Paperback ã Ex-Communication PDF å

Paperback ã Ex-Communication PDF å

Ex-Communication ❮PDF❯ ✭ Ex-Communication ✩ Author Peter Clines – “All of us try to cheat death  I was just better prepared to do it than most folks” In the years since the wave of living death swept the globe St George and his fellow heroes haven’t just kep “All of us try to cheat death  I was just better prepared to do it than most folks” In the years since the wave of living death swept the globe St George and his fellow heroes haven’t just kept Los Angeles’ last humans alive—they’ve created a real community a bustling town that’s spreading beyond its original walls and swelling with new refugees  But now one of the heroes perhaps the most powerful among them seems to be losing his mind  The implacable enemy known as Legion has found terrifying new ways of using zombies as pawns in his attacks  And outside the Mount something ancient and monstrous is hell bent on revenge As Peter Clines weaves these elements together in yet another masterful shocking climax St George Stealth Captain Freedom and the rest of the heroes find that even in a city overrun by millions of ex humans there’s than one way to come back from the dead .

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  1. Mihir Mihir says:

    Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic ANALYSIS Ex Communication is a book that I have been waiting to read for nearly 2 years It was the third and supposedly the end of the Ex series but recent revelations by the author have clarified that this is not the case The fourth book will be out early next year and remains a thing for the future With Ex Communication I wanted to see where the author would take the story in regards to the plot arcs of the first two As the story begins the author returns us to Los Angeles nearly six months after the events of Ex Patriots Things haven’t been that smooth even with the addition of the Krypton super soldier unit as Legion is back and has discovered newer ways to harass the living St George Zzzap Cerebrus Stealth and the others are settling in while trying to figure out how to best overcome Legion Their problems however take a strange turn when they find out Zzzap has been talking to a strange entity This entity claims to be someone from their past and one who has fought alongside the heroes In the flashback seuences we get to see who this might be and also we get a new POV character a girl called Madelyn She has a strange connection to the events of the second book and heralds a possibility that will be hard to comprehend for all our beloved charactersWith the third Ex book I’m glad to find the author taking the series in a new direction Until now we have had different plots and directions from each book but with this one there is a culmination to several plot and character arcs from Ex Heroes and Ex Patriots There’s a lot hanging from the previous two books like the origin of the Ex Humans Regenerator and his uniue tie in with this issue as well as issue of death All of it is brought to the fore in this book along with the concept of magic Among the heroes it has always been superpowers but so far there was never any magical side to things In this book though the author focuses on a character from the previous books and brings in a whole new side to that person We learn how the normal humans have been coping with such a drastic change to their lives and how religion fits into the overall schemeI enjoyed this aspect of the story as the author explored the religion angle which had been left hitherto unmentioned and in this book it forms uite a significant chunk Then there’s another aspect which the author explores that is tied in with science but I’ll let the readers find out about it as it falls under massive plot spoilers Trust me you’ll know when you hit that part of the story Basically the biggest uestion explored in this volume is about death and what makes us human The superheroes struggle with it as do the rest of humanity but in the end it’s up to the readers to decide whether the answers provided in the book make sense to themThe story employs the claustrophobic elements of being trapped in fabulously from the first book but with the caveat that there’s a timer set to the storyline and at the end of it is an apocalypse that would make the Ex event seem like a honeymoon The plot twists are rather amped up as the author brings a lot of conclusion to several events and plot lines from the preceding books I very much enjoyed that aspect of the story as many uestions were answered and a lot of clues in regards to characters and possible future story lines were set into motion This book can serve as a conclusion of sorts to the story begun in Ex Heroes however it is definitely not an end to Ex series With previous books there have been a few character deaths and the trend continues in this one as wellWith death and its trappings being explored here it becomes uite fascinating to read about what the author has planned for the readers with these three books Looking back now one can see all the hints and foreshadowing that comes into play with this book I think readers will enjoy reading all three books in one go to see how closely knit they are and perhaps they might spot further knots that have been planned by the author Almost as good as Ex Heroes Ex Communication will have readers flipping pages to see how it all ends and hungering for Ex Purgatory immediatelyLastly with such a series there are bound to be a few flaws that creep in namely with such a huge cast of characters and POV characters there’s no way the author would be able to fit all of them in a single book unless he goes all George RR Martin on the story which thankfully he doesn’t The story focuses on most but leaves out some others and therefore we are left wondering as to how those characters are doing until the next one Like I mentioned previously the author explores the religion aspect but doesn’t uite take it all the way this I feel was due to page constraints and plot pacing issues I would love to see this angle explored in further storiesCONCLUSION Peter Clines’ Ex Communication come with a whole lot of expectations and anticipation 2 years but the beauty of the book is that it manages to overcome all of it and yet surprised me with the plot and story direction A terrific third volume which shows how much planning has gone into the writing of the first three books Ex Communication is a fun book that explores another angle of the Ex world and yet manages to retain a fresh approach to this zombie afflicted story

  2. David David says:

    I started reading the Ex Heroes series because I have a geeky affection for zombies and superheroes but Peter Clines is growing on me The second book was a little better than the first and the third book while of the same story wise continues to improve It's still just a comic book in novel form but like any ongoing series if you stick with it you start to get attached to the characters and conversant with the continuityThe heroes guarding the walled enclave of Los Angeles surrounded by several hundred thousand Exes or zombies ended the last book with a new arch enemy Legion a superhuman who has the power to spread his consciousness among an ever growing number of zombies and control them In Ex Communication Legion continues to try to get at the survivors but then a new Big Bad appears St George Captain Freedom Stealth Cerberus and Zap have to defeat an honest to God demon lord from hellThe addition of actual magic into the Ex Heroes' cosmology does it no great damage; it was already a comic book world St George continues to be the Superman of the series and Stealth now his girlfriend the Batman Zap is the Green Lantern Cerberus is Iron WoMan and Captain Freedom well guessClines spins a fun yarn and it's about as consistent and coherent as a superherozombie novel can be There are the usual twists reveals a little worldbuilding and some clever power stunts but at this point the books are just new installments for fans of the series Hopefully Clines will expand this universe and stretch out a little before it gets stale

  3. Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday says:

    We're not safe This isn't remotely safe any This is like being out in the middle of the ocean a thousand miles from anything on a six dollar pool raft with a great white shark circling you Except the raft has a hole in it and the shark's armor plated on meth and has a laser cannon mounted on its skull That's about how 'safe' we are35 STARS But I'm rounding it up to 4 because Peter Clines just makes me giddy with all his pop culture references I get you Mr Clines I get youNearly a year after the end of Project Krypton Captain Freedom and his team has joined the Supers at The Mount in protecting the living community of Los Angeles against the imminent threat of Legion and his Agent Smith like powers over the walking dead Despite this Legion is getting increasingly smart in his efforts to breach their defenses Meanwhile recent developments on the other side of the fence has led the living to cling on the hope that there might be a way to bring their ex human loved ones back to life and uestion the Supers harsh strategy in dealing with zombiesThis is a little different from the past two books in the series in that some paranormal aspects were integrated in the story Which is always a bit of a difficult sell seeing as this speculative zombocalypse was founded on hard science and logic While the occult and paranormal was featured in the first book's plot it wasn't as heavily central to the bigger story arc then as it was here It did throw me off since the fit wasn't as seamless as I'd like it to be The effort was there but some of the metaphors just got too winded and confusing for me This also brushed on some existential and religious issues on life death and the in between without being too heavy handed on the subject matter on the mysticism rather than dogma thankfully But again it felt a bit off key from the usual rhythm Clines usually delivers the story in I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the new Supers in the fold especially Captain Freedom The Green Lantern Captain America fusion is not lost on me but something about his backstory just makes him the new favorite along with Barry Zzzap who is just a pop culture vending machine I'm sorry but I don't loan out my comics to strangers Besides you've probably read them all anyway All my favorite titles stopped three years ago I don't know about you but I don't think it's a coincidence that civilization collapsed right after Spider Man made a deal with the devil Sadly I might be over the George Stealth story line because that ship might have jumped the shark in this installment While I was very happy about Stealth in this book George is sort of slowly crumbling from the pedestal of cool in my eyes The gag reflex is always stronger TWSS when its the awesome kick ass characters giving the cheese view spoilerShe was cold and strong and merciless so no one else had to be So everyone else could just live It was who she was and it was part of the reason he loved her He hoped he survived to tell her hide spoiler

  4. Robin (Bridge Four) Robin (Bridge Four) says:

    You might think that Superheroes vs Zombies would get old Not if Peter Clines is doing the writing Instead he just starts to pile on other things to combat with In Ex heroes it was the rival gang in Ex Patriots it was the military in Ex communication it is the supernatural and our Heroes might be over their heads St George threw himself at it He thought of every Conan and Beastmaster movie he’d watched as a teenager and brought the sword down with a roar My favorite chapter in Ex Heroes was from the POV of Max aka Cairax Murrain and he has found a way to come back into the story I love this guy as a character because you are never uite sure which team he is playing for He is sorta like Ben was for me on LOST I know another reference to LOST but Mr Clines just puts me in that place in my head where anything can happen you’re not uite sure what to think of him and he always seems to know than he is letting on Plus he gets to have a few really great lines “Isn’t there some kind of locater spell you can cast or something?”“Yeah” said Max “but gosh darn it I missed that day at Hogwarts” Besides the addition of Max and the problems that he brings with him the Heroes are still dealing with Legion and he seems to be finding new ways to antagonize the people of the mount On top of that there is a new religious cult of sorts inside the Mount who think the Zombie apocalypse is the beginning of the end of days There are plenty of obstacles for sure including a prisoner kept in a secret roomFreedom and the other military that found a home at the Mount are settling in but even that seems to have some growing pains as not everyone is acting like a cohesive unit yet We also get the addition of Corpse Girl I love this new addition she is something completely different from all the other heroes at the mount She brings a fresh fun younger additude to the cast and I really enjoyed her POVs past and present While I was sure who she was right from the beginning I liked the explanation of her condition super science geek alert with the nano technology Again there is a lot of action throughout and the final showdown reminded me of a scene from either the Matrix or World War Z with all of the zombie bodies in the mix But if you can keep it clear in your head it it is an epic battle There is a lot going on and I did have to read through a section than once to keep it all straight but I get confused when there are that many people in a fight Fight scenes and sex scenes with than three people can confuse me Too many arms and legs to keep track of everythingOther things of note We get to see Stealth out of costume I will just say I was surprised she wasn’t at all what I was expecting Not in a good or bad way just different than what I had pictured in my head Way to go Peter Clines for breaking stereotypes Barry always gets the best comedy lines although Corpse Girl might give him a run for the money in the future I hope I hope I hope that Barry finally gets the girl or at least a date and that there is something between Freedom and Corpse Girl because that could be epicI loved the supernatural twist to this one and so far it was my favorite of the series

  5. Donna Donna says:

    Whee That's really how I sum up this seriesIt's superheroesand zombiesand now an evil demonSo whee

  6. C.T. Phipps C.T. Phipps says:

    is the third volume of the Ex Heroes series chronicling our intrepid band of superheroes as they struggle to rebuild civilization one brick at a time I enjoyed the first story for its originality the second for what it brought to the series and the third volume doesn't disappoint Much I enjoyed Ex Communication but it isn't uite as enjoyable as the previous two The stakes despite being as high as ever don't seem to matter as much as they used to I believe this has to do with our heroes having had success than is usual in zombie fiction For once the efforts of our heroes in trying to save the world are paying offWhich isn't bad The heroes of the Mount have started expanding their little city by leaps and bounds They're not uite the same group of frightened masses huddled together for comfort they used to be They've managed to establish a functioning society albeit a small one With the assistance of Captain Freedom from Ex Patriots the kind of day to day danger they used to face no longer appliesEven the character of PeeZee formerly a terrifying figure to our heroes has become something of a joke The heroes are able to hold off his regular attacks against their city with relative ease and the poor zombie puppet master is later used to illustrate the comparative danger of a much stronger villain I feel bad PeeZee has lost so much of his bite and think this reduces the setting's first supervillainEx Communication's villain seems curiously non threatening despite his apocalyptic power perhaps because he's unable to penetrate the Mount due to some selective hand waving The heroes also manage to make several new friends establish new relationships and deal with some of their lingering emotional baggage This isn't to say Ex Communication is a bad book Far from its It's extremely entertaining We get to find out what Stealth finally looks like the humor is funny and there are resolutions to a lot of dangling plotlines The new character of Corpse Girl is decidedly fun showing Peter Cline's ability expand his cast in new and exciting waysI especially liked Peter Cline's examination of the Mount's religious practices With a bunch of people compacted together in a survival situation the divine is going to be on a lot of people's minds Peter re creates Catholicism with a single surviving priest taking over most of the religious roles in the community He also creates a cult based around the sadly absurd idea the Exes zombies might someday regain their humanitySadly I don't think the latter element really amounts to much There's a lot of set up that there's going to be some serious repercussions for the superheroes due to the religious sect's increasing popularity brought about by some incredibly unlikely but plausible events Set up which sadly I didn't think really panned out While it's nice to see characters actually talking about the issues which face them it's not the most dramatic way of resolving a plot arcI was pleasantly surprised by some of the twists in the story Not the least bit being the revelation of a certain character's ethnicity Peter Clines has taken uite a bit of flak for the predominately Caucasian nature of his superheroes versus the multicultural melting pot which is Los Angeles Given this issue was already improving by the second book I wasn't too troubled but am pleased at the revelation a major character is a person of colorWhile this book didn't blow me away I felt it was entertaining from start to finish and a good continuation of the series I recommend fans of the previous two books check it out and enjoy of the same I myself will continue reading this series as long as it retains its present level of uality

  7. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    Cross posted to The BiblioSanctum zombies and Hollywood you really can't go wrong with this combination This third book in the Ex Heroes series is just as fun and entertaining as the first two A big thank you goes to LibraryThing and their Early Reviewers program which is where I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewSince this is a seuel be aware that there may be possible spoilers here for the previous books Ex Heroes and Ex Patriots if you haven't read them yet It is definitely best to read this series in order as our superhero main characters and their community of survivors have come a long way It has been years since the zombie plague decimated humanity but St George formerly the Mighty Dragon and his remaining fellow powered teammates have created a safe haven for the remnants of the populationStill many dangers still lurk beyond the walls The hordes of ex humans have become a new weapon for an enemy known as Legion who uses the dead as pawns in his attacks against the superheroes Things are not all well within the walls either as dissension spreads amongst the survivors and Zzzap's behavior becomes erratic The zombie plague has changed the rules about life and death but even then the heroes are surprised when a couple of faces they thought long departed also show up at the Mount Featuring the return of an old hero and the arrival of a new one as well this third Ex Heroes book definitely goes all out Certainly if you enjoy reading superhero fiction this series would be a great choice The inclusion of the zombie apocalypse injects a new twist into the subgenre too because it's not enough that our heroes already have their hands full keeping order in a modern day world they have to do it in the middle of a planet overrun with undead as well I just love how ideas like that continue to make these books interesting and fun to ponderAnd naturally it's the ensemble cast and their uniue powers that define a superhero book This installment allowed me to catch up with St George Stealth Cerberus Zzzap and Freedom As always I continue to find myself entertained by their individual personalities uirks and hangups In some ways reading about how the heroes' attitudes and morals clash with each other is even fun than seeing them use their powers to fight If anything I felt the book could have done with less action scenes at the beginning One might think superheroes vs the undead would be something no one would tire of like ever but you'd be surprised After all there's only so many ways you can describe a superhero crushing a zombie's skull and even in the opening seuence I was tempted to start skimming However the book picks up when it starts filling in the events of the present as well as in the past the latter achieved through chapters that leave the NOW and go back to THEN These brief looks into the past give the reader the necessary background information to appreciate the story all the I'm happy to see the series will continue Peter Clines has provided me so much entertainment over the last couple of years with these books I'd hate to see them end Post apocalyptic survival fast paced action superheroes saving the world from evil and monstrous villains you'll find that all here

  8. Karissa Karissa says:

    This is the third book in the Ex Heroes series by Peter Clines While nothing incredibly new happens in this book it was still a fun read about the superheroes we love and know taking on new challenges and protecting humanity in a zombie infested world There is a fourth book scheduled for this series called Ex Purgatory and it’s scheduled to release in January 2014I listened to this on audiobook and it was really well done There are two narrators again one for the male and one for the female voices They do a great job of telling the storySt George the Dragon Stealth Zap and crew are still running the Mount They have been joined by Captain Freedom and his men as well The Mount is getting so big that pressure starts to build within it To make matters worse Legion has increased his attacks on the Mount using his possessed zombies and even euipping them with armor of sorts All of these problems get even worse when Zap starts acting erratically and talking to himself Soon the Mount and its superheroes may face an enemy powerful than any they have ever knownAll of our favorite superheroes are back in the story and it was fun to read about them all Legion is getting and aggressive and creative with his attacks on the Mount Even aside from all of the tensions that are rising within the Mount; the residents have to go farther and farther out to amass suppliesAs with previous book the story switches between “Now” and “Then” The “Then” portions give us some insight into the superheroes’ past and what happened before things go to where they are todaySt George and Stealth feature for much of the story They’ve become an item and it is nice to see them have some happiness after all they’ve been through We also spend uite a bit of time with ZapBarry as the heroes try to figure out what’s going on with himCaptain Freedom is a great addition to the story as well He is such an upstanding and tough citizen and can fight like wellonly Captain Freedom can There is a new addition to the story in the character of Corpse Girl she is a mystery at first but ends up adding a lot of fun and interest to the storyThere is a lot of wonderful action a lot of zombie killing and all in all it makes for a very fun read I love reading about superheroes and zombies so the combination of the two make for a fun read for meOverall a fun addition to this series It you liked the previous books in this series I think you will enjoy this one There isn’t a ton new here but we meet a new character and get to see lots of zombie butt kicking so it was fun I recommend to those who like action packed reads about zombies and superheroes I will definitely be reading Ex Purgatory when it releases Honestly although I enjoy this series I enjoyed Peter Clines’ book 14 even so I recommend checking out 14 if you haven’t

  9. David(LA,CA) David(LA,CA) says:

    Fixes some issues I had with the previous books in the series but has its own problems to deal with Flashbacks are still present but are handled better It feels like there are less of them over all They're all connected to characters that are important to the story None of them involve getting into the head of a character with no redeeming value And the only one that is used to set up a cliffhanger from a previous chapter helps to explain a plot twist The plot twists were hidden better Or I wasn't paying close enough attention to pick up on them this time Actually thinking about it when the heroes realize one of the plot twists the evidence they use to reach that conclusion isn't really well explained This is happening Why am I sure of this? The sky is blue But that's not important someone's in trouble Lets goOne of the new problems is that the setting is starting to suffer a little from hero bloat We get one new hero that the story has to focus on uite a bit So a few of the previous heroes get pushed to the background One only gets a name dropAlso a change to one of the survivor's internal antagonists didn't get explained well enough for me She'd always been written as a pain in the backsides of the heroes but for an understandable reason This time a round she's become a pain for a totally new reason Over all Clines continues to do well what he's always done well and he's getting better in some of his problem areas But as the series continues on it's picking up some new problems

  10. Serena Serena says:

    I've really enjoyed how the voices were done in this and the previous Audiobook where everyone's words were actually spoken by different voice actorsZzap's has been hiding something since the last novel and no one knows uite what to or not to believeThat aside in this novel the title of Ex Communication and the Catholic Excommunication really almost gives away too much In this book religion's demons and sorcerers spirits and exes that speak and aren't Legion but real people returned to consciousness without living bodies are all touched upon Regenerator makes a appearence as well although his fate isn't a certain one

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