Vikram and The Enchanted Seals PDF/EPUB à Vikram and

Vikram and The Enchanted Seals PDF/EPUB à Vikram and

Vikram and The Enchanted Seals ➳ [Reading] ➶ Vikram and The Enchanted Seals By Sanjiv Behera ➩ – Vikram an apathetic kid from California doesn’t want to be in India But a death in the family leaves him no other choice So he finds himself in a rural village at his ancestral home where he meets h Vikram an apathetic kid from California The Enchanted PDF/EPUB ã doesn’t want to be in India But a death in the family leaves him no other choice So he finds himself in a rural village at his ancestral home where he meets his imposing grandfather A special bond forms between them and the old man gives Vikram an enchanted seal – a mystical relic from India's earliest civilization It turns out that the seal is one of only a handful that combine to form the Dharma Cube the most powerful weapon against evil the world has ever seen Before Vikram Vikram and Epub / can fully grasp the seal's profound significance Grandpa is taken by Rakshasas – evil giants from the epic Ramayana – who are intent on destroying the Cube once and for all Vikram enlists the help of younger brother Jai and Manu the family’s loyal servant to search for Grandpa Their journey takes them through the various landscapes of India historical mythological artistic philosophical and natural Tension mounts when Vikram realizes that he alone must unlock the secrets of his seal and the Dharma Cube not just to rescue Grandpa but to save all of humanity.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 177 pages
  • Vikram and The Enchanted Seals
  • Sanjiv Behera
  • English
  • 08 November 2016

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  1. Mukta Mohapatra Mukta Mohapatra says:

    This is a young adult book loosely based around Hindu mythology Vikram visits India for the first time due to the death of his Grandmother While there he grows close to his Grandfather and learns that mythology can be based on real things He battles fierce creatures finds inner calm and learns that his ancestral country is a part of him

  2. Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja says:

    Review Vikram And The Enchanted Seals By Sanjiv Behera Adventure Ride ThroughoutThis is the second book I am reading from the same author Sanjiv Behera His earlier book was Azad A Flight Of Desi Fantasy That was much thinner and different from this book I am writing about Azad A Flight Of DesiFantasy had a collection of short stories whereas Vikram And The Enchanted Seals is a single story covered in 293 pages Though his earlier book was uite interesting but if we compare both the books the latter is much intrinsic intriguing and interestingVikram And The Enchanted Seals is a story about fight between the good and the bad good and evil right and wrong moral and immoral mankind and rakshasa; and inner strength and physical strength It is a tough fight probably happening within every human being Sometimes it takes longer for the good to conuer over the bad but finally it is always the good moral human right and inner strength that conuers over the bad immoral rakshasa wrong and the physical strengthVikram and his family Tandons are coming from the United Stated to meet Vikram’s grandfather to console him at the sudden demise of his wife Vikram’s grandfather lives in a remote village in India along with his another son daughter in law and a young servant whom he never treats like a servant Vikram is accompanied by his younger brother Jai who calls him Viks father and mother Although Vikram is not too happy and excited about this visit and leaving his home in California but anyhow he feels that Grandpa would be must be feeling badly the loss of his wife and to fill that emptiness it is important for the whole family to unite for a whileOn reaching Grandpa’s house Vikram meets Manu the young servant in the house but who is not treated as a servant Vikram after meeting his Grandpa after a long time feels a great respect for him after talking to him in the early morning hours the next day they reached thereSuraj Bagchi and his wife Shanti lost their son and daughter in law and are left with their only granddaughter Toral One fine morning Toral finds her grandparents missing from the house and decided to find them out on her own Vikram on the other hand finds his grandfather missing the next day in the early hours of next morning with no traces left Vikram Jai and Manu decide to check the whole village to find out Grandpa but in vain Finally they decide to go into the nearby jungles to continue their hunt for the Grandpa They got amazed to find out huge Rakshasas in the jungle and gradually came to know that their Grandpa is in their custody Same happens with Toral and the four youngsters decided to get their grandparents free from the King of RakshasasOverall Vikram And The Enchanted Seals is a very interesting read It is suitable for all kids of any age

  3. Nikki Nikki says:

    This is the first fantasy book that I won through a giveaway and as that is my favourite genre I was very happy with my win It's my first author signed book as well which was a nice touchVikram and the Enchanted Seals is a pretty solid middle grade fantasy It reminded me slightly of the Children of the Lamp series by PB Kerr though much less detailed and on a much smaller scaleI really think that this book is well written for average readers between the ages of 9 13 The plot is very fast paced so they won't become bored There aren't any long winded descriptions or focus on deeper concepts in fiction writing The settings plot and characters are all very basic and I think that most kids in that age range will appreciate that I would have liked detailed descriptions of the Indian mythology countryside wildlife and people but what was given was enough for the plot to move forward I think that India so rich in culture and mythology could have provided a really superb setting for a fantasy novel but with the plot being driven at breakneck speed the setting was left by the wayside a little bit However the descriptions that were included were generally really well done I remember being impressed a few times with how the author could describe something so perfectly in such few words It just could have been explored explained and developed a bit in my opinion But that being said it's a great opportunity to provide a little insight into Indian culture and myth that children might not get otherwise A highlight I should mention was the art that was included which was fantastically done and helped lessen the problem of the limited descriptions Often when I was having trouble visualizing a scene the art was there and made the scene pop that much Kudos to the artistThe ending and themelessons throughout the book were very good ones and I think that children will be able to relate to the story and Vikram pretty well All in all if you're looking for a middle grade fantasy story set somewhere new with monsters action and a fast paced plot I think that Vikram and the Enchanted Seals would be a great addition to your shelf

  4. Heidi Heidi says:

    I have to say that I've never read another book uite like this one That's one reason I like to read books set in or about other countries it allows me to learn about other places people and cultures I found myself uite enjoying this one While I wished for detail about the characters and especially about the setting the plot moved along nicely I found the writing to be decent once I got used to it although there were some strange word combinations I did not find these to slow the story down overly muchCharacterwise I found the Rakshasas a fascinating kind of monster I appreciated the fact that the author added some depth to them so that they didn't come across as completely evil or inept although some of them definitely were I did wish for depth in terms of Vikram his brother Jai Manu and Grandpa I did like the fact that Vikram does grow in the story from a relatively meek and submissive person into a confident decisive person But that is about the only real character development in the storySetting I enjoyed the setting the forest caves and especially the castle on the island but I did wish for detail to help me visualize it a bit The different settings did allow me to see the characters in various different settings with the characters behavior changing depending on where they werePlot Where this book shines is in the plot The book does not waste anytime in getting to the action which I think young readers will especially appreciate since they generally prefer a good plot to character development The plot does take some interesting twists and turns and I have to say that it wasn't predictable at least not to me A lot of times in this kind of story the hero has to save the world by himself I appreciated that here that wasn't the case Vikram does play a very key role but his friends and family help him do so Overall I'd say this book is a fascinating different kind of fantasy involving elements of Indian India folklore plus plenty of imagination I would recommend it to those who enjoy a fast paced story with lots of twists and turns not to mention great monsters

  5. Erik This Kid Reviews Books Erik This Kid Reviews Books says:

    BEWARE – The world may be destroyed by evil creatures known as Rakshasas Vikram didn’t want to be in India He had to go because his grandmother who he never met passed away and his family was going to her funeral One morning Vikram and his grandfather have a good talk and his grandfather trusts Vikram with a family heirloom a seal The next day Vikram’s grandfather is missing and Vikram realizes that he was kidnapped by mythical giant creatures called Rakshasas More importantly they were looking for the seal that Vikram now has Vikram gets the help of his little brother Jai and Manu Vikram’s grandfather’s servant and they set off to rescue Grandfather The journey is VERY dangerous and Vikram begins to realize that the entire world is in danger and the seal his grandfather gave him may be the key to saving itI think this was a fabulous book I really liked Vikram as a main character but my favorite character was Yuma a Rakshasa who was good Mr Behera really describes the town and forests of India well I could imagine myself there Don’t let the frightening image on the cover fool you the creature is a Rakshasa and it is kind of scary but the book isn’t that scary Speaking of illustrations there are some really great illustrations all through out the book They are really detailed and give you a better idea of what is going on in the story The story is actually based on the Ramayana myth from India and I think that’s pretty cool I would have liked the book to go into a little detail I thought the action parts were a little short and they could have been a bit involved like getting out of King Kama’s prison and the final battle scene The scenes were good I just wanted The story was really enjoyable in all It pretty much had everything even characters you were rooting for There was also a heroine Toral She was brave and really helped Vikram out I’d recommend the book to kids 9 There is some non graphic violence they have to defeat the Rakshasas after all

  6. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    Vikram and his family travel from their home in California to India for the funeral of his grandmother He meets and bonds with his grandfather who gives him a very old family seal right before he goes missing When Vikram his brother Jai and a family servant Manu go looking for the grandfather they meet Toral whose grandparents have been kidnapped by horrible giant monsters called Rakshasas Toral's grandparents also have a seal and the Rakshasas led by the evil King Kama think that they can rule the world if they can assemble all of the seals and destroy the Dharma Cube Vikram knows that he can't let this happen so the group aided by some very clever langurs set out to find the seals and destroy the Rakshasas Vikram begins to realize that his purpose in holding the seal is to save the world from destruction so even though he despairs at times he holds fast to his purpose in order to fulfill his destiny Strengths This was a well written and well plotted fantasy novel with great action scenes While it has much in common with many other uest andor teens save the world from utter destruction books the refreshingly uniue part it that the mythological base for this book is Indian and not Celtic Other than Lloyd Alexander's The Iron Ring I can't think of another middle grade book with an Indian setting I also liked Vikram's longing for a relationship with his grandfather and his desire to understand his culture of originWeaknesses The cover is not great and at first I thought the enchanted seals were animals rather than seal stones which didn't sound as interestingFor another review check out Boys Readorg

  7. Terry Terry says:

    This book sat on my Kindle for a long while I was fascinated when the author first announced the work well over a year ago and I rushed right out and bought it Why did I wait so long to read it? Well Life the Universeetc But I read it devoured it actually Vikram is a dispirited apathetic boy like so many boys of the uh so what Don't wanna I don't care variety A death in the family sends his entire family from California to India to visit the relatives Of course Vikram resents going But almost as soon as he's arrived his adventure begins and it's full of danger peril and creatures of legend who are real and bent on taking over the earth I'm not going to rehash the story line I compared it with Spirited Away meets Indiana Jones D But over the course of his adventure into the Indian countryside chasing monsters and enchanted artifacts meeting new friends human and animal Vikram grows from an apathetic boy who can't make up his mind about anything into a strong caring compassionate young man I also love that there are many strong female characters good and bad I am an adult of mature age and I enjoyed the heck out of this book I'm very likely to read it again perhaps several times I had a few uibbling issues with a couple commas I felt could have been left out but the book is formatted well and edited excellently Boys and girls will enjoy this story eually I think Recommended for lovers of adventure of any age

  8. April April says:

    Set in another country the american boy that was as normal as any other American boy could be didnt want to leave his home his friends etc to go to another strange place just for a funeral of someone he never knew Brought into the legacy of long standing by his grandfathers wish for him to have a family secret the boys life changes forever and he must become someone new to change the outcome of his grandfather The boy Vikram in this story must overcome fear and demons of a different world to keep them out of our worldThis book is captivating and engaging A great read for any age and it will take you back to your original reading habits as a child to start seeing within your own head the images that given to you by readingWon on good reads

  9. Lynne Lynne says:

    Writing style voice uality of prose 3 stars Story 2 starsWhat a missed opportunity This middle reader book could have introduced its young audience to Indian history culture or folklore; instead we get a formulaic plot that could have taken place anywhere on the planet Pacing and characterizations are solid however and middle grade readers deserve to read well written books

  10. Heather Heather says:

    I won this from Goodreads awesome book the story drew me in and I enjoyed every magical moment The characters were personable and likeable The mythical stories from India were entertaining and exciting I would recommend to anyone that likes to read

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