The Chinese Maze Murders PDF/EPUB ´ The Chinese

The Chinese Maze Murders PDF/EPUB ´ The Chinese

The Chinese Maze Murders ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Chinese Maze Murders Author Robert van Gulik – Er heersen vreemde toestanden in Lan fang Dat ontdekt Rechter Tie al spoedig na zijn overplaatsing naar dit verre district aan de grens van de uitgestrekte steppen van Centraal Azie die worden bewoond Er heersen vreemde toestanden in Lan fang Dat ontdekt Rechter Tie al spoedig na zijn overplaatsing naar dit verre district aan de grens van de uitgestrekte steppen van Centraal Azie die worden bewoond door barbaarse nomadenstammenIn de verzegelde kamer wordt de oud generaal Ting Hoe kwo aangetroffen Dood vermoord Als de geheimzinnige giftige pijl de generaal niet had getroffen zou hij dan zijn ontkomen aan zijn lot.

About the Author: Robert van Gulik

Robert Hans van Gulik was a Dutch diplomat best known for his Judge Dee stories His first published book The Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee was a translation of an eighteenth century Chinese murder mystery by an unknown author; he went on to write new mysteries for Judge Dee a character based on a historical figure from the seventh century He also wrote academic books mostly on Chinese histor.

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  1. Henry Avila Henry Avila says:

    On the way after a long slow dull journey to his new post in Lan fang just over the next ridge the astute magistrate Judge Dee from the Imperial capital Chang'an Xi'an has four horse drawn carts three wives an unknown number of children four trusted lieutenants drivers servants and ten highwaymen who ambush the entourage in a small valley from the cover of a forest below the hills of remote northwestern China on the border with barbarian hordes who roam across the river These amateur bandits are no match for the authentic former highwaymen Ma Joong Chiao Tai and clever thief Tao Gan all reformed by Dee working for the law now the judge also does his part very well indeed the other man Sergeant Hoong an intelligent long serving family retainer is too old to play The cowardly drivers and servants had fled the tussle uickly return afterwards only when the easy victory was apparent The seven surviving road agents are captured and tied up the three dead ones also put in a cart for an inglorious burial and ready for harsh justice by the state including a young attractive woman the defenders received a few lumps and bruises Getting the gates open in the frontier town takes time it puzzles the government officials until they learn that a tyrant has taken over this little provincial city in the middle of nowhere by the name of Chien Mow with a hundred of his criminal followers What to do? The nearest army base is three days away and the magistrate finds his Tribunal house falling apart dust and rats live there vital documents are in disarray unused for many years It seems the former not uite honest magistrate has hastily left before Dee's arrival very inappropriately a complete puppet of Chien Mow The Judge needs men so he pardons the robbers and makes them constables Yes Dark Orchard the female bandit becomes his maid not what you're thinking the judge is a honorable man and spy her father Fang an ex blacksmith leader of the incompetent band appointed chief of his tiny police forcenaturally a perfect fit in these rather dire circumstancesyet less than ideal choice some critical people would say but not I The nervous group had to leave the city because of the oppressive rule army deserters also join his unconventional band why not Mysteries permeates this place like a black fog White Orchard Black Orchard's older sister has vanishedPan the magistrate eight years ago was murdered General Ding retired with a dubious reputation was killed in a locked room at his home impossible to have been opened and a disputed will between a greedy cold hearted son Yoo Kee of an illustrious former Governor Yoo his first child and the poor second wife her little son a painting by the late governor is key to the case And clues point to his country estate just east of the city with an impenetrable massive maze a local legend many stories of wild animal lurking about there somber shadows in the daytime snakes and hidden secrets deadly pools with unidentified creatures below the surface the reluctant Dee has to investigate and not feeling too happy either But he must start by overthrowing the brutal tyrant and begin his duties to the Chinese Empire and the Tang Dynasty our overwhelmed judge learns later of a plot by the barbarians with the help from traitors inside the walls to attack the city A wonderful mystery three in fact or to solve Dee I have faith in to do itA story beautifully written a plot which never ceases to entertain

  2. carol. carol. says:

    Who knew 7th century China could provide such fertile source material for mysteries? And who knew that it would take a Dutch diplomat to share the style with the West? Not me The descriptions don't uite do it justice and the explanation behind the stories usually add another layer of interest In this one Van Gulik regains some of the needed pacing and action of The Chinese Gold Murders and had me intrigued from chapter oneJudge Dee has a new post a border city under periodic threat from the Uyghur tribes His entourage feels it might be than a bit rural and possibly a step down in prestige Their opinion seems confirmed by the populace who takes no notice of their new judge leaving only an old dissatisfied servant to welcome them to dusty and ill used uarters Within a day of arrival the Judge has the story the town is under the thumb of a thug albeit a very rich one who is prone to beating those who can't come up a bit of coin or free labor A distraught father beseeches him to find his missing daughter a son reuests Judge Dee to arrest his father's would be murderer and a disowned widow needs aid in recovering part of her husband's estate for her sonApparently traditional stories often had multiple cases going at once much like real life and I enjoyed the Judge's logical and organized approach to tackling the issues he faces as well as the shenanigans by his merry band of misfits His loyal servants technically 'reformed' included a clever thief Tao Gan and two former highwaymen from The Chinese Gold Murders Ma Joong and Chiao TaiDone in semi traditional style and based on a legendary figure Judge Dee these stories feel somewhat like The Brothers Grimm starring Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot Like Grimm the story can be a bit bloody as traditional Chinese mysteries included punishment of the villain I'll also note that some of his stories might have a sexual fetish involved as part of a motivation; I'd have to say the Chinese must have been far liberal about this than the English reading publicOverall this one regained my faith in the series after the lackluster The Chinese Maze Murders Recommended to those in the mood for some 7th century mysteries

  3. Kavita Kavita says:

    This is a brilliant book set during Tang dynasty China Making use of various traditional Chinese methods of telling crime stories Robert van Gulik has created a story that is similar to traditional Chinese murder mystery stories Written in English by a Dutch diplomat for translation into Chinese and Japanese which is uniue in itself this book is proper historical fiction of the best kind It depicts Judge Dee based on a real and most interesting person called Di Renjie who was a magistrate in Tang China and who even served the infamous Empress Wu as a ChancellorThe book starts off with Judge Dee his family and his servants all moving from the Imperial Capital to an outlying border town where there is a constant threat of attacks from Uyghur tribes They also discover that the city is too uiet and a faux ruler installed in place of a regular official In addition to these background problems Judge Dee is also confronted with an ancient murder case a fresh murder case a kidnapping case as well as an inheritance case In typical Chinese storytelling tradition Gulik has explored all these different threads to the tale and weaved them into a single narrative without it appearing disjointed The depictions of Chinese life in this period appear authentic and the characters are all very interesting The way the book is written it is impossible to get bored with an aspect of the story because multiple things keep happening at the same time and you can just switch your attention to a appealing plot It must have taken incredible talent and skill to write in this manner without messing things up I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be devouring all other books by this author

  4. Shauna Shauna says:

    You really do feel that you are learning a lot about the ancient Chinese culture with this series There are several inertwined stories all solved by Magistrate Dee Very enjoyable

  5. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy Jayaprakash Satyamurthy says:

    Judge Dee wades through a maze of murders motivations and mendacity to unravel three tricky mysteries and foil a barbarian invasion in the process I particularly liked the depiction of the old hermit who gives Dee various gnomic but crucial clues and makes the formidable magistrate briefly consider giving up the hurly burly of public service for a life of rural seclusion

  6. Ivonne Rovira Ivonne Rovira says:

    I am a long time fan of Robert van Gulik's Judge Dee series of mysteries Van Gulik a celebrated Orientalist and linguist and the Dutch ambassador to Japan was fluent in Mandarin among other Asian languages; his first Judge Dee book Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee was actually a translation of the cases of an actual Tang Dynasty magistrate and statesman by the name of Dee Goong An sometimes transliterated as Dee Jen Djieh and Dí Rénjié Van Gulik realized that if he recast the case files as mysteries by withholding the solution these true life investigations and court cases would make find mysteries And so they do The Chinese Maze Murders marks one of the first of 16 novels novellas and short story collections in which Van Gulik inspired by court cases and his own imagination actually penned the plots The Chinese Maze Murders was the first of Van Gulik's own Judge Dee tomes published but it ranks third chronologically after The Chinese Gold Murders my favorite Judge Dee book and The Chinese Bell Murders The writing style is a bit formal as you'd expect from books written 40 to 60 years ago Although himself Dutch Van Gulik wrote these novels in English which may also account for the formal phrasing However the plots are very enjoyable and the books act as a window into a far off time and a very different sensibility Van Gulik tried to retain the ancient Chinese flavor of the stories and you'll find omens luck ghosts and other supernatural phenomena play a part in some of the stories as they would have when recounted and transcribed than 1300 years ago They also as according to Chinese custom at the time usually involve three intertwined cases So that isn't an over the top touch but an homage to the original authorsscribes Adventurous readers interested in something unlike anything else they'd read or those who have an interest in Ancient China will devour these books as I have The plots are uite clever and Judge Dee's henchman in particular his brawny lieutenant Ma Joong freuently add humor to the tales I can particularly recommend the first book The Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee and Van Gulik's own The Chinese Bell Murders The Haunted Monastery The Emperor's Pearl The Red Pavilion and the short story collection Judge Dee at Work Eight Chinese Detective Stories

  7. Lisa (Harmonybites) Lisa (Harmonybites) says:

    I had read this before decades ago as a teen and can't say even after reading it again I could say I remembered it which is a point against it It's a historical mystery set in China's Tang Dynasty around 700 AD and featuring Judge Dee He's a historical figure with the kind of legendary reputation of a Sherlock Holmes as a detective The plot is clever that way worthy of a Conan Doyle if not with the memorable and jaw dropping uality of Christie The style is rather clunky Robert van Gulik first wrote this in Chinese for Asian audiences then translated it into English actually to facilitate it being translated into Japanese before ever thinking to put this before a Western audience He was a Dutch diplomat and English would not have been his first language not sure if that factors in His recurring characters are likeable if not complex Yet despite that I'm fond of this novel and the series enough to give it four stars These are clever and satisfying mysteries but for me what makes these novels special is the setting Van Gulik obviously knew and loved China and its history and culture He served as a diplomat there and had translated classic Chinese literature His purpose in writing The Chinese Maze Murders according to his forward was to create a mystery novel along the lines of classic Chinese mysteries that would appeal both to contemporary Asians and Westerners and I loved the result One of the major differences between that model and the Western sort of mystery is that instead of one central mystery Dee has three cases that are woven into the plot and this allows us to roam among all classes of Chinese society of the time Mind you the story is deliberately anachronistic Like his models Van Gulik frames the story as being told by a man of the Ming Dynasty almost a thousand years later and the details Van Gulik warns us are of that time not of the time it is set Regardless Van Gulik's novel and series has the uality of the best historical fiction Judge Dee and the people surrounding him feel very much of their own place and time not our own That's a lot of the fascination And yet sometimes it seems startingly modern in unexpected ways That's part of the fascination too

  8. Sonja Sonja says:

    The Chinese Maze Murders is my absolute favourite in the Judge Dee series which spans 17 books in all including Van Gulik's original translation of Dee Gong An and two short story collections Some of these short stories were reworked into graphic novels by Van Gulik and graphic artist Frits Kloezeman to be published in Het Utrechtsch Nieuwsblad and other Dutch papers from 1964 1985I have been reading and re reading these books since I was about ten years of age History fiction and mystery are neatly combined into detective stories that follow the typical pattern in Chinese detective fiction of the Magistrate solving various cases which may be interconnected but not always are simultaneously In the Maze Murders tying in character background with the plot specifically one of Dee's lieutenants Chiao Tai makes for a very compelling read The case of the murder in the locked room is a classic often used in detective fiction and given a fresh spin if one can speak of fresh in the case of a book written in 1950 by the presence of two murder weapons It ties in so very beautifully to the case of the hidden testament and that of the missing girl interconnecting the three through circumstance rather than by designThe writing is practical and unpretentious and though it may not hold against today's expectations of prose I personally have always liked Van Gulik's mix of humour and gravityThe historicity of the book and the rest of the series is interesting though it takes place during the T'ang dynasty around 670 AD the description is of Ming dynasty life This is in keeping with the Chinese author's penchant for casting a story that takes place in the past in contemporary terms Invariably the five books in the main series The Chinese Gold Lake Bell Maze and Nail Murders are preceded by a chapter written from the viewpoint of a Ming dynasty official merchant or other personage who following a ghostly encounter of some sort recounts one of the specific Judge Dee mysteries A definite recommendation for anyone who enjoys either ancient China detective novels or both

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    This is officially my first review on GoodReads It is also one of my first reviews ever So bare with meThe Chinese Maze Murders by Robert Hans van Gulik is very different from books with younger innocentpure characters in fantasysci fi settings that I am usually drawn to I have owned this book for at least 3 or 4 years and never even read the back cover or needless to say cracked it open I wish I had soonerThis book was delightfully enjoyable I liked the mixture of civil and criminal investigations occurring simultaneously Adding political issues to be dealt with this story kept you reading This book went all over the place in approximately a weeks time but did it in an organized way that made you capable of following everything that was happening The solutions to the criminal cases were also greatly interesting and reading about the Chinese sources in the end made it ever soThe foreword postscript and Chinese sources all added interesting insight into the book The foreword made me think about Chinese culture while reading which was also a great aspect to this book considering I know next to nothing about Chinese writingculture The postscript and sources helped wrap up and explain the details of the story I overall thoroughly enjoyed this book and I will definitely be looking to add some Judge Dee Mysteries to my future reading list

  10. Nancy Oakes Nancy Oakes says:

    1st in a series of books about an ancient Chinese magistrate Dee Goong Anwho with his entourage solves crimes In this particular installment there are 3 subplots Murder in the Sealed Room a missing testament and last but not least a story that features a girl without a head Most interesting is the way the story is told and the supernatural elements Very very good

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