Sheep in Wolves' Clothing Kindle ã Sheep in PDF/EPUB

Sheep in Wolves' Clothing Kindle ã Sheep in PDF/EPUB

Sheep in Wolves' Clothing [Epub] ➛ Sheep in Wolves' Clothing By Satoshi Kitamura – When Georgina Hubert and Gogol three sheep have their fleecy coats stolen from the beach while they are swimming they suspect that some wily wolves have pulled the wool over their eyes To catch the th When Georgina Hubert and Gogol three sheep have their fleecy coats stolen from the beach while they are swimming they suspect that some wily wolves have pulled the wool over their eyes To catch the thieves the sheep enlist the services of Elliott Baa private detective But will his smarts and the help of a gang of rugby loving cats be enough to crack this Sheep in PDF/EPUB ² case.

10 thoughts on “Sheep in Wolves' Clothing

  1. Ellie Morland Ellie Morland says:

    Fantastic illustrations in a comic like way One way to introduce children to storyboards I enjoyed the speech within the story and how well this could prompt children to use speech marks within their writing and how this is done well

  2. William Allen William Allen says:

    I enjoyed the story and the journey the sheep went on This is because the main characters Hubert and Georgina were always doing different activities and meeting different characters What I did find was that the way the characters spoken changed throughout the story Most of the time Satoshi wrote uotes in between pictures although in one scene speech bubbles were used Perhaps speech bubbles could have been used in dramatic and significant scenes Another aspect of the story that was engaging was that different locations were used which kept the story moving and entertaining Overall the story was enjoyable to read and I liked it but perhaps the drawings could improve but also the writing of characters For examples some characters would be introduced but then left out for the rest of the story without any real explanation

  3. Micaela Varela Micaela Varela says:

    This wasn't really what I was expecting when I first picked up this book By looking at the title it made me think the author was going to mix things up and make the sheep be the bad guys for once Spoiler they're not I was a little disappointed but overall I still enjoyed the story I think the art style of the book is what kept me interested the most I especially loved how the wolves look

  4. Anthony Anthony says:

    While enjoying the last swim of the year at the beach Georgina Hubert and Gogol have their fleecy coats stolen by wolves They hire Elliott Baa a private detective to recover their property With the help of a clowder of rugby loving cats Elliott solves the case and the stolen property is returned

  5. Mercy Mercy says:

    Kitamura cleverly displays a naivety of the sheep and the cunningness of the fox with an infusion of an ingenious sheep that unravels the mystery of the missing wool The ending is a hook that will keep readers speculating and interpreting it whichever way they want Intriguing

  6. Frances Coe Frances Coe says:

    Adventure based story

  7. Jamie Drutz Jamie Drutz says:

    I really enjoyed this book It was of a mystery and had a very uniue format that I don't see very often The book itself is vertical orientation and contains both images that are full bleed and those with white borders Many pages of the book are also set up in a comic strip style alongside full bleed images The font in the book is classic and the text is parallel to what's being said in the story The text is always placed in white space making it clear that it is not actually part of the illustrations The illustrations are very detailed especially the backgrounds which caught my attention uickly After just a few pages I was able to recognize the setting of the book; London The buildings and scenery in the images are very well done and reflected the real city accurately which led me to believe that the author must be from there Overall this book was different from what I expected In many stories where the wolf is the villain they're usually up to the same thing but in this case it's just business

  8. Sadie Sadie says:

    Sheep in Wolves' Clothing by Satoshi Kitamura is about three sheep who want to go to the beach When they get to the beach some wolves there tell them the salt water will ruin their wool coats and to just leave them with them So they do After a few hours they come out of the water and the wolves and wool are gone Luckily one of the sheep has a detective cousin who finds their wool but it's no longer their wool coats The wolves own a wool company and made wool clothes out of them So the sheep take the clothes and go back home I didn't like the book very much because it wasn't very enticing; it was too predictable What wolf is nice to sheep? I wouldn't recommend this book

  9. Alicia Alicia says:

    This book tells the tale of three sheep through a comic esue series of illustrations The author uses darker vintage feeling colors to give the book an old timey feel which adds to the book's parody on old detective movies The text is bold and black and is presented in various formats throughout the book The images also vary from page to page Some are full bleed with text near the top or middle while other feature panels and still others feature a combination of the two Overall it was pretty creative and I enjoyed it

  10. Rachel Manak Rachel Manak says:

    This book is done in a portrait orientation The cover page has very fun playful font along with a very unrealistic illustration The end pages are a dark green and the illustrations are full bleed with a few interesting cut outs The cut outs really add to the playfulness of the book and to the unrealistic aspect of the illustrations The text is also a bold font which adds to the story by making it playful There are an assortment of colors used some brighter some darker which really add to the overall feel of the story and the illustrations

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