The Fastest Growing Religion on Earth MOBI ✓

The Fastest Growing Religion on Earth MOBI ✓

  • Paperback
  • 184 pages
  • The Fastest Growing Religion on Earth
  • Doug Bremner
  • English
  • 08 June 2015
  • 9780983327066

9 thoughts on “The Fastest Growing Religion on Earth

  1. Jamie Jamie says:

    First off I would like to thank Momma Says Read for providing the giveaway in which I won this Second Thanks to the author for offering his book as a prize When I first got this book I was actually excited hoping to learn about genealogy What I got was mostly a personal account of the authors personal history While there were some interesting bits even in that it was not what I was hoping for Overall the book is as vague as the summary It touches a bit on how genealogy is so popular and obsessive by some it compares to and seems cultish and religious The book starts off about how Mormons collect records of birth marriage death etc of every person they can Then goes into mentioning his own experience a bit mentioning some sites he used Then back to Mormons then we jump into his personal conuest of his lineage All in the same chapter I would have felt much at ease with it if the book was done differently Maybe broken up the book the first chapter or 2 about genealogy in general The next several chapters can be his own experience then give websites experts etc It is so heavily mixed One minute I feel like I am reading a memoir the next a few paragraphs of an index His experience isn't covered in order either IT seems to work in flashbacks at times So ultimately very badly organized It would have been better to either write this as a memoir or break it up into sections Too much crossing over for me If you want to read about the authors family history read this book If you are looking to learn about genealogy and how to learn your own this isn't very helpful

  2. Judy Judy says:

    First of all a thank you is in order to the author for sending me a free copy of this book and to the Making Connections group for serving as the link between authors and reviewers THANK YOUNow onto the book I reuested this book because I've had this interest in genealogy that I've kept pushing aside as I know I don't have the time to start a new hobby From seeing the genealogy obsession that a couple I know has I knew it would be addictive to me too Maybe it would be a good thing to do when I'm retired These thoughts of mine were confirmed upon reading Doug Bremner's book Bremner became uite obsessed with finding out and about his past to the point of cold calling people who he fingered as potential relatives The mystery of his past particularly his mother's paternity gnawed away until he was able to pinpoint her heritage I did find sections of the book fascinating and finished it feeling like I knew something about how to investigate one's lineage It truly is amazing and overwhelming what resources are available via the internet The methods and amount of work and time to uncover his mother and grandmother's past was incredible While this book was interesting I wouldn't think it would be a book that just anyone would pick up and be compelled to read I think the writing could be a bit crisper and the fact that the subject matter his family limits the audience However I did enjoy reading it as I now know about genealogy and the mysteries it can unfold It is a uick read30 stars

  3. Linda B Linda B says:

    The title is a little misleading as this book is not about religion but about a growing obsession and passion for genealogy I have spent about twelve years researching my genealogy but I have always found that it is difficult to be interested in someone else’s history Fortunately Doug Bremner is an excellent writer and he has the ability to draw the reader into his story I found it a little difficult to follow at times but then I find it hard to follow my research when it gets a few generations back This is not a recitation of names and places but a real story of the history of this family and the struggle in finding information about a broken family I enjoyed reading about his method of finding and connecting with people for whom he hoped would hold the key to his story

  4. Sam Sam says:

    I received a copy of this via a goodreads giveaway and was really looking forward to reading it expecting it to be about genealogy in general and tips on how I can improve on my own family research It was instead an account of the author's own research and what he found out about his family Whilst there are a few references to websites etc the title of the book is completely misleading Don't get me wrong this wasn't all bad I uite like reading about other people's family histories and watching TV programmes of a similar nature but this book was so badly written I found it difficult to keep track of who was who The blurb indicated that this was the story of his mother's side of the family but huge chunks were dedicated to talking about his father's side which I believe he has already written a book onOverall it's a good story just not executed very well at all

  5. Lys Lys says:

    I received a free copy of this book from Making Connections and the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis book isn't what I expected but I did uite enjoy it It was a personal journey on the part of the author a memoir of sorts wherein he recounted the difficulty of his uest for his past and the personal reflection that accompanied him on that journey As a personal account of Mr Brenner's uest to find his family it was a successful and interesting read and I think he addressed a lot of uestions that are common to the human experience and grappled with doubts that most people have had For the most part the personal uest was not exclusionary it was exemplary The other aspect of the book was information on genealogy and how the process of trying to locate one's root has evolved There were a number of resources for starting one's own genealogical uest and a fair smattering of research and background information Because of the personal nature of the author's obsession he was able to recount in detail how the genealogy craze has grown up in America It's popularity and also the places that it overlaps with religion as well as speculation about its addictive ualities were all very interesting and the information on mitochondrial Eves was of specific interest to meBoth the personal and the informational ? researched aspects of the book were interesting and the book was pleasant to read It even spurred me into a brief foray with my own genealogy until I realized that such a uest would reuire resources than I really could devoteAll of that was good The bad might have been in the way the information was put together At times it was difficult to follow the story because there were a lot of names and obscure to the reader facts being thrown about There were full emails included some of which seemed mostly to be filler since other emails were omitted or since many were dead ends for the author There were lots of resources outside of the book that one could refer to but the resources within the book the author's tree for example came at odd points in the midst of huge information dumps While I understood as a reader that I needed the near misses and the disappointment of discovering an invalid connection I thought that my own lack of familiarity with Brenner's family tree was perhaps not being recognized by him Especially because I was reading an ebook I found myself in freuent need of a backtrack to remember what was being referred to The inclusion of headings dates and organized ualifying information and maybe a timeline might have helped me follow the personal aspect of the book much better

  6. Kristi Kristi says:

    I received this book as a Goodreads ARC giveaway and was asked for a honest reviewBeing a genealogist I had put myself in for the giveaway for this book and I'm glad I did as this book was interesting and informative I felt this is an excellent case study of Doug Bremner's genealogical pursuit and it's one I could identify with in parts I really liked that he expressed his thoughts as he encountered challenges crazy people and the various responses people give to those seeking family history However I do not uite feel that his overall thesis of how genealogy is the fastest growing religion on earth was supported in his book As I said it was a case study and there was a bit about some other genealogists but not with any great detail Nevertheless Bremner may not be wrong as I too was bit by the same bug in the early 90's and have spent countless hours researching and helping others research

  7. Brandon Brandon says:

    The Fastest Growing Religion on Earth takes you on the journey of Doug Bremner and his uest to fill out his family tree The book is of a narration about his ancestors rather than a book about this new craze that is Genealogy There are still a few chapters included that talk about where Genealogy came from and how the Mormon church is involved in the whole process It would be a great read for anyone who is thinking about tracing their ancestry since lots of examples of places to start are given throughout

  8. Linda M Linda M says:

    I received a copy of this book via Goodreads First Reads I really enjoyed this novel Bremner laid out his own journey in finding his relatives each step of the way but also included facts about how genealogy became a popular concept and an obsession for some people I found the story a bit confusing at times because there were a lot of similar names introduced that were hard to keep up with At the same time it was captivating It was very personal and detailed After reading this novel I am intrigued to learn about genealogy and possible get into it myself

  9. Bonny Macisaac Bonny Macisaac says:

    Judging from the title I had hoped for details about how a person can go about searching for their roots What I did find was the author's account of his own search and how one can get caught up in this uest Yes once you start you can't stop I did like the personal stories I think I would have rated it higher if there were some tips for searching for those of us just starting out

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The Fastest Growing Religion on Earth[PDF] ✅ The Fastest Growing Religion on Earth ✈ Doug Bremner – For millions of Americans the uest to find one’s ancestors has become an obsession and for some even a religion After writing a book about the history of his family the author realized that half of For millions of Americans the uest to Growing Religion PDF/EPUB Ã find one’s ancestors has become an obsession and for some even a religion After writing a book about the history of his family the author realized that half of it was missing literally This is the story about how he found the other half and what he learned along the way about the history and practice The Fastest PDF or of genealogy his fellow genealogy fanatics and himself.

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