Stevie Girl and the Phantom Pilot ePUB ↠ and the

Stevie Girl and the Phantom Pilot ePUB ↠ and the

Stevie Girl and the Phantom Pilot [PDF] ✅ Stevie Girl and the Phantom Pilot By Ann Swann – When a small plane crashes behind Jase's house he finds himself being haunted by the ghost of the pilot The phantom pilot even seems to have some strange attachment to Jase's rescued dog Lady Jase doe When a small plane crashes behind and the PDF ↠ Jase's house he finds himself being haunted by the ghost of the pilot The phantom pilot even seems to have some strange attachment to Stevie Girl PDF or Jase's rescued dog Lady Jase doesn't know where to turn until he sees a girl named Stevie entering the local haunted house alone He believes she is the only one who Girl and the PDF ☆ may be brave enough to help him But will they be able to communicate with the pilot to find out what he wants Or will Jase remain haunted for the rest of his life.

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  1. Ann Swann Ann Swann says:

    Excellent of course But I could be considered biased since I wrote it Seriously it is a good read for anyone from ten years old to 100 years old

  2. Sandy Wolters Sandy Wolters says:

    Book The Phantom PilotAuthor Ann SwannGenre YA ParanormalLength NovellaA trip back in timeThis is the second book I've read by ANN SWANN and I'm a huge fan Ms Swann has the ability to catapult the reader back in time and make us feel as though our somewhat older brains are working on a 12 year old level again This is not an easy task but she does it with such ease and finesse and beautifully descriptive writing that it's easy for the reader to get lost in her stories I've had such fun reading her short story CHEMS and this novella THE PHANTOM PILOT I've found that while reading her work I can close my eyes and picture the town and feel the era again that she has described so divinely Twelve year old Stevie needs a friend Her classmate Jase needs a friend that he can talk to without being judged Jase gathers the courage to share a story he's written The Shepherd with Stevie about paranormal events that has happened to him They come together and between the two of them help three trapped and mourning ghosts move on This is a truly touching story and I'm really excited to tell you that by the ending it sounds as though Ms Swann has left room for a seuel I sure hope so I'd love to read about these kids and the circumstances they find themselves in I highly recommend this book for anyone that enjoys a good ghost story While this is a YA novella this book is good for any age group By taking us back in time Ms Swann has the ability to flawlessly pull even us older kids into the story

  3. Deanna Lynn Sletten Deanna Lynn Sletten says:

    Two twelve year old kids are on a hunt to solve a mystery why is a ghost pilot haunting young Jase? The story follows Jase and Stevie a girl as they try to unravel the mysterious haunting of Jase's farmhouse by the man whose plane crashed in his parent's field Soon the kids begin to learn a few secrets that have been uiet for years Although this book is geared toward kidsYA I enjoyed it immensely I think anyone no matter what their age would enjoy this story The author writes beautifully and unfurls a story with the greatest of ease Expertly written intriguing story with characters that are as real as you or me Love it Can't wait to read from this author

  4. Katy Katy says:

    I don't normally read ghost stories but this one sucked me in from the first paragraph and kept me eagerly turning pages all the way through to the satisfying ending The characters are so well drawn you feel as if you've made some new friends the plot is engaging from beginning to end and the writing is rich in details and seamless in executionThe Phantom Pilot will appeal to both children and adults especially those of us who grew up in the sixties Reading this book made me feel as if I'd stepped back into my childhood and had an adventure with two very likeable young people The ending hints at adventures with Stevie and Jase I can't wait

  5. Julie Julie says:

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A fantastic ghost story for young and oldAnn Swann did a great job with this short ghost story All ages from middle schoolers to senior citizens wii love it The characters are well fleshed out and Ms Swann did a suburb job recreating the 60’s time period While it’s technically a short story an amazing amount of information is packed in those few pages plus a few ghosts I was hooked from the first page to the last one I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this series This is a cute p relaxing clean read and I highly recommend this for all ages Kudos to the Ann Swann Grab it today

  6. Julia Simpson-Urrutia Julia Simpson-Urrutia says:

    Ann Swann has started a marvelous series here of a girl who with her friend Jase helps ghosts of the departed tie up their business on earth I thought starting out right in front of a haunted house was a perfect beginning Love the characters If I had grandchildren I would be recommending this story to them but since a part of me never grew up I enjoyed the scary story for little ole me alone

  7. Caron Caron says:

    GoodThis is a good book for younger teens or older kids who like scary stories Definitely a good read for classes

  8. Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws says:

    After losing both her parents and grandmother 12 year old Stevie lives with her ‘Gramps’ To have something to write to her best friend who recently moved away Stevie decides to venture into the haunted Taylor house That’s when she ‘stumbles’ across the cute boy from her class Jase Jase sees Stevie walking into the Taylor house alone and follows her He feels that Stevie was ‘very brave’ and asks her for help Ever since a small plane had crashed into Jase’s backyard he had been haunted by the ghost of the pilot Jase Stevie together with Billy Bob works toward finding out what the Phantom Pilot wants Why does he keep haunting Jase? Why does Lady Jase’s Shepard always disappear with the Phantom? And why is Stevie attacked by the ghost when he never hurts Jase?The plot is set in the sixties and the author has done a beautiful job in setting the backdrop of the story The characters of Jase Stevie and Billy are lively They are average 12 year olds – sometimes being the kids that they really are and sometimes being matured than their age The supporting characters of ‘Gramps’ and ‘MrPearcy’ also adds something to the novel highlighting the author’s capability of painting her characters beautifullyThough overall I loved the story I thought a few things didn’t really fit in Some things like the ‘jelly rain’ or Mr Pearcy’s response towards the end were like the dull spots in a really bright painting However since this is a fast paced Novella length story it’s a good read for your tea break or would make a great bed time story too

  9. Two Nerds With Words Two Nerds With Words says:

    What a brilliant story I loved this and so did my daughter It's only approximately 87 pages long but there was so much in it that I didn't want it to end It was like a step back in time and even one of my favorite bands Creedence Clearwater Revival got a mention which made my day The Phantom Pilot is a ghost story set in the sixties and the heroine Stevie who's 12 and her new found friend Jase and his faithful dog Lady try and find out why the phantom pilot keeps returning to the same place each night? What does he want and can they help him? This story is atmospheric and uite emotional with references to the Vietnam war its effect on the families left behind and the loss of loved ones and how the youngsters deal with it The characters are very well written and believable and you feel for them and the things they have gone through This book is definitely one for all ages and Ms Swann leaves it open to the possibility of their being a seuel trilogy uadrilogy who knows These characters and their relationships have the potential to be than a short story It leaves open the uestion of Stevie's ghostly story Could their be a romance between them as they get older? Do Stevie and Jase end up together as adults? I would really love to know I hope Ms Swann will answer these uestions as I am extremely nosey I highly recommend this book as it is very well written a little cracker Well done Ms Swann I give this little gem 5 stars so go on go buy it now ;Written by Kay G for Bex 'n' Books

  10. Nancy Silk Nancy Silk says:

    Sometimes Ghosts Need HelpThis is a young adult story which I enjoyed very much even if I'm not young any This story takes place in the late 1960s when the Beatles sweep Americans away with their engrossing music Jason Lee lives in the country where years ago a small plane crashed behind his home In his school class is Stevie girl who is 12 years old wears pigtails ragged denims and considers herself a tomboy Though being in the same class as Jase they are not friends yet Stevie likes adventures and she is going to challenge her fears by opening the door to the known empty haunted house the old Taylor place She's scared but after seeing some ghost movies and reading scary books she is determined to open that door and go up the stairs When she starts climbing the inside stairs she notices something scary on the upper level She loses her cool and races down the stairs and screams at the shadow standing in front of her She runs smack dab into Jase and from here they have uite the adventure of solving the ghostly visions which Jase has seen in his own house He never goes anywhere with out his dog Lady a well mannered German shepherd By adding Billy Bob another boy from class they work as a team to solve the mysteries of Jase's ghosts and the old Taylor place This is a fun story to read by young teens It's very well written easy to read and it's positively exciting Highly recommend even for a casual read for avid adult readers

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