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Paperback ↠ Tuya ePUB å

Tuya ❰Download❯ ✤ Tuya Author Claudia Piñeiro – Un corazón dibujado con rouge cruzado por un “te uiero” y firmado “Tuya” le revela a Inés ue su marido la engaña Lo ue sigue a continuación no sólo es un policial vertiginoso y atrapante Un corazón dibujado con rouge cruzado por un “te uiero” y firmado “Tuya” le revela a Inés ue su marido la engaña Lo ue sigue a continuación no sólo es un policial vertiginoso y atrapante sino un retrato implacable de la vida familiar de la clase media Claudia Piñeiro capta con genialidad los tonos de las voces de la sociedad argentina Y entre ellas la de un ama de casa dispuesta a todo con tal de conservar su matrimonio y las buenas apariencias.

  • Paperback
  • 168 pages
  • Tuya
  • Claudia Piñeiro
  • Spanish
  • 24 August 2015
  • 9786071123497

About the Author: Claudia Piñeiro

Escritora guionista de televisión dramaturga y contadora argentinaSe recibió de contadora en la Universidad de Buenos Aires profesión ue ejerció durante diez años antes de dedicarse a la escrituraSu primera novela publicada fue una juvenil Un ladrón entre nosotros en —también año de su primer estreno teatral Cuánto vale una heladera— la ue al siguiente ganó el galardón ue o.

10 thoughts on “Tuya

  1. Kinga Kinga says:

    On the first few pages of All Yours Inés the heroine and part time narrator finds out her husband is cheating on her and witnesses as he accidentally kills his loverClaudia Piñeiro doesn’t beat around the bush she opens with a bang and keeps the suspense rising She barely leaves you any time to catch your breath All Yours is a rollercoaster ride You go up down left and right faster and faster And then before you know it barely 170 pages later it’s all overOur main companion on this ride is Inés a chatty narrator – the kind whose self righteous ramblings we are sometimes forced to listen to when stuck in a ueue in the supermarket She is calculating and obsessed with appearances and she would be excruciatingly boring if it wasn’t for the fact she found herself in this rather complicated situation involving infidelity obsession and murder I found it amusing to watch her ‘keep calm and carry on’ while her world falls into pieces Yet the only thing she is concerned with is maintaining the cozy status uo When she first finds a proof of her husband’s adultery she says “My instinct was to throw it in his face to say ‘What is this you piece of shit?’ Fortunately I chose instead to count to ten took a deep breath – and did nothing at all”Throughout the book Inés goes a long way to do nothing at all Her reasoning soon takes on psychotic characteristics and as she spirals out of control she reminds me of Juan Pablo Castel from the novel The Tunnel written by another Argentinian writer – Ernesto Sabato “All that mattered was to be vigilant to be sure that the relationship was not developing So I started going through his pockets opening his mail keeping an eye on his diary listening in on the extension when was on the telephone The kinds of things that any woman in my situation would do”No lady You’re just crazy She claims she knows her husband better than anyone because she knows all his habits and pet peeves Yet he doesn’t come across as a real person in her narrative He is just a husband figure without any human shape It is difficult to imagine that Inés loves him as she seems to be deprived of any feelings and her only driving force is the self preservation instinctThe real victim in this crime story is Lali Inés and Ernesto’s sixteen year old daughter She barely exists in her mother’s narrative and we get to know her through the conversations she holds with her friends and strangers And even then we learn about her through the meaningful ellipses And we soon realise that Lali is pregnant something her mother failed to notice too busy covering up the illicit affairs of her husbandAll Yours while pretending to be a crime novel is really a take on the all time favourite literary theme the decay of the middle class So much has been written on the subject that it is very hard to bring something new to table While not terribly original this portrait is still very accurate The story is strong and interesting but the novella seems rushed I wish Claudia Piñeiro slowed down and let everything sink in before throwing in another twist It was a very enjoyable read but frustrating at the same time because of its sparseness One thing is certain though Piñeiro is not one your usual creative writing course bred crime authors But we have a lifetime supply of these

  2. oshizu oshizu says:

    4 stars I loved the voice of the narrator as she awkwardly navigates her unsteady course through a dysfunctional marriage and family

  3. John John says:

    Supremely overconfident Buenos Aires wife and mother Inés Pereyra finds evidence that husband Ernesto has been cheating on her Just to confirm that her suspicions aren't misplaced she follows him one night when he's needed back at the office and witnesses him making a lakeside rendezvous with his secretary Alicia Never for one moment has Inés suspected that Alicia might be Ernesto's mistress; she knows of his other dalliances but this one seems to have been a longer term betrayal As she watchesErnesto impetuously pushes Alicia away from him; the woman stumbles and hits her head on a tree breaking her neckAll that Inés can think of is preserving her marriage the family's respectability and the status uo not necessarily in that order But as she finagles and manipulates she discovers that she was wrong about her husband's relationship with Alicia and that she's getting in way over her depthWhat she fails even to notice in her tunnel visioned zeal to solve the problem is that her and Ernesto's teenage daughter Lali is not only pregnant but approaching term All Yours is a shortish novel and so slickly and entertainingly written that I read it in overall perhaps a couple of hours always absorbed and very often chuckling witness Inés's reason for disliking Ernesto's real mistress on sight But what really make the tale work are the twists and turns of the plot one or two of which had me laughing aloud in appreciation of their audacity and the character of Inés who narrates maybe as much as three uarters of the tale Yes she's ghastly and in many ways we sympathize with poor Ernesto having to spend his life with her but at the same time her ghastliness is that of an adolescent suffering a particularly bad dose of the Dunning Kruger syndrome in other words it's easy to sympathize with her too as she cleverly navigates a very tricky courseThe last book I read was Sascha Arango's The Truth and Other Lies which has some similarities of plot and is likewise very good I think I like All Yours even better though

  4. Gloria Feit Gloria Feit says:

    Upon opening this slim novel the reader immediately enters the world of Ines Pereyra an Argentine woman who firmly believes that “All women are deceived by their husbands It’s like the menopause; it may come sooner or later but nobody gets away scot free” She was taught that at her mother’s knee after her father left the marital bed and home Her mother is uoted freuently After 17 years of marriage she learns this first hand when her suspicions turn out to be well founded After discovering incriminating love letters and other proof of his indiscretions she follows him to a park in Buenos Aires one evening only to witness him in a violent uarrel with a woman the outcome of which involves him dumping the woman’s body in a lake At first she conspires to alibi her husband Ernesto which she believes may only serve to bring them closer but the reader cannot help but feel this is a far fetched planAn alternating story line revolves around Ines and Ernesto’s teenage daughter Laura “Lali” who has serious problems of her own arising out of yet another ill advised sexual encounter and unfortunately without parents in whom she can confide being too wrapped up in their own crises as they areWritten with a finely tuned sense of irony this is an engaging off beat and somewhat different kind of tale one which is recommended

  5. Zoé-lee O& Zoé-lee O& says:

    Ok confession time this is the first time that I can think of that I have read a translated book At first I did find it a bit stilted but Iñes sucked me into her story and I didn’t see anything else The translation was smooth and the story was an intriguing oneI mean how would you behave if you found out your husband was cheating on you and then potentially killed said mistress? Would you help cover up the misdemeanour or would you send his sorry ass to jail?It was interesting to see the type of woman Iñes was She opens up her plight by suggesting that men always cheat it’s just a matter of when She’s been married to Ernesto for over 20 years and they have their daughter Lali Lali despises her mum and the few random chapters we have with her we see this The chapters with Lali are told through conversations she has had and her story really pummels home the isolation that surrounds this family as both parents are oblivious to what is going in front of themIñes only has eyes for Ernesto in every sense she is a woman portrayed as obsessed but with her monologue you see her protective Her behaviour does scream at you being a bit off the charts but when you find out what has happened you can see why she behaves the way she didThe ending was a shock I can honestly say I did not see that coming It was left in a way that’s open to interpretation but there is also a finality to the sorry scenario That is all I can say on the matterPiñeiro in a few short pages has taken us on a turbulent journey one that sends shockwaves throughout A woman scorned is not necessarily someone you would want to mess with Her actions have reasons right or wrong she can see no wrong she sees it as her mummy would be proud of her It leads me to believe that Iñes might be slightly unhinged You are never uite sure who held the aces between Ernesto or Iñes a tightly fought battle fraught with a lot of tension and manipulation Neither aware of the implosion they are about to cause in their family

  6. Denise Mullins Denise Mullins says:

    Ines Pereyra may dress with panache and be a domestic goddess but when it comes to feminine intuition she falls woefully short Believing herself to possess extraordinary insight and problem solving skills she not only fails to see the obvious signs that her husband Ernesto is an ungrateful longtime philanderer but when she finally discovers that he's implicated in a crime with his ex mistress she sets out to help him cover his tracks What follows is a humor filled comedy of errors in which the inept housewife's efforts to protect her beloved lead inevitably to complications and personal danger While the book is fairly short it manages to include Claudia Pineiro's trademark clever twists and turns Whether the ending vindicates or condemns Ines's actions is up to the individual reader and while some reviewers have seen this as a work that highlights the moral decay of the Argentine bourgeoisie I simply viewed it as a thoroughly enjoyable and campy tale of domestic mayhem

  7. Alia Alia says:

    Dark funny tight and very smart Inez is a fabulous unreliable narrator This was my first time reading Pineiro but will not be my lastespecially if I can find them in SpanishI'm not sure what other people found so disappointing about the ending I thought it was satisfying Then again I don't like stories sealed with a pretty bow

  8. Abdur Rahman Abdur Rahman says:

    this book started well but the ending makes this novel a damp suib a very positive start but the ending really sucks well written novel with a disappointing ending better dont waste your time on this novel

  9. Jessica Jessica says:

    Very entertaining a compulsive read I may add a staryup I did add a starIt was great fun and I'd love to read by Pineiro

  10. Tony Tony says:

    This slim Argentine crime novel about middle class marital infidelity in Buenos Aries has a neo noir vibe somewhat akin to films like Body Heat Blood Simple The Last Seduction etc It's a very simple plot with basically four characters that pivots on a few key twists along the way Bored housewife Ines begins to suspect her executive husband Ernesto of an affair when he shows a lack of sexual interest in her This leads to her snooping uncovering what appears to be a classic affair with his secretary Something unexpected happens and soon enough the two are jockeying for position as events unfoldThe story is told mostly from inside Ines's head and there's a kind of darkly humorous manic uality to her inner voice She plans and plots in what she believes to be a cunning manner but over and over the reader sees her mistakes and slipups There's a secondary plot about the couple's teenage daughter's secret pregnancy which is told almost entirely via phone conversations Other than extending the theme of family secrets and misperceptions it adds nothing and is really just a distraction There are a few other chapters that are written as documents entered into evidence in a court case these too add little to the proceedings and feel affectedThe book can easily be digested in a single 90 minute sitting and I ultimately found it unmemorable and kind of disposable I suppose one could reach for a generous view of it as a cautionary version of a wife's revenge fantasy but there's not enough to the characters to make one invested in any of it

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