided medical care and comfort of a motherly sort to Conor when he really needed it I really liked her calm and patience and yet she could also be insistent when needed Radha is a 13 year old heroin addict and dancer at a pleasure house Conor’s undercover persona brings him to this seedy side of town where he meets Radha and he wishes he could do something to permanently help her situation They’re relationship as fleeting as it is pulled the emotions out of meLet’s chat about Sedgewick who like Murdoch presents a well honed edge to the world at large Conor in his endearing way manages to catch both men in unguarded moments revealing something deeper Sedgewick had a lot page time and he’s definitely a complicated character He’s wrestled with his demons but they left scars and he’s just a touch paranoid that those around him don’t trust him but he’s in the spy business I loved this polarity about him He works in a field that calls for deception yet craves solid relationships I hope we get to see him againThe McBrides have a sixth sense of a sort It’s left pretty nebulous something that can be chocked up to chance or a mystical element depending on how the reader wants to interpret such things For me I could leave it or take it This element of the story didn’t do much for me other than keeping Brigid engaged in the storyline even when she wasn’t on the pageThe action scenes were great There was plenty of tension throughout the tale as Conor does his best to navigate this deadly web With each layer of lies he peeled back I became a little paranoid about who he could trust Eventually we learn about the main bad guy that everyone wants Vasily Dragonov Things don’t go as planned and I felt deeply for Conor by the end of the story What an emotional ringer the guy has been through I was engaged throughout the entire tale Conor McBride is my new favorite spyI received a free copy of this book via The Audiobook WormThe Narration Wayne Farrell nailed this performance Gallic English Hindi and Russian accents pepper this story and Wayne did a great job with all of them There’s some Hindi and Gallic prayers and swearing as well which he did with gusto His female voices were all believable and each character was distinct He was able to portray the variety of emotions of Conor McBride and the other main characters with moving accuracy

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    A fun fast moving story I really wanted to see what happened next to the main character Very descriptive imagery made me feel like I was really there

  9. Elena Alvarez Dosil Elena Alvarez Dosil says:

    I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions The tour is being sponsored by Kathryn Guare The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of itConnor McBride used to be a virtuous and successful Irish musician who now is relegated to take care of the family farm to pay the debts of his brother Thomas a con artist which stole grant money from other farmers and fled the country to filter it into the IRA One day Connor receives the visit from Frank Emmons Murdoch an agent within the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6 asking Connor for help to uncover the operation in which Thomas got mixed up In order to assist Connor will have to become an undercover agent and travel to India where he will make contact with Thomas and try to find the head of the organization and set a trap for themThis was a book that got me hooked from the start The beautiful language coupled with an almost melodic narration and a very interesting story are the good ingredients of this novelThe characters are pictured with great sensitivity and one can feel the love and camaraderie among them We do not get exhaustive information about the characters but Gaure wove the story in a way that they became alive None of them is perfect and this contributes to feeling that we are dealing with real peopleWe assist to Connor's drastic metamorphose From farmer with a background in music to a very efficient undercover agent with sharp reflexes and uniue abilities which demonstrate an innate talent for the job Something that Connor never imagined beforeThere are great subjects treated in the book being family bonds one of the most important and how one can be deceived but not by the one who is suspected the most There is also important character evolution to the point where I could feel the pain in Connor about how everything turned outThis is a complex and uite convoluted story and at times I was as lost as Connor was I am not sure if this was due to some missing information or how it was exposed Anyway little by little pieces started falling into place and I was left with the fuzzy feeling one has after falling in love with a story and its charactersWayne Farrell did an excellent job narrating this story and becoming Connor McBride His musical Irish accent helped in setting at special atmosphere and made me feel that I was watching a movie Thanks to Guare's descriptions and Farrell narrations I was able to see the landscapes and feel the characters' emotions from what was said and what was not Farrell used different accents than a different range of voices for the characters there are Irish American Indian and Russian The differences were very subtle and I did not feel that the accents were overdone I noticed a couple of words with British pronunciation said by the American character which I found odd Something that I struggled with was differentiating between Connor and Thomas Both brothers sounded the same to me and as they interact a lot during the second half of the book this complicated things a bit Fortunately the book was very well written and the narration in general was very good so my attention did not wander and I guessed uite fast who was talking from the two The audio production was very professionalDespite these little details I loved the story and loved the characters I felt for them and miss them now that I have finished the book I will definitely continue with these series so I hope Guare and Farrell will not have us waiting for too long

  10. Judah Kosterman Judah Kosterman says:

    Deceptive Cadence begins at the end with our agent good bad certainly deathly ill and seeing ghosts being hauled back from the brink while on the Indian subcontinent He calls himself an amateur Feels he's strayed from his mission Has some kind of boss named Frank who will not be happy Now how did we get here Especially considering we start a mere seven months earlier with that same man formerly a concert violinist now entering year six of running the family dairy farm and caring for his dying of cancer mother on the Irish coastIt's not as implausible as it sounds A musician has a spy’s memory ear and fine motor skills Farming’s given Conor physical strength and athletic prowess His spooky accurate intuition is courtesy of his mother's side and their connection to the faeries and beyond Conor has ample motivation to turn spy when MI6 tracks down his brother Tom wanted by the EU for a fraudulent business scheme wanted by their mother before she dies and wanted by Conor for a few choice words about ruining his career and his engagement and his life in general Would Conor accept a compressed version of spy school and an American free agent handler to go find his brother abroad Heck yes because Conor has the best attribute a spy possibly can and that is nothing left to loseThe Conor character is surprisingly likable As he's new to the game the reader gets to learn spycraft along with Conor solve puzzles with him and feel the emotional impacts of a bad act or a double cross in a way you don't get with an old hand Watching Conor become both good at being a spy and conflicted about his new job keeps the reader going through a plot that's murky in spots and over complicated in others Much of that fault is due to minor characters there are simply too many of them some go by multiple names and the heads of organized crime groups are names only that we never meetThe book ends with dangling threads than at its beginning The giant double cross at the bottom of the plot pit is nowhere near resolved Boss Frank may be satisfied with Conor but our new spy has accumulated a list of enemies he needs to hide from Conor's mother's power is only growing as she heads for the other side Brother Tom is underground somewhere the American free agent handler has disappeared Conor's been gone from Ireland long enough that no one wants him back and an American dairy farm is calling Ready for adventure Of course you are because it's a trilogy And one worth reading at that

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Deceptive Cadence ✅ Deceptive Cadence PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Kathryn Guare – Meet Conor McBride He's even interesting than the trouble he gets into A talented Irish musician reluctantly reinvents himself disappearing into an undercover identity to search for the man who ruined Meet Conor McBride He's even interesting than the trouble he gets into A talented Irish musician reluctantly reinvents himself disappearing into an undercover identity to search for the man who ruined his career his own brother On a journey from the west of Ireland to the tumultuous city of Mumbai Conor McBride's only goal is to redeem the brother who betrayed him But he's becoming a virtuoso of a different kind in a dangerous game where the rules keep changing and where the allies he trusted to help him may be the people he should fear the most.