Ebook ã 80 AD eBook å

Ebook ã 80 AD eBook å

80 AD (Book 4) ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ 80 AD (Book 4) By Aiki Flinthart ➦ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Ever wondered what India was like in 80AD Well neither had Jade and Phoenix until they end up there for Level 4 of the game 80AD Transported from the deserts of Egypt into the tropical heat of India t Ever wondered what India was like in AD Well neither had Jade and Phoenix until they end up there for Level of the game AD Transported from the deserts of Egypt into the tropical heat of India they have to face a whole new range of enemies Snake gods invading armies assassins and war elephants are all on the listTo complicate matters the Game is now open to internet gamers in their world adding a whole new level of difficulty When they meet a fellow gamer they are in for the ride of their livesAll they want to do is complete their next uest yet somehow they end up involved in a full scale war between Indian rival kings Each army is over strong and prepared to fight to the bloody death to hold the town of PuneUnfortunately it's also the town Phoenix and Jade must get to to complete Level They must return The Sudarshana to the statue of Vishnu in Pune before the death of the moon With two armies in the way and assassins sent by Feng Zhudai hot on their tail the task seems impossible Zhudai's minions will do everything they can can to stop Phoenix and Jade They have to outwit the enemy and stop a war to get the uest finished in time If they fail all hope of ever getting home is gone.

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  1. Amber Amber says:

    Phoenix Jade Brynn and Marcus are back in this all new adventure in the 80 ad series They are now in Level 4 India and their goal is to return the Sudarshana to Vishnu's Temple in Punya Vaisha Can they accomplish their goal while fighting Snake men killer assassins two warring armies and another player who is slowly weakening Jade for his own gain? Read this and find outI enjoyed this 4th Installment of the 80 AD series and can't wait to finish this series with book 5 the Yu Dragon You can get this entire series for free on Smashwords so definitely check it out if you like action adventure fantasy historical stories

  2. Tim Smith Tim Smith says:

    You can read my review at

  3. Michelle Westman Michelle Westman says:

    Good book

  4. Richard Richard says:

    A good addition to the series Our heroes adventure in a game world continues this time they are in India The story is of the same great uality as the previous book the characters are excellent and the group dynamics is fantasticThe new character in this book that joins our regulars on their uest is a player from the real world This was very interesting to see as it has massive implications for what is going on in the story Unfortunately it raised a number of plot points that are my main reason for only rating this book three stars Firstly the new character states that every character in the computer game has their own uniue uests this is to stop players teaming up and they are not allowed to discuss what their uests are with other players or they will be banned This doesn't make sense in the real world since it would be practically impossible to create that many uniue uests for 1000's of players Plus the fact that the whole point of on line games IS to team up with other players in order to complete uests And why they heck doesn't anyone tell him HELP We are trapped in this game and can't get outAdmittedly this may be explained in the final book but it also seems odd that new players have been allowed into the game after our two heroes have become trapped in it it has been assumed that their real bodies are still in the real world plugged into the gameThe other problem I had with this book is that most of the main plot points are from the previous books; avoid a large army book one go back and help people instead of adventuring on towards your goal book two free a trapped God book three There are some new things in this book but not enough for my likingOverall this was a good story with great characters and group interactions but was let down by the fact it is too similar to the rest of the series and plot points that make no logical sense

  5. Sharon Kennedy Sharon Kennedy says:

    This is the fourth in the series 80 AD and this time our intrepid heroes are in India fighting snake gods trying to stop a war and they only have about 5 days to do thisOur little band of heroes find themselves meeting another PLayer which tells them that the game is now open to anyone This character can interact with the outside world so every so often his avatar pauses while he checks GoogleYes it was predictable in that SPOILER the Player they meet turns out to be working for the bad guys but then he does get a chance to redeem himself He also makes reference to using a pretty blue potion which is important in the next book But the fact it was obvious didn't spoil the story but again there was a lot of periods of self doubt but again they are still only just 13 years oldThe only thing that I felt was missing from this book was during the battle when Phoenix was trapped and Jade blows the hornand there was the opportunity for the cry THE EAGLES ARE COMING But that would have been an extra cherry I suppose

  6. Mike Mike says:

    After the exciting action and story progression in the first three books this one felt like a bit of a let down There was almost no plot to this story view spoilerjust three short battles and a bit of walking in between hide spoiler

  7. Dan Rogers Dan Rogers says:

    Another enjoyable book in the 80AD series After having finished the 3rd book The Tekhen of Anuket I was not so sure that I wanted to continue reading this series as I felt that there was a bit too much for me gore in that story Thankfully enough time has passed since I read it that this past weekend I decided to give it a try Much to my surprise and pleasure the author toned back that part of the story without compromising on the action I started this book on Friday and found that I just couldn't put it down So although this was a bit lengthy 449 pages on the Kindle I flew right through it and enjoyed it a lot One book to go Can't wait to see how it ends

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    I did enjoy this book however not as much as the third one I did like the little twist at the end of this tale I did not see the assign stealing Jade and succeeding in getting her to China before her friends However I did miss the humor that existed in the third book I just feel like that was the missing part of this book The book did have some humorous moments that I was able to laugh at but not at the same level as book three In the end I would recommend the book I enjoyed the little adventure and the fight that exist at the end It followed true to fantasy adventure

  9. Heather Heather says:

    It's gotten better As soon as certain elements were mentioned in the story I knew what was going to come to light I did like seeing Jade toughen up and stop whining and not being the pansy girl trope that plagues a lot of fantasy where gaming is involved However I still find Phoenix to be selfish Marcus to be wooden and Brynn to be the obnoxious little brother that your parents force you to take along

  10. Bill Tillman Bill Tillman says:

    This an interesting book with lots of new twists from the first three the four friends find themselves in India this time In the middle of a great war between different factions they must restore a sacred treasure and balance the powers of the land Page turner fun get it

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