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8 thoughts on “Son of a Itch (FBI SpyCatcher, #2)

  1. James Fant James Fant says:

    One week after JJ McCall killed Jake the double agent and love interest of her most dangerous adversary yet she jumps right back into the fray on three fronts threats on her life a listening device in the worst possible place and last but not least a dangerous love triangle that could jeopardize her careerLana Michaels is still at large and that poses a serious problem for JJ and the Bureau because she wants JJ dead in the worst way Then JJ’s task force makes a harrowing discovery that leads them on a trail of treachery within the White House All the while McCall must decide if she will pursue a relationship with her partner Tony Donato or be dissuaded by her natural ability to detect the lie that he’s telling her On the whole JJ McCall is in the midst of some risky business Or should I say itchy businessI thoroughly enjoyed SD Skye’s “SON OF A ITCH” In her first novel she took you on a roller coaster ride In this novel she threw you into a whirlwind Her knowledge of counterintelligence is outstanding; however she writes in such a way that the reader is never lost in the details The pacing is incredible And the twists? This is why I likened the novel to a whirlwind Skye carefully installed a twist in the end that was so magnificent; I had to read the section again The most interesting facet of the novel is JJ’s itching when she hears a lie The cool thing is the reader knows that a character is lying but doesn’t know initially what he or she is lying about That aspect adds a level of tension to the story that keeps the reader probing for Skye had me with the first novel She solidified that possession with the second I’m really looking forward to the third As a matter of fact I can’t wait

  2. Tiffany Reads Tiffany Reads says:

    I love a good spy movie but I will admit that I had never read a spy thriller until I picked up The Seven Year Itch by SD Skye It is the first book in the JJ McCall series and after reading it I knew I had to move on to Son Of A Itch Son Of A Itch picks up where the first one stops so I will make it clear that this is not a standaloneTo be uite frank JJ is a badass While reading these books a part of me couldn't stop thinking about Angelina Jolie's character Salt She is a strong heroine but has a serious thorn in her side in Lana must read the first book to understand her character and why she is a thorn The writing is meticulous I am not well versed in FBI speak but Skye has a writing style that while it is uite detailed it did not leave me feeling lostI am normally a romancechick lit kinda gal but I absolutely love reading these books by SD Skye They took me on a different kind of journey and into a world I will probably never experience on my own And to me the mark of an excellent book is when it transports you to another world and allows your mind to make its own movieDISCLAIMER I received a complimentary copy of The Son Of A Itch in exchange for an honest review

  3. James Blakley James Blakley says:

    Former FBI Intelligence analyst turned author SD Skye delivers a tremendously detailed but ultimately entertaining seuel to her debut novel The Seven Year Itch Son of an Itch is an authentic political thriller with nice touches of restrained romance and drama to ease the tension The story picks up with the escape of treasonous FBI agent Lana Michaels from prison Unlike her role in The Seven Year Itch Michaels loses her pretty girl sheen and adopts a gritty demeanor She feins meekness and vulnerability in order to worm her way into a position of strength and power the power to exact revenge against the woman who helped destroy her career and kill her lover That woman of course is the resilient FBI agent JJ McCall McCall's professsional life is on the rise since her debut as a faltering field agent Though her personal life takes a bit of a dive as a bubbly new competitor vies for the affections of lover and case partner Tony Donato McCall must concentrate on leading a crack team of intelligence agents dubbed Taskforce Phantom Hunter on a barely authorized search for suspected Russian illegals who are operating within perhaps the highest eschelons of The US Government All the while remaining watchful for the lurking Lana MichaelsSD Skye excels at presenting a large but well rounded cast of characters that the reader invests great interest in rooting for or against JJ McCall is still by far the most memorable She is mature confident and shrewd in a leadership role And her signature lie detection itch is present but pared to a few scenes thus removing much of the comedy the device originally conveyed McCall struggles with her off duty romantic feelings for Tony Donato and whether she really ever wanted to be an FBI agent But for much of the story this is thankfully prioritized McCall's former lover Six takes a backseat allowing JJ and Tony to share a few romantic scenes that are genuine and appreciated as stress relief rather than the romantic uarrel that dilluted the original novel's overall effectiveness This time Skye maintains a sharper focus on the overall plot to catch a dangerous escaped ex agent and her shifting network of co conspirators Coming in at 64 chapters and well over 300 pages Son of an Itch is a bit long Much of the politicking of FBI Director Freeman and Russian spymaster Aleksey Dmitriyev for example could have been trimmed And some of Lana Michaels's romantic entanglement seemed forcedNevertheless author Skye's years of FBI work lend unmistakable credibility to the setting and overall plot and propel Son of an Itch to 5 star status It is a first rate thrill ride through the Beltway from JJ McCall's steamy condo to the often icy core of US counterintelligence operations

  4. Wendy *Sebella Blue* Mitchell Wendy *Sebella Blue* Mitchell says:

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  5. Kristi Kristi says:

    I love this book The way SD Skye writes is so fascinating I could hardly put the book down I was caught in the characters lives

  6. Carol Carol says:

    Twisting and turning in a spy themeHuman emotions plague the characters as they investigate Russian dogs and American traitors Unresolved issues dangle in front of the reader

  7. OOSA OOSA says:

    TasksSvetlana Mikhaylova known through the bureau as Agent Lana Michaels has escaped custody Before she departs US soil she plans to avenge the death of her love Agent JJ McCall will also know what it is to suffer a crippling lossJJ McCall has been assigned her own Task Force Phantom Hunter Their agenda is simple identify members of a suspected Russian illegal network operating throughout the US Before they can begin they are already shut down While tracking Russian Intelligence Officers in hopes of stopping them from extracting Lana back to Moscow FBI agents come across Goose a Russian Signals Intelligence Officer acting suspiciously near the White House What JJ and the team learn is crucial to national securitySantino Castellano a mobster in the Donato family is far away from home He needs to make 25k so he can make amends While doing so he comes in to contact with his neighbor Katherine They've both experienced tragedy The two soon become beneficial friends SON OF A ITCH is book two in the JJ McCall series If book one THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH piued your curiosity into government spies and how the FBI works then SON OF A ITCH is going to further have you working trying to uncover the mole before the team doesI truly LOVE this series As the plot thickens and the characters fall into their places you can't help but feel as if you're actually apart of the task force Sadly I was very disappointed with the editing in this book This is a 5 star read that although I was fully engaged was trumped by the amount of errors It's my hopes that book 3 will be properly edited Reviewed by Crystal35

  8. C.M. Lance C.M. Lance says:

    This novel chronicles realistic spycounter spy scenarios that are probably going on right now in our country between Russia and the US We all know that Putin is a PutzThe suspense builds as the FBI task force JJ heads up tries to track down a deep cover mole before she escapes back to Russia If their job isn't tough enough high level politics and diplomacy continually threatens to throw them off track Additional tension comes from two testosterone laced and desirable fellow agents vying for JJ's attentionsA great book for fans of action packed espionage thrillers And the good news is it's part of a series

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Son of a Itch (FBI SpyCatcher, #2) ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Son of a Itch (FBI SpyCatcher, #2) By S.D. Skye ⚣ – THE MOLE HUNT CONTINUES WHEN RUSSIAN SPIES BREACH THE NERVE CENTER FOR US NATIONAL SECURITYOn the lam from the FBI the ICE PHANTOM continues with plans to defect to Moscow but not before seeking reven THE MOLE HUNT CONTINUES WHEN RUSSIAN SPIES BREACH THE NERVE CENTER FOR US NATIONAL SECURITYOn the lam from the FBI the ICE PHANTOM continues with plans to defect to Moscow but not before seeking revenge on JJ McCall Meanwhile the FBI Son of PDF or commences Task Force PHANTOM HUNTER a team ordered to track down suspected Russian illegals within the US Intelligence Community—and not a moment too soon An agent of the Russian Intelligence Services is targeting the nerve center of US national security taking the lie detecting FBI Agent and her cohorts’ next mole hunt to the highest echelons of the US governmentJJ and her co case agent lead the motley crew of spy catchers while she struggles to deal with sobriety conflicting feelings for Tony and Six and an egotistical Secret Service agent whose jurisdictional stonewalling complicates her every effort to identify the culprit before he gets away—with murderIf you enjoy this book you will love Book in the FBI SpyCatcher Series The Bigot List A JJ McCall Novel and Book The Shadow Syndicate.