Elephantmen Volume 6 MOBI ê Elephantmen Volume

Elephantmen Volume 6 MOBI ê Elephantmen Volume

Elephantmen Volume 6 ❰Epub❯ ❤ Elephantmen Volume 6 Author Richard Starkings – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Collecting issues #40 49 of Image's longest running Pulp Science Fiction series Elephantmen Volume 6 is packed with extras including the Hip FlaskStrontium Dog crossover by Starkings and Boo Cook and Collecting issues of Image's longest running Pulp Science Fiction series Elephantmen Volume is packed with extras including the Hip FlaskStrontium Dog crossover by Starkings and Boo Cook and the Hip FlaskMarineman crossover by Starkings and Ian Churchill.

8 thoughts on “Elephantmen Volume 6

  1. Joshua Joshua says:

    Elephantmen is to my mind a wonderful example of what is possible in comics as well as a serious meditation on Humanity Richard Starkings has created a marvelous cyber punkscience fictioncrime noirMelodrama romance universe which is simply gorgeous to behold While there is sometimes not as much attempt at depthful world building as I would have liked this book continues in the path of the previous installments by following these characters through further intrigue tragedy manipulation while sowing seeds for future storiesThis book is simply strange and marvelous because Starkings tells stories through a medium that can entertain virtually any sort of imagining its creator can fashion Elephantmen is at times ridiculous and silly but it's also far fetched and terribly real Elephantmen is a beautiful reminder of what you can do in comics and I can't wait to read

  2. Tomas Tomas says:

    After 6 regular volumes and one zero issue I decided to write a bit about this series It is a mixed bag The author does not focus on a single character not even on the fixed set of characters Almost every issue is about some different aspect of Elephantmen universe There are characters constantly introduced and some are there just briefly 1 or 2 issues and some pop up from time to time This creates a sense that the Elephantmen universe is huge but also a shallow one There are 2 kind of main characters Hip Flask Ebony Hide which have violent programing repressed by another kind of brainwashing and will to live a normal life having partners growing old which I was super interested to see of but I had to read a stories about different characters Some of those stories were excellent don't get me wrong Everything regarding professor Nikken was absolutely fascinating and horrifying But I believe that a world building should have been done at a slower pace So I can get used to characters that are being killed off in next issue I would rather have the main storyline and a couple of tie ins for people that are really into it Art is sometimes very nice and sometimes appalling You really need to lower your expectation regarding artI often had to force myself to read another issue and I will not continue reading it further because reading this series felt like a work a fun work but work nevertheless

  3. Jakub Kvíz Jakub Kvíz says:

    Satisfying end of the series well at least its first part mainly because this volume avoided all that bugged me in previous 3 or 4 booksFinally the both the story and art are consistent Not that many side stories to distract you from the main storyline and the art in the main story is done mostly by one artistI am bit surprised that the ending kind of remained open as I was under impression that the 2260 series will have a fresh story but it feels like there will be to thisI was pretty sure to drop this series but I am bit intrigued to give 2260 a chance Especially when the first volume is for 999

  4. Eric Montoya Eric Montoya says:

    Took a while for me to get through all six volumes but hot damn were they sooooo worth my time and money If you haven't heard of Richard Starkings' or read any of his books may I humbly present Elephantmen for your literary consideration His saga is some of the best science fiction I've read in uite a while the art is beautiful to boot And if you aren't a hard copy kind of human these are all available on 's ComiXology website for digital download I can't recommend these books enough Whether you're a longtime comic book reader or new to the medium these volumes are a great choice for your next consumption I promise

  5. Baba Baba says:

    There's still Elephantmen being killed there's still huge issues around inter species dating but we now have an Elephantmen profit a possible hybrid birth and secrets of the past come to the fore as Promethean become over in their strategiesThe book despite the multi layered plotting and very good world building struggles to get a real buy in from me possible due to generally one dimensional characterisations but hey up I'm still here 7 out of 12

  6. Timothy Pitkin Timothy Pitkin says:

    I liked some of the world builiding but this volume just lacks alot of focus as we not only get a story line with Yvette from the preuel but also development of Hip and Miki Ebony and Vanity a storyline with the Silencer a origin story for Panya and like a couple dozen other storylines that it is really hard to keep track of as sometimes it will drop one plot line to pick up with another and then a few pages later it will go back to a previous dropped plot line and while I liked the world building as we see some focus on the political sign later on when Sahara takes the spot light but still its just one big mess of tangled plot lines that somehow end up on the moon and mars A beautiful mess with some cool stuff but still a big tangled mess

  7. Shane Shane says:

    435 out 5 stars

  8. Art Art says:

    I really like this series a lot

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