Batman 66 MOBI å Paperback

Batman 66 MOBI å Paperback

Batman 66 ❰Epub❯ ❧ Batman 66 Author Bill Finger – For the first time DC Comics collects Batman stories originally published between 1948 and 1966 that were adapted into specific episodes of the classic Batman TV series Starring The Joker The Penguin For the first time DC Comics collects Batman stories originally published between and that were adapted into specific episodes of the classic Batman TV series Starring The Joker The Penguin The Riddler and Mr Freeze here called “Mr Zero” and featuring the debut of Batgirl these stories have never been collected together before Collected from BATMAN and and DETECTIVE COMICS and .

10 thoughts on “Batman 66

  1. Joe Crawford Joe Crawford says:

    35 Goofy fun with not a Dark Knight to be found

  2. Scott Waldyn Scott Waldyn says:

    Haven't read much Batman prior to the 1970s but I am a huge fan of the 66 show This collections has a bunch of stories that inspired the Adam West Batman show and they're all pretty fun Some gems include Joker's utility belt the first appearance of Batgirl and the first appearance of The Riddler

  3. Jeff Schmitt Jeff Schmitt says:

    What a fun book Grew up a huge fan of the television series and had always readheard that some of the episodes were based on comic storieshad just never tracked them down until now It was great to read these stories and remember the episodes that they inspired Two disappointmentsno Catwoman and the Batgirl story was just the very original Barbara Gordon origin Otherwise very highly recommended

  4. John Yelverton John Yelverton says:

    An absolutely wonderful graphic novel that takes you down the road of Batmania nostalgia Fun artwork and great story lines will make you treasure the day you picked this book up

  5. tony dillard jr tony dillard jr says:

    The 1966 Batman series redefined the Caped Crusader Despite the ultra camp factor of the TV series the show has endured as a fan favorite for over 50 years This DC Comics collection features about a dozen stories that either influenced or were influenced by the ABC live action series Featuring The Riddler Penguin and The Joker almost all of your favorite villains are here Sorry no Catwoman But this volume does contain the origin of the Barbara Gordon Batgirl and the first appearance of Mister Freeze using his original moniker Mr Zero Some of these stories are sheer genius Others are uite mad or madcap You definitely can see the influences regardless Speaking of influences I love the Amanda Conner tribute coverWith art and stories by Jerry Robinson Bill Finger Carmine Infantino and many this is a great way of getting to read the stories that inspired a cult classic without having to pay collector's prices

  6. Scott Williams Scott Williams says:

    This is a collection of silver age Batman stories that inspired the ‘66 TV series Included are origin stories for Mad Hatter Mr Freeze and Batgirl Also included are some great Joker Riddler and Penguin stories One can recognize some plot points or some dastardly traps from these stories in episodes of the TV series I found myself reading with Adam West’s and Burt Ward’s voices

  7. Brian Brian says:

    Man the only thing missing with this was the Narrator sound effects and the musicLoved reading this collection of comics that inspired the campy show just go to show you that if you search hard enough you can find comic book stories that support your point of view

  8. Zach Josh Zach Josh says:

    Classic fun cheesy comics of “the caped crusader” and “the boy wonder”

  9. Mohammad Aboomar Mohammad Aboomar says:

    Campy as hell except the last 2 stories

  10. Michael Gordon Michael Gordon says:

    Great collection of stories that inspired the ‘66 tv series as well as some that were inspired by it Though many were written long before the series was cast it is easy to imagine the voices of Adam West Burt Ward and the rest as you read through the panels Looks like the many of the classic tales were restored and recolored and look better than when they first appeared on newsstands

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