Burial PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Burial PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Burial [Epub] ➝ Burial ➞ Claire Donato – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Fiction Set in the mind of a narrator who is grieving the loss of her father who conflates her hotel room with the morgue and who encounters characters that may not exist BURIAL is a little novel abou Fiction Set in the mind of a narrator who is grieving the loss of her father who conflates her hotel room with the morgue and who encounters characters that may not exist Burial is a little novel about an immeasurable black hole Like a st century Lispector Donato grapples with ontology and trades plot for ambience; the result is an elegy in prose at once lyrical and intelligent with no small amount of rot and vomit and ghostsClaire Donato's patient immersive meditation on death and mourning designed in precise urn like prose Burial fledges itself with the poise of Woolf or Loy or Carson; a kind of humming marbled elegy for the as yet extant alive and like finding a real river in a dictionary Blake ButlerIn her captivating book Donato follows grief logic into a space of defamiliarization speaking of death television rooms love nouns and voices as if confronting them for the first time The language loops stepping back to move forward always circling a mind aware of its movements It's a gorgeous fugue an unforgettable progression a telling I cannot shake Heather ChristleBurial is a full and vibrant illustration of the restless turns of a mind undergoing trauma Language here serves both as escape and as a threat at once suspect and yet the only consolation In Burial Donato makes and unmakes the world with words and what is left shimmers with pain and delight Brian EvensonBurial's narrator dislocates familiar language in order to present a view of the self from outside the self Claire Donato's assured and poetic debut augurs a promising career Benjamin Moser.

9 thoughts on “Burial

  1. Nate D Nate D says:

    Every word and interlinked sentence of this prose poetry? essay? internal narrative? shimmers with intensity and originality Donato's voice and thought constructions drift and shift so fluidly that you may expect this to fall apart or lose meaning at any moment but the highwire act succeeds beautifully and with never a misstep Grief and loss and a deathly limbo state stillness captured in exuisite motion by an active mind

  2. Daniel Quinn Daniel Quinn says:

    The uestion is how does the heart make its own grave?

  3. Tracy Tracy says:

    Claire Donato manipulates language and logic in a poetic representation of the mind in griefTo wave goodbye one moves one's hand to and fro signaling polite wishes at the end of a conversation An exchange of spoken ideas is only on instance of communication; one may signal good wishes to bodies both dead and alive 42It's nearly impossible to verbalize grief The staggering shifts in association in Donato's book starts to close the gap The book lives in the compressed space of words and memory where one cannot breathe minty freshness does not cover the sorrow

  4. Brooks Brooks says:

    Sadness leaves the body dumb Again the mind turns toward itself one lukewarm rupture of protuberance devolves the back of the head and the brain expands implodes and then refills with helium which turns memory grey grey as the overcast sky or a handful of ash and the hand the disembodied hand is severed at its wrist

  5. Helen McClory Helen McClory says:

    A complex essay like fiction on a traumatic death on the interiors of morgues and the timbre of corpses and lakes and voices Rewarding reading but make a space around yourself for this to devote full attention to the winding reverberating prose

  6. anon anon says:

    creative engagement with Burial

  7. Karissa Karissa says:

    I haven't read this yet but I totally will because Claire is the daughter of my french professor at Clarion University I'm surprised I actually found her book

  8. Shannon McGovern Shannon McGovern says:

    Beautiful and profound Donato handles grief in a way that is familiar but makes you wish it wasn't so familiar

  9. Natalie Raymond Natalie Raymond says:


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