Raising Redemption Kindle å Paperback

Raising Redemption Kindle å Paperback

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  1. Fran Fran says:

    Raising Redemption RA RussellMargaret Tillman’s life changed when someone decided to take away her dignity use her for his own pleasure and threaten her family if she ever revealed the truth behind her rape Not allowing herself to be downtrodden and never looking back she created a life for herself and her son that would make her family proud But Margaret’s mother did not throw her to the wind She knew right away when she arrived home late one afternoon that something was wrong Taking her daughter in her arms somehow she knew it would be okay that was in 1930 and the story continues 45 years later when we meet AliciaAlicia Tillman is about to enter Radcliffe in the fall but something would change that forever Her father a well known and renowned oral surgeon proud of his daughter’s accomplishments would soon brandish or exhibit an ostentatious or aggressive manner or behavior when he learns the truth about what she did Warning her to stay away from one particular young man Alicia could not resist finding out why Teens often rebel and go off headstrong and find themselves the brunt of their own mistakes as does Alicia Learning she was pregnant would not be the worst thing that happened Telling her mother would reveal than just the truth unleash her wrath and find herself face to face with Mama Tillman or Margaret her grandmother as a family secret is revealed that would change all of their lives forever One mistake in judgment would cost her the family she cherishes the child she has conceived and the home she lived in Raising Redemption a story of an African American Family whose secrets go back even further than what happened to Margaret and whose fate has been intertwined for too long with one family that feels they are above the law When a young African American girl finds herself pregnant from a white man what about this young man and who is he that sets off a chain of events so devastating and so heartbreaking that Alicia’s life will no longer be the same Expectations we all have them Some live up to what others expect of them and others tend to disappoint When Alicia feels that her one mistake took away the respect and dignity provided to her by her family she makes a bold and brash decision to leave home and start out on her own Finding her way to another city hiding her true identity she comes face to face with some harsh realities that most 17 year olds in her position would never encounter But luck was on her side and after many disappointments needing somewhere to live with the help of one young girl she finds her way to Mother Lil Mother Lil runs an escort service but takes him young girls in need of a home Her rules are strictly adhered to her kindness is real her loyalty beyond bounds and her work ethic without compromise Mother Lil took in Alicia agreed to pay her medical expenses give her a job in the kitchen and then teach her what ropes of her business after her child is born With the friendship of so many young women and the guidance of one woman would Alicia find her way bring about her own successes and finally realize it was time to go home? Mistakes we all make them but some are harder to deal with than others Not realizing that her family would gladly take her back with open arms she refrains from making any contact with them not wanting to face them until she was sure she was no longer what she considered a failure and then hopefully it would not be too late But her father’s actions when invading the home of the young man who is the father or her child might cost the family even than Alicia Alicia becomes closer to Mother Lil and finally gets her first degree from Stanford along with her friend Lucy who is going to take over her father’s banking business in Hong Kong With another friend filtering information to her parents and the escort service keeping her funds fluent Alicia proves to be than just one of the girls to Mother Lil Learning about Lil’s past understanding her love for Alicia and what finally happens will endear you to this special woman Many would look upon her and scorn yet others who would look closer would realize that in no way did she force anything on these young women encourage them to do anything they did not want to do and inflict anything than her rules to keep them safe When Alicia has a date that gets out of hand you begin to see a change in her and realize that she is no longer that timid young girl that left home Finding her way making herself proud and worthy of the Tillman Freedom Tea Pot was her goal But that would come in time What happens when her father learns the truth about her? Which one of her parents jumps to the wrong conclusion? What happens when Mother Lil passes away and everything is left to Alicia? What about her education and what doctoral program is she trying to complete? Wait until you learn about her understanding of the stock market her goal to help the girls living in Mother Lil’s make some money and what she plans for her future Alicia’s goal for Mother Lil’s is to provide financial support for anyone of the girls that wants to go back to school and get a college degree Her goal for her dissertation uite interesting dealing with economics her father’s philosophy of second generation and how parents often enable them and need to encourage them to earn their degrees and work for what they want on their own is uite important In other words her father addressed parents who have children and do not take responsibility for their upbringing There is much to Alicia’s thoughts presented in Chapter 10 But let’s not forget the son she gave up and her desire to connect with him Alexi is ten and a fantastic skier and wants to become an instructor His adoptive mother passed away and his adoptive father has always presented a cold front and been distant As you get to know this young man you cannot help but admire him and wish that Joe his father would somehow realize how lucky he is to have such a great son But only time will tell and Alicia hopes that someday he will learn the truth Using past connections Alicia is able to establish a foundation to provide funds for the education of the girls Families are torn apart and Alicia cannot seem to connect with hers Her brother a doctor her family still shunning her A doctorate a new friend and her life on the right track and yet Alicia seems discontent An accident would bring many things to light as Alexi is seriously injured needs uite a bit or rehabilitation and with the help of so many that care he just might walk again with Alicia’s help his will to ski again and maybe a small miracle The author’s research into skiing economics finances and the world market are uite extensive adding substance to this outstanding plotLucy has gained her respect and her place in her family Alicia still has far to go Although a success and having possibly found her perfect partner what the future holds remains to be seen Family secrets distance betrayals lies and deceit plague the Tillman family No one is willing to yield No one is willing to forgive Why? To get the future you need to let go of the past When Alexi’s injuries are diagnosed Alicia never expects to reunite with the one person in her family who means to the most to her Families fall apart one young man’s fate hangs in the balance and the support from friends staff and unknown to him Alicia is uite compelling One young man who won’t give up and whose loyalty to his friends is than just admirable and whose father just might learn a long and hard lesson after all is said and done Forgiveness believing in yourself letting go of the fear hate and unhappiness can Joe do it after grieving Todd for so long? Can Sandra forgive Alicia and herself for what she has done to separate her family? What about Benton and Mama Tillman? Will the love of God help them to heal? What about Alicia? Will she ever realize that she does not need to redeem herself any? The silence that takes place within a family can be deafening if someone does not decide to speak Everyone makes mistakes and most people learn from them and move on Alicia and Alexi both have to come to terms with their pasts their present as Alexi needs to find a common ground between him and Joe while Alicia needs to decide if she will ever tell Alexi the truth “When you consciously hold yourself accountable for faults and redeem yourself with dignity you may be less likely to make the same mistake again and ultimately create better life Karma” You need to take ownership of your mistakes transgressions and forgive yourself before you are truly redeemed As Alicia and Alexi decide whether they will ever become than two strangers meeting at a ski resort Joe has to face his own demons and decide if he can make it up to his son When Alexi returns to the slopes the true test of his character stamina and faith in himself will decide if he can meet the challenges When other truths finally come out just how will this interface with Alicia’s past? Will her family ever realize the lengths she went to in order to find her way gain her own respect and help so many others? An ending that will touch your heart and a family that will truly help you understand what happens when a misunderstanding causes a rift that spans too many years and one woman hopes to find her way back to regaining the trust respect and dignity and one special silver tea pot of freedom “ The beauty of life is connected with struggle” Will the Tillman’s over come that “dangerous cliffs and deep gorges or will they become even larger? Read Raising Redemption and find out the true meaning of what forgiveness dignity and respect really means Author RA Russell has penned a powerful novel; powerful story and one that will help readers understand the power of words love and family Fran Lewis reviewer LET’s GIVE THIS BOOK FIVE GOLDEN SKI POLES AND ONE SPECIAL SILVER TEA POT OF FREEDOM

  2. Carole Bliss Carole Bliss says:

    This is a five star book It involves several generations of one family and their life choices Some good choices and some not so good choices with severe conseuences I found myself caught up in the character of Alicia Tilman What would she do to right a wrong? How strong was she? Would she prevail? I could not put the novel down I highly recommend this as a good read

  3. Mill City Press Mill City Press says:

    RA Russell's Raising Redemption is about Alicia Tilman an independent minded woman who could not help but protect every life but her own A story of strength hardships and triumphs Raising Redemption is not one to miss

  4. Kasey Cocoa Kasey Cocoa says:

    Well worth the read even if it's not your typical genre to pick up Very well written as it draws you into the story while warming the heart Parts are uite thought provoking The characters feel very real well fleshed out A real page turner with a plot that pulls you in and keeps you reading to the last page

  5. Jason Lewis Jason Lewis says:

    I rarely write reviews for books stories and novels that I enjoy I usually just rate it and keep it moving on to my next read I started this book and uickly became engaged in the characters and story as I worked my way through the Tillman clan's ordeal First I have to note here that there were parts in this novel I found a little overwritten andor under edited and some of the conversations between characters felt a little inauthentic or better yet unnecessary With that being said Alicia's journey grabbed me and wouldn't let me go until the very end A very worthy first offering and a really good read

  6. Janice Ross Janice Ross says:

    Raising Redemption was a fascinating read layered with much meat and sustenance The story opened with a strong prologue that set the pace for what some might call the Tilman curse My emotions were immediately yanked as I was unprepared for what was to follow Mother Tilman the heart and soul of the family was victim to the same crime that was committed against her mother Instead of taking that crime and using it as a clutch for self pity she decided to turn hatred and shame into strength and determination Mother Tilman was a clear example of devotional parenting having raised her only child Benton to be a productive and successful man with a rather remarkable familySuddenly the unthinkable happens in this perfect family Benton his wife Sandra daughter Alicia and son Benny Junior are thrown from perfection Things shake up secrets become revealed and tough choices are made Sometimes parents want to badly to protect their kids to avoid those dirty little secrets that are just too embarrassing to share So rather than try to make amends they become defensive or even sever the things that threaten the family code of honor Raising Redemption addresses the issues that can haunt a family and tear it apart As I read through this remarkable work I was pleased with how Mr Russell developed the plot and characters I laughed cried and eagerly awaited for resolution and happiness even though it was to be years awayI cheered for the character of Alicia Benton as she was just a youngster when she left home Pregnant nearly penniless and alone Alicia was determined to prove herself worthy once in the sight of her parents Although she had strayed from the path that they had set out for her Alicia was able to find redemption I am not one to give spoilers so I will not give much details I must add that this title is for anyone that looks for inspiration in writing Highly recommended read

  7. Meg - A Bookish Affair Meg - A Bookish Affair says:

    35 stars Raising Redemption is the story of four generations of the Tilman family told over about 30 years Each generation of the family has had to deal with some hardship in the past When the book opens teenaged Alicia Tilman finds out that she's pregnant so she runs away which sets off a chain of events that make up the story arc of this book This book is a fascinating look at families and how love often overcomes all of the bad things in lifeAlicia really becomes the main character in this book and I really liked following her story She's very bright but when she gets pregnant as a teen she has a much harder road to follow I love strong smart characters and that's exactly what you get with Alicia In this book she has a lot of really huge life altering decisions to make and each one seems to lead her on to a new path Because the book follows Alicia for such a long time you really do feel like you get to know her through her leaving VA for the West Coast giving up her child and finding a new career path You also get to see how she changes and grows You're definitely pulling for her throughout the bookThe writing in the book was okay There was a lot of telling rather than showing in this book I like to be able to come to conclusions myself as it engages me a little bit with the book but in so many places in this book every single thought a character had was said rather than shown and the book really got bogged down in all of this That being said overall the story telling was great

  8. Sezoni Sezoni says:

    R A Russell’s writing style is very direct warm and inclusive and why I gravitated toward this story She created an environment that if readers enjoyed her writing style they would also enjoy the story Russell writes a remarkable story about a young girl with drive and enthusiasm to exceed Alicia Tillman is much like many teenagers who have moments of rebellion But her recklessness teaches her a lesson she won’t soon forget She gets a heaping dose of what being a parent means and making sacrifices and some that may include putting her dreams on hold for awhile or giving them up altogetherThe you read Raising Redemption the dramatic the story gets It gets real when Alicia has to tell her mother and grandmother that she’s pregnant and who the father is Then there is that jaw dropping moment when Alicia’s grandmother tells her a little history behind the baby’s father familyLuckily for Alicia she comes from an affluent and supportive family Her parents always had high expectations of her but now she suffers with embarrassment and fear of letting them down Nevertheless Alicia is a smart young girl and her missteps don’t stop her from being the best she could be in whatever she does Alicia redeems herself by reframing her problems and turning them into opportunitiesThe story is gripping and when I read books like this I keep turning pages until I’m done I take the book everywhere I go I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy this read

  9. OOSA OOSA says:

    Sometimes Hidden Secrets Have Lasting EffectsThe Tillman family matriarch Mother Tillman along with her son and daughter in law have harbored a secret for years But when events beyond their control surface there are lasting conseuences that will alter the lives of the entire family Raising Redemption by RA Russell was one of those novels that you read and don't want to put down You will read into the night just to see the outcome I really enjoyed the novel My only complaint was the skiing scenes They were a little too detailed and took up a lot of the novel but I understood the need to establish Alexi's part in the storyRaising Redemption was a very well written thought provoking novel There was great character development with all of the characters He outlined the time frame very well and I found the story line refreshing A great story of love lost restoration and a renewed hopeI would highly recommend this novel Although uite long it will keep you engaged until the last page Reviewed by Lisa M45 stars

  10. Loretta Johnson Loretta Johnson says:

    Wonderful inspirational storyThe author has crafted a wonderful original story of a family matriarch and the legacy she leaves her family Even with all the adversary each family member struggles through they find their way back home and share a family bond that stretches beyond their blood ties but to others as well A wonderful lesson in humility compassion an unconditional love

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Raising Redemption [BOOKS] ⚣ Raising Redemption Author R.A. Russell – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk For Alicia Tilman a seventeen year old girl on her way to Radcliffe meeting her parents' expectations means everything But when Dickey Samson comes around Alicia defies her father's longstanding rule For Alicia Tilman a seventeen year old girl on her way to Radcliffe meeting her parents' expectations means everything But when Dickey Samson comes around Alicia defies her father's longstanding rule that she stay away from the boy and is unprepared for the conseuences that rain down upon her a baby a near shooting estrangement Learning the dark family secret behind her father's warning Alicia leaves her home in Chesapeake Virginia and heads for San Francisco Alone pregnant and homeless Alicia makes a decision that will alter her relationship with her family foreverChronicling the hardships and triumphs of four generations Raising Redemption is a sweeping tribute to the salvation we can only find from within.

  • Paperback
  • 526 pages
  • Raising Redemption
  • R.A. Russell
  • English
  • 02 October 2015
  • 9781626520141

About the Author: R.A. Russell

R A Russell is a practicing business law attorney in Los Angeles and holds degrees from Claremont McKenna College and Harvard Law School Raising Redemption is Russell’s debut novel.