Wingspan ePUB å Paperback

Wingspan ePUB å Paperback

Wingspan ➺ Wingspan Free ➰ Author Karis Walsh – When architect Kendall Pearson finds an injured osprey on her property she expects to simply drop it off at a local wild bird rehabilitation center and be done with it uick and painless like every oth When architect Kendall Pearson finds an injured osprey on her property she expects to simply drop it off at a local wild bird rehabilitation center and be done with it uick and painless like every other relationship she has But wildlife biologist Bailey Chase has other plans for Ken First as surgical assistant and second as the designer for her new raptor sanctuaryBailey protects her privacy with the vigilance of a hawk hiding in her rescue center where she has complete control over her life and her work Isolated on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula she’s surrounded by natural beauty and plenty of solitude Until sexy Ken Pearson walks in with a wounded bird and Bailey finds her life has been invaded by than just an extra beak to feedSometimes pain is invisible and only love can soar over protective barriers and heal a wounded heart.

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  1. Lex Kent Lex Kent says:

    This might not be everyone's cup of tea For me this was a well written enjoyable read Something about the way Walsh writes really appeals to me Now I must admit this is not an exciting book If the writing wasn't so good and the characters jobs interesting I might have found it boringThis story deals with 2 MC's that have emotional issues steaming from their childhood This makes both characters build up a wall that doesn't want to let anyone in It made the romance extremely slow to develop You really have to read almost to the end of the book to figure out if these characters even have a chance together I can enjoy a slow burn romance but this was a snails pace But it still didn't stop me from liking this book I don't know if was learning about saving wild birds or architecture or maybe the characters who even with their flaws were still likeable I just still enjoyed this bookI don't know that I can give this a wide spread recommendation to all romance fans The slow pace might not appeal to everyone But for those who don't mind that and enjoy how Walsh writes you might enjoy this as much as I did

  2. M M says:

    This story is very much a slow burn with two very emotionally damaged people finding the strength to come together and find both themselves and each otherThe book is not without it's fails but the two main characters are so well realized that I was able to overlook the exposition when dropped inRefreshing change in a genre abounding with main characters that are for all intents and purposes heroic Demi gods of lesbian perfection

  3. Anja Anja says:

    I know a lot about birds now ; I expected something else becuase I read Karis Walsh other books and they were awesome This one was okay but for my taste it was too much blabla and the relationship between the two main character well you really didn't get a strong sense of the connection between the two of them They were likeable and the story was okay but that's it

  4. Lexxi Kitty Lexxi Kitty says:

    In a detached distant kind of way both of the women who are the main characters and main points of view are full formed and likable by me In a closer view of the situation both seem to have the building blocks to be fully formed characters but both are still somewhat fuzzy Don't ask me what I mean I don't really knowTwo women had somewhat unfortunate 'growing up years'; one decided to embrace life on the fringe on the outside and put her desires trust faith into the avian kind this isn't a fantasy book I mean that she likes birds not that she is romantically interested in intelligent bipeds that have the look and ability to fly; while the other saw what happened what was happening what would likely happen if she allowed herself to be on the fringe to express herself to live life as herself so she went deep into conformity In clothing in occupation going for the cookie cutter career instead of taking a risk on allowing her imagination to fly free in relationships going for the sophisticated city dweller type who always is well groomed drives a fancy car and can acknowledge the view from a rural area but would rather visit it than live in it and in other ways Bailey Chase is the avian loner one though instead of living free in the woods with nature she got educated to be able to be a veterinarian and built an avian rescuerehap place A place people bring eagles with injured wings so the eagle could be saved and released back to the wild Also other birds Like ospreys Kendall Pearson is the one hiding in a beige life Though cracks occasionally form in the walls hiding her inner geeky rebel and risky things she wouldn't normally do occur Like buying an old classic corvette or an acre of land in a wild rural area that would reuire a very long commute by car and ferry to her job Mostly though she lives a bland beige life Until her acuisition of land her impulsive acuisition lead her to find an injured osprey on her land Which lead her to attempt to save the bird Which lead her to finding herself outside Bailey's place with an osprey in a boxThe two Ken and Bailey not the osprey and Ken circle each other somewhat distantly somewhat close somewhat desiring the other but 'knowing' they can't have the other Bailey is too delicate and fragile where Ken got that initial idea eludes me and definitely not beige or bland too unsophisticated city slicker for Ken's desires to blend in and hide in conformity overlooking the part where a sophisticated city dweller type the kind overly conscious of 'looking good' and 'hair always in place' would stand out a mile in a rural area where Ken desires to live While Ken I didn't actually get Bailey's 'can't touch her' reason other than repeating thirteen dozen times that 'she's going to leave' and therefore something somethingCan they break down the walls both have built? Well this is a romance book so There was sex Don't ask me how graphic it was I kind of lightly skimmed it than anything else I didn't particularly want to read sexually explicit stuff right then and there so shrugs Rating 33November 20 2017

  5. Tara Tara says:

    I wanted to love this book so much I really liked the premise and I've enjoyed other books by this author but this one really didn't work for me and I almost put it down several timesThe pacing was kind of off and I was surprised that there was as much or time spent on the opening breakup scene as there was showing the main couple in a relationship I would have liked to see of Ken and Bailey actually together seen how they were both changed by their relationship rather than just be told that they were Ken's views about needing a lifestyle of conformity were so deeply rooted that I found it a little hard to believe that she just flipped a switch no matter how irritated I was by her unwillingness to bend earlier in the bookThere was also way too much about bird carerehabilitation for me and I found myself freuently skimming to get to the next bit with people actually talking to each other I'll still give books by this author a chance Harmony and Improvisation were both wonderful and books I'll definitely reread I just didn't care for this one Maybe read it if you like really slow paced romances

  6. Ayse Ayse says:

    I really disliked this book from the use of the shortened therefore male name to the fact that the sex is almost the last thing that happens to the really late reveal about the story of Steve Everything about this book bugged me I didn't connect to any of the characters and didn't really care for the story By the end I was just reading to finish and even glossed over the one sex scene that was there The interactions between the main protagonists were flat and uninteresting Everyone around them is bending over backwards to give them money and secure jobs and though both do everything they can to prevent it other people insist on it totally unrealistic and idiotic And I know that this story would go nowhere romance wise if both weren't into women but there was never any discussion between them about their potential attraction I've been out for nearly 20 years and I rarely assume that a woman I have just met in a context other than a ueer event or bar would be a potential romantic partner There was not even an ounce of hesitation about that aspect making this really a hetero story with female names Pass

  7. Velvet Lounger Velvet Lounger says:

    Ken is an architect She builds boxes with carefully crafted bland detail on tract housing She lives a carefully crafted life; smart unremarkable clothes unemotional relationships uninvolved job But flashes of rebellion emerge like her restored ’56 Corvette and the purchase of an acre of land on the remote Olympic Peninsula When she finds and injured bird and delivers it to raptor specialist Dr Bailey Chase Ken opens the door to change she neither expects or wantsBailey has her own issues Emotionally and physically withdrawn after a difficult childhood she shields herself and her bird sanctuary from the outside world Hiding behind the need to give her raptors protection she resists change as much as she resists intrusionThe two women are bound to clash as they bristle with defenses But are either of them prepared to change Prepared to start really living? As with All Karis Walsh’s wonderful books the characters are the story Multifaceted layered and beautifully drawn Ken and Bailey hold our attention from the start Their clashes their attraction and the personal and shared development are what draw us in and hold usThe surrounding scenery the wild rugged landscape and the birds at the center of the story are exuisitely drawn The life of an obsessed animal rescue vet shows us in loving detail the raptors and the care and attention needed to save them We are given an insight into the pain and joy of rehabilitating wild birdsKen and Baileys history is explored in a slow book long reveal The back history fills in their characters while explaining their behaviours and deepening our understanding of how and why they have become the women we are shown Each has a difficult youth One a sensitive soul whose emotionally distant parents left the child scared and scarred of emotion the other the edgy warrior whose inability to save her friends from bullying has left her unable to risk real connections and scared of revealing her creative natureThe pace is gentle the writing is beautifully crafted and the story a wonderful exploration of how childhood events can shape our lives The challenge is to outgrow the childhood fears and find freedom from our fears Karis Walsh’s latest book follows on from her earlier successes and adds to a growing shelf of books I will always be happy to re read

  8. Fin Fin says:

    So this is the second book by this author that I've readI thinkIt's possible this is the second time I've read the same bookAnd that's the problemThis is essentially the same story and essentially the same characters as The Sea Glass Inn and I'm starting to suspect this author writes the same story with the same characters over and over again I could live with that though except for one glaring problem that is just unacceptableThis book is nothing that internal dialogue First it's Ken going over in her mind how disinterested she is in everything about like on EVERY SINGLE PAGEThen the POV shifts to Bailey for internal dialogueThen back to KenThen BaileyUgh enough already You have Ken who might find something interesting and worth doing until she reminds herself that she hates lifeThen Bailey has all these interesting people to hang out withuntil she reminds herself she wants to be left aloneThen they each get a whole paragraph where they miraculously heal and live happily ever afterMeh15 stars at best This book is readable It's all it has going for itOh and Kendall isn't an aeronautical engineer like it says in the blurb she's an architect Which pretty much drives home the point of this review It really doesn't matter if the publisher gets the main character's occupation right or not

  9. Tiff Tiff says:

    I really enjoy Karis Walsh's work She writes wonderful novels that have interesting characters who aren't perfect but they are likable This book pulls you into the story right from the beginning The setting is the beautiful Olympic Peninsula and you can't help but want to go there as you read WingspanThe book follows Ken an architect who is wonderfully talented but suppresses all of her uniueness to fit in and not be noticed Our other main character is the uirky wild bird rescuer Bailey The two mains meet up by chance when Ken rescues an Osprey with a broken wing and takes it to Bailey's center to be fixed Both women find each other very attractive right from their initial meeting but both come with a lot of baggage so they deny the attractionThe beginning or the book is very engaging I was hooked I adored Bailey and all of her goofiness Ken was not my favorite It took almost the entire book to find out where her hangups were coming from The middle of the book got bogged down in my opinion not enough romance and to many details about buildings and birds The ending came to fast and I felt disappointed I felt like we needed another 1000 words to really make this a great book

  10. Ty Ty says:

    35 stars maybe? I would have liked this because I liked both the character and the premise But I had two fundamental problems as I was reading One the author withheld her main character's demons from the reader a bit too long There's always a fine line when withholding something from your audience It either engages the reader because they want to know or it frustrates the reader because they feel the story is stagnating without the information This book fell just over the wrong side of that line for me My second issue is that it was a bit too introspective The relationship between these two women happened inside their heads than it did within their interactions which made the story lack authenticity for me I still really like this author though

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