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  1. A.B. Gayle A.B. Gayle says:

    YA as far as I can gather covers 12 18 year olds with similarly aged protagonists no sex and exploring some of life's issues If so this book wouldn't be suitable for them which is a pity as it is a fabulous well written very moving book that many young adults would unfortunately relate toBut it's not a romance It's pure gay fiction the sort of book I wish mm romance writers would read every now and then to gain a real understanding of what growing up gay is all aboutThe theme of bullying is so excellently depicted your heart just bleeds for the protagonist and the author himself as Wayne Mansfield admits that many of the scenes depicted happened to himI think what really resonated for me were the side characters Those that could haveshould havewould have helpedIn the Author's note he writesIf you know or suspect that someone is being bullied please take the time to talk to them They may not bring it up themselves or want to talk about it but knowing someone is there to support and talk to is often empoweringI for one am prepared to promote the book as much as I can as I believe that is a great way to show supportThe style of writing is good with most done in third person however at times the protagonist slips into fantasizing and those sections are written first person present tense This works brilliantly and adds just the right feel to the book as you're swept away in dreams of what the world should be likeI've never read any of Wayne's books before as I don't tend to go for dark erotica however if and when I do read them I'm sure I will have a much better appreciation on where those ideas come from after reading what he felt growing upUnfortunately you won't go away after reading The Hiding Place feeling that life is now a bed of roses As Wayne also says in his Author's noteAnd it is a struggle I can also tell you first hand that these scars last well into adulthood These scars can take the form of depression and other mental disorders inability to form lasting relationships trust issues low self esteem lack of confidence anxiety or anger issues and sometimes suicideSometimes I wonder if by enduring suffering and hardship and surviving we can learn lessons and gain the strength to help others I hope that is the case in this respect and Wayne has found the strength to survive If this is a good example of his writing that alone shows he has something very valuable to add to the worldDefinitely worth reading

  2. SheReadsALot SheReadsALot says:

    A Hearts On Fire Review THREE A HALF STARS Wayne Mansfield's The Hiding Place deals with tough subject matters bullying attempted suicide mental health issues and fantasizedimplied dub con So if any of those subjects are triggers I'd advise you skip this one because it's a sad depressing short story Romance this is not you've been warnedI enjoyed this book and at points I didn't This story is one that shines a light on bullying and its effects it can lead on lives We meet Bryan 18 year old high school senior He's tormented during school days to no help teachers add to the problems and his family life is closer to non existent He's depressed and trying to keep together for a few months before being able to move to the city and away from his tormentors His only solace? His fantasy world where he's loved touched and treated like a human being Bryan relies on his imagination to create companionship and love However once he moves away from home life does not get betterWayne Mansfield writes pretty solid stories including this one And I appreciate the message brought on the anti gay bullying through this raw story telling but the story had a few issues for me Concerns No safe sex practices sometimes the pacing was weird the transition into Bryan's fantasy at times was a rough one Was he raped? Was it in his mind? Whatever that was it was pathetic and sad You can't help but feel for Bryan's disturbed mindThe Hiding Place is a metaphor for the world Bryan fantasizes It's a lonely world and the ending is especially disturbing and haunting before the 'conclusion' Don't expect a happy one but a realistic one For less than 60 pages the story leaves an emotional punch

  3. Kazza Kazza says:

    Despite the cover and what you read in the official blurb this is not a YA LGBT book Perhaps New Adult upwards is a better description It is an ebook about the effects of bullying on an eighteen year old boy which takes up at towards the end of high school through to his time at uni It is uite dark and does not have a cookie cutter HEA ending My full review contains uite a few spoilers and is at On Top Down Under Book Reviews

  4. Trio Trio says:

    Partially autobiographical Wayne Mansfield’s The Hiding Place is a heartfelt story about a teen aged boy dealing with some truly horrific events Living with both abuse and neglect are taking their toll and hoping for good things in his future is the only thing keeping this young man goingThe story opens with Bryan as a high school senior being bullied and tormented by fellow students and even one of his teachers While he gets a small show of support from a few peers most are afraid to go against the “popular” boys and defend him Bryan has learned to make himself as invisible as possible in hopes of avoiding all attentionHome isn’t much of a refuge for Bryan either living with his alcoholic abusive dad and his distant neglectful mom By the time Bryan realizes maybe his folks do care he feels it’s too late to do any good In Bryan’s case the lack of concern and involvement from the adults in his life proves to be especially harmful Bryan finds ways to escape and create some peace for himself but even those times are fraught with fear of being discovered and persecuted This young man can’t find any way to be truly comfortable in his skin and even his fantasy lovers abuse himThe repeated abuse that Bryan suffers leaves him feeling unlovable and depressed with no self esteem However Bryan’s continually renewed optimistic outlook made me hopeful for his future He always seems to be looking for something better to happen to him whether it is devoted friends and affectionate lovers success in school or even just someone looking out for him Bryan doesn’t give upWhat struck me most about Wayne Mansfield’s writing is the poetry and lyricism of some of the passages Alternating between hopelessness anger and despair the slivers of optimism that shine through and the haunting beauty of Bryan’s continual cry “to be loved” touched me deeply I enjoy the way the chapters alternate between the first and third person point of view it adds to the intimacy of this story and makes it feel personalIn The Hiding Place Wayne Mansfield delivers a powerful message about the damage bullying does to teens As he references in his author’s note in addition to the issue of teen suicide victims of bullies suffer from depression anxiety low self esteem and many other lifelong issues I personally hope that acceptance and tolerance for everyone regardless of their preferences continues to grow in our society and stories like Bryan’s will be just a distant memory

  5. Jeff Erno Jeff Erno says:

    The Hiding Place by Wayne Mansfield is a touching story that is also chillingly haunting It is a dark story but that's because the topic is dark The story is heart wrenching and at times I was angry A couple times I had to put the book down and look away clear my head It disturbed me so muchI have to be honest I'm still angry I'm so fucking angry how unfair it is for people to endure such cruelty And yes I know this is just fiction But you know what? Kids do go through this And it does affect them well into adulthood It follows them all their livesThe aspect of this story that cut right to the bone with me was how Bryan identified as sub and related it to his abuse It scares me and makes me wonder about a lot of things I think maybe he needed a Master for two reasons One was that he never had a protective parental influence in his life It was what he'd always craved someone to make him feel safe And secondly because he felt inferior as if he was less He craved being used because it gave his life meaning Otherwise he was worthlessI just have one thing to say I hope people won't rate this book low because it disturbs them or because they don't understand Sometimes those are the most memorable stories of all

  6. Buda Buda says:

    In many ways this book was too close for comfort but it was a great read Anyone who uestions what being bullied does to a person should be made to read this

  7. Gavin Stephenson-Jackman Gavin Stephenson-Jackman says:

    A very interesting and difficult short read Bryan like so many keeps secrets or at least tries to He knows he's gay but won't acknowledge it publicly instead burying it internally in a fantasy world Escape to college is his chance to break free and leave old humiliations behind Unfortunately a brief encounter brings all the old fears and internalized homophobia back He goes to extreme measures as he's losing hope and losing himself This short novella deals with some very serious and disturbing themes in a sensitive and thoughtful manner Many of us have been in these dark places and all too many have not survived

  8. jules0623 jules0623 says:

    35 stars Beautifully written I do wish it had continued a little longer but I can understand why it ended where it did

  9. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    2013 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge

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The Hiding Place ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Hiding Place By Wayne Mansfield ➲ – Like a million other young gay men Bryan keeps his sexuality hidden because it’s safer that way Yet other guys know he’s different they sense it and make Bryan’s life pure hell At home things ar Like a million other young gay men Bryan keeps his sexuality hidden because it’s safer that way Yet other guys know he’s different they sense it and make Bryan’s life pure hell At home things aren’t much better He barely acknowledges his alcoholic father and his mother has little time to spend with her family So Bryan is alone with no support no shoulder to cry onYears of torture and torment of name calling and humiliation have taken their toll Bryan The Hiding MOBI :å does what he can to make new friends but in trying to be something he’s not he makes a huge mistake Unable to cope with the repercussions Bryan spends and time in a fantasy world he has created for himself In this private world he is handsome an object of desire He is lovedIs The Hiding Place as perfect as it seems Or will Bryan go too deep and not be able to come out again.