Ebook ã Hands on Health eBook Î Hands on PDF \

Ebook ã Hands on Health eBook Î Hands on PDF \

Hands on Health ❮Reading❯ ➶ Hands on Health Author Paula M. Youmell – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk This book was written for me wasn't it You have ruined me for the Standard American Diet SAD And for the record I am so glad Kelly Burnham Editor and whole food enthusiastPaula has a wonderful healing This book was written for me wasn't it You have ruined me for the Standard American Diet SAD And for the record I am so glad Kelly Burnham Editor and whole food enthusiastPaula has a wonderful healing presence She has opened my eyes to healthier living S Montgomery healthy clientMy cure all my magic bullet Betsy HThanks for helping my whole family eat better Hands on PDF \ and feel healthier Denice NHands on Health seeks to entice you to eat healthier; move your body freuently; get outside into the natural world we are inherently a part of; sleep better; and take good wholesome natural care of your body mind and soul.

6 thoughts on “Hands on Health

  1. Todd Deshane Todd Deshane says:

    Paula is one of the best whole food whole health mentors that I have ever had Her perspective on food and whole health has changed my life I am at peace with my food and health decisions than I ever was Growing up I was a bottomless pit I ate anything and I much as I wanted I was young and active so I stayed in good health Only after years of graduate school and letting up on being so active did my see food diet catch up with meMy first encounter with Paula was at a legume cooking class then later a whole food baking class My wife and I later met with her in person after winning a free class with her Eating well and being healthy has never tasted so good I don't believe in diets but instead in life style changes Choosing whole health wasn't giving up anything but instead seeking the whole in everything food health and lifeThis is really a great book and a summary of Paula's whole health philosophy Much of the content I've pick up in person from her but the parts that I hadn't heard were really uite great too I joked with Paula that a subtitle for the book could be Losing 15 pounds the hard way One of the chapters should be called ButterPlease pick up a copy of this book either in physical or electronic e book form It'll change your life It changed mine

  2. Eudora Eudora says:

    I'll be reading and rereading this book for a long time Conversational funny and sounding oh so true reading it is like having a wise friend gently offering good advice Not that Youmell can't be firm in her opinions she just manages to always get the care and smile across as well In this world of truly scary information about our food supplyYoumell keeps her focus on the positive helping to point the reader toward healthier choices I'll be buying copies to pass on to friends

  3. Joseph Joseph says:

    Paula Youmell takes a realistic and down to earth view of how we can eat and live in a way that's good for us good for animals and good for the world She tells you to eat butter Not like pounds a day or anything but I've never read a book about eating healthy that says go ahead and eat some butter uick read to the point informative and stands out as necessary and uniue in the long list of diethealth related books

  4. Taja S Taja S says:

    I'm so glad I was given the chance to read this book It's packed full of useful information and it provides you with a whole new outlook on food and health The solution to staying healthy is uite simple really Eat the way nature intended it I couldn't put it into better words than Paula did The books is insanely easy to read I've encountered so many books that I found interesting but somehow the content was presented in a way that made me lose focus This wasn't the case here Hands on Health is friendly light and not preachy at the leastThanks to this book I've already started implementing new changes to the way I eat I've found myself searching for food that will benefit my body Whole food unprocessed food It's not hard at all I've heard somewhere that if eating healthy is hard for you you're doing it wrong And I agree with the statement wholeheartedly Eating healthy just means reaching for the food that is unchanged closest to the way nature made it You don't have to cut out anything just exchange it for a better version of itself This book explains it so well It gives you a great number of useful tips and advice along with explanations and even a couple recipes that I will definitely try out It also focuses on other parts of keeping your body healthy like exercise proper breathing and lowering the stress in your lifeI'm definitely sharing this gem with others starting with my mom

  5. P.J. Roscoe P.J. Roscoe says:

    This book is exactly what I expected good advice common sense You already know the information cakes biscuits bad fruit vegetables good but it's nice to hear it from someone else occasionally Some American ingredients I'd never heard of but will have a go at some of the recipes especially the bran muffins I think if anything negative Paula did repeat her message too much for me but maybe someone else needs to hear it often

  6. Jennifer Whittaker Jennifer Whittaker says:

    There is lots of great health information packed into this book Paula's ideas on eating and overall wellness are spot on

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