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The Cornish Affair PDF Epub The Cornish Affair Laura Lockington Bystricepodhostynem.eu Fin Thinks She S Finished With Love.A Dedicated Food Lover, She Potters Around Her Country Kitchen With Nelson The Bad Tempered Parrot, Baxter The Dog And Her Delightfully Vague Aunt, Nancy Her Days Are Spent Creating Ambitious Recipes And Gazing Out Onto The Cornish Coast From Her Cliff Top Home The House Of Dolphins.But This Summer Something Is About To Change At The Annual Port Charles Beach Party The Glamorous TV Chef Oliver Dean Is Making An AppearanceRich, Worldly, And Successful He Couldn T Be Different From Fin.And Yet Sometimes Opposites Attract And Suddenly Fin Realises That Romance Is On The Menu.But Does She Still Know The Ingredients For A A Cornish Affair Or Is This A Recipe For Heartbreak The Cornish Affair Is A Delicious Marriage Of Romance And Food It Is Perfect For Lovers Of Cooking And Romance And Anyone Who Has Ever Had A Sunny Or Rainy Stay In Cornwall A Laugh Out Loud Foodie Romance Throw In The Magic Of Cornwall, Beach Picnics, A Handsome TV Chef And The Eccentric Inhabitants Of Port Charles And I Guarantee You Won T Be Able To Put It Down Sarah Rayner, Best Selling Author Of One Moment, One Morning.When She S Not In The Kitchen Or Mentally Cataloguing The Contents Of Her Cupboards, Laura Lockington Is A Writer And Playwright Random House Published Her First Two Books, Stargazy Pie And Capers In The Sauce She Has Also Co Written Several Plays For BBC Radio 4, Including A Comedy Set In A Beach Hut She Shares Her Flat With A Frenchman, A Wire Haired Fox Terrier And A Greedy Fridge That Demands Feeding With Monotonous Regularity.Endeavour Press Is The UK S Leading Independent Digital Publisher.

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    There are some incredibly interesting characters featuring this in book, from Fin who the story revolves around, who can describe the weather in soup flavours, to Martha a food historian who is full of interesting facts about food, although she does try to serve medieval fare to people, and then there is the TV Chef Oliver Dean, who certainly knows his food Obviously the common theme from all my favourite characters is that they love food, and since Fin creates the recipes involved in ready meals, there is a fair amount of food talk and recipe testing going on, all of which made me quite hungry This is set to the backdrop of Port Charles a small cornish town, and Fin s stunning cliff top house, which is known as The House of Dolphins Fin lives there with her aunt Nancy, who is another great character and full of spark, her dog Baxter who really doesn t seem to like her parrot Nelson Nelson is brilliant, he managed to pick the most inappropriate things to repeat, and generally seems to be quite a clever bird It s not just all food and animals though, and the middle of the book really ramps up the drama of the story, and feels like it is based on real recurring events, which makes it all the upsetting in some respects There is romance too, from the almost mail order bride, to talk of arranged marriages, the older generation flirting, and o...

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    I don t think there are as many errors as I expected I ve read worst grammar in free readsIt was a cute little story Nothing taxing Yes, a little predictable as all is well that ends well But for me an ideal Kindle read to have on the go in tangent with other real books

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    Oh, I wish the author would let somebody proofread So cute funny but very annoying little errors.

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    Laura Lockington is a new to me author And I want to say, how glad I am I found her.Fin is a chef She creates foods which are generally marketed for those people who need something quick to fix for dinner She is very creative and she loves the thought and effort taken to create something truly wonderful Her entire life has become her home, her village and the food she creates Fin lives in her home, The House of Dolphins, on the top of a Cornish cliff She shares her home with her Aunt Nancy and a dog named Baxter who hates the parrot named Nelson.She grew up in this home and it is filled with her family memories and history It ties her to her late parents and all the joy she shared with them when she was a child Rooms and objects bring forth her past life and the sense of security she had in the past.The village where she lives, Port Charles, is a fishing village which has seen better days At one time there was a tin mine which provided jobs but now there is fishing for some and the hope of tourists for others But, times are hard.The story is of every day life But, it certainly could not be considered normal There are secrets, disasters and just the general day to day life.This small town is populated by all sort of different people Each of them have a story to tell and each of those stories add to the atmosphere When the town is devastated by a storm, this reader felt the pain a...

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    HelloI have just abandoned The Cornish Affair in total disgust Please read my review I don t know whether this is a problem with the Kindle book but the grammar and punctuation are quite simply appalling I have given up reading, as I just can t cope with the number of errors.These sentences are typical We ll have the drink I was reading in a book the other day, they sounded delicious the world outside that sold any ingredient that couldn t be found in the Port Charles store The author jumps from one tense to another, often within a single sentence wiping his hands and beamed at us Apostrophes seem to have escaped the author s attention comp...

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    A young woman, Fin, who has spent all her life in the moderate comfort of her family home in a Cornish fishing village, has a famous TV chef foisted on her for a new project An innovative chef herself, she resents his presence at first but when the village and house fall victim to a freak storm, the two become closer In the aftermath, Fin has to face up to the fact that she might lose her home...

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    I categorized it as a romance, buit in reality it s not and that was my main problem with the book It s not a real romance in the sense that much time is devoted to the interaction between the heroine and the hero so to speak Here we re introduced to a whole lot pf side characters, it actually takes a while for the love interest to make an appearance and she even sleeps with someone else first Erm, not my style Also as others have noted as well, the ...

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    I enjoyed the story It was a light easy read Nothing too special The number of typos and errors was extremely distracting I know the book was a freebie on but the number of errors wasn t really acceptable.

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    TantalizingWish I knew a gorgeous chef, who was rich and successful be quite good to be Winer dined and seduced This was a good book the location seemed to spring into my mind all the time, reminding me of why I love Cornwall, well written and good storyline..

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    really loved this book and hope Laura will write a follow up. Anything involving Cornwall and cooking chefs has me gripped

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