High Rise The Complete Collection MOBI Í High Rise

High Rise The Complete Collection MOBI Í High Rise

High Rise The Complete Collection ☆ High Rise The Complete Collection PDF / Epub ✩ Author Harper Bliss – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Four women One building A million complicationsHigh Rise is a series of lesbian erotic romance novellas focusing on four women who live in The Ivy the ‘sexiest building in Hong Kong’Alex a local g Four women The Complete PDF/EPUB ¼ One building A million complicationsHigh Rise is a series of lesbian erotic romance novellas focusing on four women who live in The Ivy the ‘sexiest building in Hong Kong’Alex a local gym instructor Her room mate Nat a celebrated American writer who moved to Hong High Rise PDF \ Kong for love Their upstairs neighbour Maddie a workaholic investment banker And the penthouse inhabitant Isabella a psychiatrist who’s lived in the city for fifteen yearsRomances develop and untangle as these four women get to know each other betterThis collection includesNovella Fool for LoveNovella Undisclosed DesiresNovella Rise The Complete MOBI õ No Ordinary LoveNovella Close EnoughWords approximate.

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  1. Corporate Slave Corporate Slave says:

    There’s a reason why Harper Bliss is my favorite author The woman really knows how to write steamy dramatic entertaining and sexy books This one was no different a story full of entertainment involving 4 very sexy characters The story is set in Hong Kong which makes it even interesting because I’ve always wanted to visit it but never got the chance I liked the fact that it gave you a glimpse of that cosmopolitan part of the world Very solid 5 stars

  2. hubsie hubsie says:

    After having a few false starts with Ms Bliss's writing including this one uite awhile ago I took a chance with French Kissing and uite enjoyed it So I decided to go back to this one to see if my opinion changed but unfortunately it didn't This didn't hold the same depth or interest as the above mentioned one There was a very thinnon existent plot character development lacking but a whole lotta sex If you want sex read this book Some scenes uite enjoyable and tantalizing and I don't suggest reading this on your lunch break in a public placeI had visions of throwing ego driven Nat off the 43rd floor terrace after the utter selfishness of what she pulled with Isabella as well as how heartless she is portrayed with her numerous one night stands I saw chiseled abs everywhere including bus shelters and brick walls after the copious descriptions of Alex's body Hey I love a hot body show just not at the expense of going deeper into her character And Maddie just fell flat for me though I could have been jaded due to us reader's initial meeting of her being right in the middle of having an affair with a married woman Isabella was intriguing but we didn't get enough about her just scratched the surface I get that the pairings were supposed to be opposites attract or taming the serial casual fucker but overall these couples didn't interest me If anything I wish Alex and Isabella would have hooked up as they clearly know how to hold a relationship better than the other two Just ok for me at 255 

  3. Musa Musa says:

    First book that set places in my hometown of course I'll have to grab a copy I find the setting of this book very interesting It's also uite true that if you live in an expat community no matter how big the city's population is it is sometimes a very small place I love the dynamics the contrasts and the alternate voices of the characters The uite oriental and morally minded Alex vs Maddie who's last relationship was a fling with a married woman from the office; the steady and mature Isabella vs the younger and insecure Nat who is known for being a player Each of them and their problem feels real and it's something that you can relate toI'm almost laughing at the reference to the Hello Kitty girls I think I have a pretty good idea what the author means If you are ever going to visit Hong Kong I'll highly recommend the Dragon's back hiking trail as well It got the best view of the Hong Kong island and best of all it's easily accessible by public transport and ends with great food

  4. Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V. Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V. says:

    I really enjoyed this story I originally got the first two novellas of this story for free on and then decided to just buy the collection in full because I was enjoying the story so much Four lesbian women living in Hong Kong trying to balance career friendship heartache and romance This story is made up of 4 different novellas which alternate POVs Novellas 1 and 3 are from Alex and Maddie's perspective while 2 and 4 are from Nat and Isabella's perspectives I really enjoyed the shared comradere between these 4 women Although there are romantic complications throughout I just enjoyed a look at real women trying to be comfortable about who they are in a place that appreciates its history than changing with the times and accepting those that don't fit into a tight perfect box I felt like even though there was a lot of drama in this story which is to be expected in a romance it wasn't unrealistic in anyway The women in this story all have real issues that they are dealing with and I feel like it would be difficult to not find someone's story to relate to You don't have to be a lesbian to understand the things these women are going throughAll in all I love Harper Bliss I've read a few of her novellas at this point including Wetter and New Girl and even though all are erotica to some extent they are not lacking in story by any means

  5. Kath Kath says:

    Loved it Drama and hot sex

  6. OonaReads OonaReads says:

    I felt like the two novellas in the middle dragged but the first and the last one were good

  7. Tara Tara says:

    I loved this and the way it's structured It would have been okay to read the novellas individually but they work really really well as a collection

  8. moxieBK moxieBK says:

    High Rise The Complete Collection — Harper Bliss 4 books 275pg July 4 8 2018 Note This is a super sexy book involving four women of consenting age There are explicit sexy scenes Only intended for readers of legal age 21 and above in America Note There is a bondage scene at the beginning of book three Harper Bliss is a very prolific writer She has great ideas I’m always attracted to her plots So then I don’t know why I don’t enjoy her books ? This was one set that started out a little rough for me but soon in the first book I fell in love with the characters and each book got strongerBook 1 For For Love July 5 6 2018 Three starsMaddie and Alex have complicated past lover issues Maddie’s issue is too much for Alexyet she can’t help being attracted to her Will Alex work through the issue and lose her chance at real love or will she be able to overlook it and move past her last lover? Meanwhile Isabella and Nat play a slow burn game that may finally allow Nat to move past her angry past and settle down if she can open up to Isabella and show her true selfBook 2 Undisclosed Desires July 6 2018 Three starsAs Isabella tries to break through Nat’s closed shell Nat wonders why Isabella would be interested in her at all Isabella has a decision to make which may move her past her feelings for Nat And Nat falls off the wagon but it isn’t the sameBook 3 No Ordinary Love July 6 8 2018 Two starsCombines both couples Alex and Maddie struggle with a hiccup in their blooming relationship when a former lover re appears Isabella and Nat make a breakthrough with theirs but is it to last?Book 4 Close Enough July 6 7 2018 Four starsYeah I cheated and read ahead When I started to read the third book it had a kind of sexual scene that I didn’t much like so I decided to skip ahead and come back A credit to the author because I had read the first one I didn’t feel lost reading it out of orderNat did something super bad She reverted to her old ways between book two and three and Isabella caught her the next day in the arms of someone else Nat spends the rest of the book trying to win her back Has Nat lost Isabella forever?The first second and the fourth books are the strongest The third one had plot but was mostly sexy scenes Sexy scenes are all right if they move the plot I found myself moving ahead and skimming the sexy scenes in that book to get back to the plotAll four together are about 274pg an easy read if not interruptedVery high three stars I haven’t enjoyed sexy bits in books for uite a while now If a reader can look past that and focus on the plot this is a very fine read

  9. EvaLovesRomance EvaLovesRomance says:

    Page turner that keeps you glued to your kindle I love that Alex and Nat are besties and that they care so deeply for one another That they are honest and wish each other happiness and are supportive to each other When these two Engage their friendly neighbors Maddie and Isabella the older and wiser ladies of the same apartment building thats when the sparks fly I enjoyed the whole series in one day and I loved it I had my moments when I was so angry at Nat and angry at Alex but that didn’t stop me from loving their stories too I love me some Harper Bliss books

  10. Gisella Gisella says:

    God I don’t know what took me so long to read this story because I can say with full certainty that it’s the best thing story I’ve read of Harpers Loved he setting for the story and how it was in the perspective of each character I’m hoping she continues this story as I’d like to see the characters from where they left off

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