Deeply In You The Wicked Dukes #1 PDF ´ Deeply In

Deeply In You The Wicked Dukes #1 PDF ´ Deeply In

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Deeply In You The Wicked Dukes #1
  • Sharon Page
  • English
  • 05 April 2016
  • 9781617730924

10 thoughts on “Deeply In You The Wicked Dukes #1

  1. Kim Kim says:

    Wow Wow and Wow again This book was awesome At first I thought this was just going to be an erotic historical but then the intrigue started building I was completely hooked first by the eroticism of the two characters finding each other I really enjoyed Grey's pursuit Helena tried so hard to fight but how could she not fall head over hills for this decadent exciting man At first the intrigue was light just the typical scandal to resolve but that uickly changed into a gripping story all it's own This book could have been an erotic historical and it would be complete or it could have been a suspenseful historical and it would have been complete but to bring those two together so smoothly and efficiently and to resolve both sides was a true example of writing talent I cannot wait to read about the Wicked Dukes

  2. Iza Brekilien Iza Brekilien says:

    I enjoyed it and look forward to reading the series The heroin seemed to enjoy very uickly the kinky side of sex but after all why not Lots of secrets kept but they had good reasons and all's well that ends well

  3. Tabatha Tabatha says:

    I think that Sharon Page does exceedingly well writing erotic historical romance so needless to say I was very eager to get my hands on this first book in her newest series The Wicked Dukes Deeply in You was a delightful mix of suspense mystery and dark pleasure but it was also so much as well From the fantastic line up of characters to the intense amount mystery and intrigue this book kept me captivated from page one and wouldn’t let me go I just know that all of you naughty regency nuts out there are going to love this oneHelena Winsome agrees to spy on the Duke of Greybrooke for the crown in order to expose his secrets to settle her brother’s gambling debts What she doesn’t anticipate is how deeply drawn she would be to the handsome Duke Greybrooke feels that he is incapable of loving anyone due to his horrible past and he embraces his darkest desires on his own terms now Although he is used to getting everything he wants when it comes to women his sister’s new governess is a temptation he just can’t resist no matter how innocent she is He pursues her with single minded intent to make her his mistress but he is further intrigued with her when she resists all of his efforts Once they engage in their torrid affair of pleasure seeped in lies and intrigue the deceptions will work their hardest to tear them apart All I can say is wow these two were so different from what I’ve read in the past and I mean that in the very best way possible They were great characters who were so intensely erotic that each scene was sexier than the last But that wasn’t all they had going for them either I also think that Greybrooke is so endearing and I could not blame Helena for her pursuit to save him from himself and from others who meant him harm She was a constant source of support for him even when she wasn’t altogether truthful and she pushed him to want things he never before thought possible Together they were a great combination and Page did a wonderful job setting the scenes to the point where I could actually picture myself experiencing each one I do have to mention two points that I had issue First of all was that the blackmail This was made to be overly complicated and also drug on a bit too long for me too Secondly the bad guy was a bit too predictable for my tastes and we do have some big hints along the way but at least his motives were a surprise to me so that was a bonus If I cast these two things aside though it was still an overall thrilling story to read I think that Page did a great job balancing by keeping the story engaging but also packing plenty of heat between the characters as well I’m definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the Wicked Dukes series to see what happens with the other cast of characters Like I said above all you naughty regency lovers out there will enjoy this one so I am definitely recommending it to you Check out this and my other reviews on Blending Perspectives Book Reviews

  4. Maria Rose Maria Rose says:

    This first book in the Wicked Dukes series is an erotic historical romance with a suspense element thrown into the mix Helena is governess to the Duke of Greybrooke's niece sister and nephews but has been asked to spy on Grey to prove whether or not he was a traitor in the war against France In doing so her brother will be forgiven his gambling debts Greybrooke is tempted by Helena's innocence and offers her a position as his mistress in order to share with her the delights of bondage in the bedroom Accepting his offer to help her cause Helena falls for Grey but when her deception is revealed must convince him that her feelings for him are real Caught up in blackmail and deceit the uestion remains whether Grey can learn to trust Helena and the love she offers himOverall I enjoyed this story The time period was well fleshed out the setting clothing manners and expectations of the time were detailed and well written The character of Helena a solid respectable governess who discovers a penchant for naughty games was believable and likeable Similarly Greybrooke comes across as a sympathetic figure a caring man concerned for the well being of his family even though his bedroom pursuits are the stuff of scandal Their loves scenes together simmered with sexual tension but could have held emotion I found they sometimes bordered on clinical in description and did not always engage the reader into investing in their sexual relationship and its evolution into deeper feelingsThere were several plots going on at once that were sometimes a bit confusing as scenes would start and end abruptly This could have been eased to the reader with some formatting to indicate break points in the narrative and it may be that the digital copy I received was missing those Secondary characters helped the flow of the story and made for interesting relational dynamics I liked the conclusion to the story and am definitely looking forward to in the Wicked Dukes series 35 enjoyable stars Note An advanced reader copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review

  5. A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol) says:

    25Book source NetGalleyHelena Winsome is being blackmailed into spying on the Duke of Greybrooke in order to keep her brother out of debtor’s prison She has to find proof that he’s a traitor and her brother’s debts will be paidI have mixed feelings about this While the writing is awesome and the characters are great I think Helena is a bit of a moron Who lets themselves be coerced into a situation and does zero research? I know I would have done some digging before I let myself be pushed into something Her family owns a newspaper for fuck’s sake And her brother? Omg I would have killed him Ok I know this is historical and he’s technically head of the house but I’d still kick his ass Period Also she’s gutsy and intelligent and lets herself be led around by her pussy Ugh StopI don’t particularly like the Duke of Greybrooke either Guys who think they can get whatever they want because that’s always been so for them piss me off Arrogance without redemption is a huge turn off for me and I don’t think he changes enough over the course of the book to get in my good Graces Hehe See what I did there?

  6. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Because I started with book three of this series I had high expectations with this one This was however overall just a good readHelena is the governess of Winterhaven household When her family is blackmailed and threatened she is forced to spy on the wicked hero Grey and for that she agrees to be his mistressMy biggest issue with this book is the sheer amount of things Helena hid from Grey despite being aware of his trust issues and how she kept defending her family Many mysteries traversed the plot and their siblings were deeply involved It had wicked elements too but nothing compared to book threeI enjoyed their love making scenesPet peeveview spoilerTo be noted that when they meet heroine dresses up as a footman and goes to a tavern There she kisses another female to make the hero jealousAlso hero has a dark past in which he was physically tortured by both his parents and carries deep scars hide spoiler

  7. Carmen Falcone Carmen Falcone says:

    I floved this book It was perfect I enjoy a super steamy historical and this one delivered Grey is the perfect wounded hero and Helena is just a fabulous heroineI also enjoyed the packed plot the secondary characters and the setting Now I'm off to download other stories by this terrific new to me author

  8. Giovanni Giovanni says:

    ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Helena a proper governess was in fact a spy That one sentence should intrigue me to read about it Well at first I was Intrigued I mean Later not so much seeing what a poor job she did itHelena and her family were blackmailed to spy on Duke of Greybrooke to find some proofs that H's a country's traitor The problem with that was the Duke Grey the Duke was a 'dark' aristocrat that held secrets about his sexuality and huh another woman's secret Should I be impressed? Grey was used to get what he wanted so when he saw Helena and immediately attracted to her he went for it in a big way Diamonds poem and shackles I've to admit I didn't see the latter coming For entering his study Helena had to first enter his home right? So she finally agreed to become his mistress Their having sex was what I called a DomSub literally He tied her up spank her well you know Just it's not as 'scary' as a contemporary one it's historical what do you expect? view spoiler The only 'scary' stuff in this hisrom was there's a psychopath in an Earl form hide spoiler

  9. Tracy Emro Tracy Emro says:

    Loved itI really enjoyed this book Yes there was a lot of sex but it was well done and didn't outshine the romance or the mystery Grey I know maybe a bit too 50 shades was a great hero who truly has a good reason to not trust and uses sex to manage his pain This man says he can't trust or love but actions speak louder than words and a truly good man acts to protect his loved ones without conscious thought Grey is a truly good man who believes he is too damaged to love Helena is an eually good woman She loves her family and would do anything to protect them She has been forced to spy on Grey to save her brother and sisters from ruin At first she feels justified because she has been told Grey is a traitor But the she comes to know him the harder it is for her to believe Helena is a very loving and loyal person I was a bit disappointed with some of her actions and couldn't believe that she would tell her brother things and trust his word He was the reason she was in this mess and he didn't seem to be doing anything to fix the problems other than making Helena feel guilty for not doing I liked the way Grey and Helena worked together to figure out who was trying to frame Grey Watching Grey fall in love with Helena was actually very sweet It wasn't featured in the forefront of the story it was gradual and subtle but I think that made it that much believable The villains in this book deserves a nod the current villain was one twisted dude And the other villains the ones from the past I can't even imagine anyone as vile as those two When I read the things they had done I felt ill Ms Page did a wonderful job of portraying their crimes without going into graphic detail and for that I am grateful I don't know if I could have stomached reading details I am looking forward to the other books in this series And would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys an erotic HR with a good story

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Recieved an ARC for reviewOh boy was he ever a Wicked Duke I can't wait to read his friends Cary and Sax's stories to see if they are as bad as Grey There was a bad guy or two or three It got a little confusing There was a whole lot of drama lack of trust and her getting tied up Overall a good book but it just took a while to get the bad guy and find out what happened to him as a child

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Deeply In You The Wicked Dukes #1✵ Deeply In You The Wicked Dukes #1 Epub ✸ Author Sharon Page – Anxious to save her brother from debtor's prison Helena Winsome agrees to find proof that the Duke of Greybrooke is a traitor Well aware of his wicked ways she takes on the guise of a demure governess Anxious to save her brother from You The PDF ✓ debtor's prison Helena Winsome agrees to find proof that the Duke of Greybrooke is a traitor Well aware of his wicked ways she takes on the guise of a demure governess But his smoldering sensuality overwhelms her as Deeply In eBook Æ does his vow to make her his lover a scandalous promise that leaves her weak with desireDarkly handsome and powerfully seductive the Duke of Greybrooke is a man of deep passion When the lovely Miss Helena Winsome turns down an offer to become his mistress In You The PDF/EPUB ¾ Grey takes on the challenge He'll expose Helena to the erotic thrill of carnal pleasure and tease her senses until all she can do is beg for.

About the Author: Sharon Page

Sharon Page is the New York You The PDF ✓ Times and USA Today bestselling author of numerous novels of historical and erotic romance She is a two time consecutive winner of the National Readers’ Choice Award winner of the Golden uill and the Colorado Award of Excellence Deeply In eBook Æ and a multiple finalist for the Daphne Du Maurier Award She has twice received the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award and is a four.