My Mom My Hero Epub ☆ My Mom ePUB ↠

My Mom My Hero Epub ☆ My Mom ePUB ↠

My Mom My Hero [BOOKS] ✭ My Mom My Hero By Lisa Hirsch – When Lisa Hirsch found out her mother Ruth had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease her love appreciation and caring for her mother was transformed To Lisa’s surprise it has brought her and Rut When Lisa Hirsch found out her mother Ruth had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease her love appreciation and caring for her mother was transformed To Lisa’s surprise it has brought her and Ruth closer together than they’ve ever been My Mom My Hero tells the story of this mother daughter relationship through a series of entries from Lisa’s internationally popular blog Ultimately this is an uplifting and inspirational book for anyone who’s going through the difficult My Mom ePUB ↠ and often lonely ordeal of caring for a loved one who suffers from this devastating illness.

About the Author: Lisa Hirsch

TO MY MOM newly released book.

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  1. Barb Barb says:

    This book proves that when you migrate a blog to an ebook with no other editorial work it doesn't work out well If I'd wanted to read the author's blog I'd have gone to the blog Blog to book shouldn't include every last comment no matter how repetitive For pages all the reader sees is that others consider the author an inspirationAs the daughter in law of a dementia patient I was hoping for direct information on how dealing with an Alzheimer's patient one on one not over the phone would affect the child of that patient

  2. Dianne Dianne says:

    If you have ever lived the nightmare of watching a loved one be depleted by any form of dementia you know the roller coaster of emotions from hopeful moments to times that could try a saint’s patience to heartache Always there is an undying love a feeling of being honored to be able to return unualified love and care If you have had the privilege to be a true caregiver you understand what it entails Lisa Hirsch has chronicled her personal experience with her mother from long distance phone calls to brief visits from her home state of New York to her mother’s home in Florida Yes it is heartwarming to read her stories The responses she has received on her blog mostly revolve around congratulating her for being such a good and caring daughterAs a physical caregiver for one of my parents and both of my in laws I can say there are moments as Ms Hirsch describes and they are beautiful But for me they are made beautiful by the day to day contact the actual giving of care and moments of sharing of things remembered things not remembered and those moments of lucidity that make it all so rewarding and as I mentioned before an honor and privilege I apparently misunderstood what I was getting in this free download and frankly found it to be a little too fluffy and a little too much about what commenters thought of the author

  3. Jaime Skelton Jaime Skelton says:

    My Mom My Hero Alzheimer's A Mother and Daughter's Bittersweet Journey reads like a blog not the kind of blog that keeps you up until 3am in the morning with kleenex and a cold cup of coffee but the kind you drag through dutifully because you have become committed to hearing the story to its end The book comes complete with several comments to each blog post included and while some of these comments are additionally insightful most are nothing than back patting and cheers to the authorIt's difficult to rate a book written honestly and on such a sensitive topic as Alzheimer's poorly At first I was endeared to Hirsch's forgiveness toward her mother and embrace of the present over relentlessly clinging to the past And yet while this theme continues the book develops none of these notions there is little exposition to explain to us what Hirsch's mother was like in her younger years or even what the mother daughter relationship had been like in contrast to the present day Further many chapters leave hanging developments in the plot; a chapter will end in concern on one issue and then never return to that issue in a later chapter Indeed the entire book ends this way abruptly without any hint to how this story ends Many of the chapters return to the same themes over and over again how proud Hirsch is of her mother's memories how hurt she is when those memories are gone how much she wishes she could live closer to her mother how much she attempts to appreciate the moments she has before her mother's disease progresses further There is no self development of the author or in her subject throughout the text however; it becomes a repetitive nod of the same routine Even the pictures which come with each chapter become recycled In fact these photos are still recycled on the author's blog which remains active at the time I write this review Ultimately this book feels little than a cut and paste job from Hirsch's blog Like the blog it comes from My Mom My Hero lacks emotional depth or sincerity; it glosses over emotions in a way that leaves the reader unable to truly identify with the author's inner turmoils With time and sincenrity Hirsch could write a moving emotional memoir of her mother and the shocking cruelty of Alzheimer's but this book is a draft in comparison to what could be

  4. Linda Linda says:

    Lisa kept an online journal of her days checking in on her mother long distance by phone or through the visits she could manage She was lucky to find good home caregivers for her mother who refused to move from her sunny home to be with Lisa in busy New York Readers walk alongside Lisa as she watches mostly from afar as mother Ruth grows forgetful and confused Lisa did not have a good relationship with her mother but it is beautiful to see how she was able to “love her completely” as the disease progressed This love shines through poignantly in the writing Ruth was generally cheerful and not too difficult to care for not the usual Alzheimer storyWhile Lisa was not an “in the trenches” caregiver she spoke to her mother and caregivers almost daily Long distance caregiving has its own pain guilt worries and difficulties but Lisa remained upbeat cheerful and loving an inspiration in particular for others struggling with care from afarComments left on the blog posts are included and while they may be distracting some are themselves inspirational and helpful After caring for my mother with Alzheimer’s I can say that inspiration and support from those living the journey are extremely important This is not a polished carefully edited story and it ends rather abruptly since the journey has not ended yet but the series of posts are sincere and written well enough Readers can feel a bond with Lisa as she struggles along the dark path of no return finding bits of gold along the way

  5. Corinne Yee Corinne Yee says:

    I thought the anecdotes of Lisa and her mother were very touching They gave some interesting insight to the diseaseHowever it seems she transferred her blog to book without even having someone look at the grammar It doesn't bother me to have poor writing in an actual blog but if it's going to be put in book form I honestly think it's okay to correct the improper verb tense changes and fix word errors such as use where she meant used Plus I got bored with reading the comments on her blog and kind of felt like she was just including comments as filler to make it longer and even so it's not that long about 170 epages; I can't imagine it as a book maybe the pictures are bigger to fill space If I wanted to read all the comments I'd just go to her blog which is freeIf I hadn't gotten it when it was free I'd feel rather ripped off It is 299 on Kindle and 1295 list for paperback I'd never pay that much for it

  6. Sabrena Sabrena says:

    The content is well worth reading but I would recommend going right to the author's blog to read it there The book is made up of excerpts from the blog and there is much continuity in the original source That being said the blog is very beautiful and movinga definite must read for anyone whose lives are touched by Alzheimer's

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    Sometimes humorous sometimes heartbreaking always touching

  8. Glenda Nelms Glenda Nelms says:

    Very important bookLisa does a great job of presenting on taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer's looks like June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month this bokk is filled with Emotions patience caring and love Alzheimer's disease has been happening often now than in the past We must raise awareness of this terrible disease in our communities Finding a cure to end Alzheimer's is important

  9. Mary Mullane Mary Mullane says:

    I have worked in nursing homes 20 years caring for people with all different types of dementia For the past 23 years I have been a psych RN I am glad Lisa could learn to love her mother but several things bothered me about this bookI understand Lisa lived in NY Ruthie in FL that Ruthie wanted to stay in FL but why didn't Lisa move to FL to help care for her mom? Did absence make Lisa's heart grow fonder? Were Ruthie's caregivers related to her?People with Alzheimer's dementia can have moments of clarity but can also be in their own reality Ruthie was not hallucinating as Lisa claims she was confused that was her reality at that particular time Yes UTIs can exacerbate the confusion so can exhaustion the time of day sundown syndromeBy only talking with Ruthie on the phone once a day Lisa didn't see the hourly changes in her mom's demeaner People with Alzheimer's need caregivers 247 I was appalled that Ruthie was left alone for 12 hours every dayI get that people liked reading Lisa's blog but including their comments in the book seemed like bragging to meMy heart goes out to family caregivers dealing with the progressive deterioration of loved ones with dementia Hold onto the positive memories

  10. Natalia Natalia says:

    As the daughter and full time caregiver to a non Alzheimer's dementia sufferer this book mostly annoyed me On the good side the author's love for her mother is palpable On the bad side there is way too much of look how cool I am worrying about my mother so much — and that's mostly all she did worry; partly because of geographical circumstances and partly because of how dementia affected her mother in particular she was confused but sweet; none of the paranoia stubbornness or aggression so common in dementia There are zero insights on how to deal with the endless exhausting heart wrenching infuriating impossible challenges of actually caring for a dementia sufferer And that would be fine really the book would be a pleasant account of the author's personal experience and her genuinely beautiful relationship with her mother except she opted to include comment after gushing comment from her actual blog literally hundreds of repetitive comments exalting the author and the blog as inspirational and moving true accounts of dealing with dementia which was unnecessary stupidly manipulative and aggravating to someone actually dealing with the shit that the author only worries about

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