Rinkitink in Oz PDF/EPUB Å Rinkitink in PDF \

Rinkitink in Oz PDF/EPUB Å Rinkitink in PDF \

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 281 pages
  • Rinkitink in Oz (Oz, #10)
  • L. Frank Baum
  • English
  • 15 February 2016
  • 9780345333179

10 thoughts on “Rinkitink in Oz (Oz, #10)

  1. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    Somewhere in an ocean not far from the Land of Oz there is an island called Pingaree populated by peaceful people whose main occupation is to collect pearls They accumulated uite a bit of wealth by selling them to nearby continental kingdom of Gilgad One day the King of Gilgad named Rinkitink paid a visit to the islanders The guy turned out to be uite jolly and fat think Santa Claus In fact because of his weight problems most of the time he moved around riding a talking goat Bilbil The goat constant grumpiness balanced King's jolliness nicely The famous modern Grumpy Cat has nothing on Bilbil when it comes to being grumpySo everything was fun and games until warriors from northern islands came to loot and pillage Loot and pillage they did After they left carrying back wealth and prisoners to make slaves all what was left on the island were complete ruins the prince Inga overlooked by the conuerors Rinkitink who fell down a well and Bilbil who looked so old and skinny nobody even thought about slaughtering it for meat Now it is up to Inga armed with three magic pearls and his accidental followers to rescue his parents and his people The previous 9 books of the series settled into a comfortable but repetitive pattern of the following plot Some peoplecreatures ended up in an unusual place they travel around trying to get to a civilized lands meet unusual creatures and see other unusual places Finally Ozma or Dorothy take pity of them and bring the travelers to the Land of Oz; the happy end Imagine my surprise when I realized that in tenth book the pattern was finally broken First thing I noticed was smoother writing style; I really like the description of the island kingdom The overall tone became much darker than in the previous installments uite fast Both Bilbil and Rinkitink said some things that the intended audience young kids would not understand This was probably the first time during my reading of the series when I became curious about what would happen next The suspense held for about three uarters of the book At the end L Frank Baum realized he needed to tie the tale to Oz somehow So in about three chapters before the end he brought Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz in You can practically hear them kicking and screaming because they really do not belong So a darker and complicated tale than usual interesting characters but bolted on ending yield 4 stars as a final rating To be honest it might be closer to 35 stars but I was taken from the blind side by unexpectedly adult themes of the book so I rounded the rating up

  2. Paul E. Morph Paul E. Morph says:

    This is my least favourite Oz book so far and part of the reason for that is because it blatantly wasn't intended to be an Oz book There's no connection to Oz at all until the last couple of chapters when the Nome King is shoehorned in as an additional threat a somewhat random 'end level boss' for those of you familiar with a certain type of video game and then Dorothy the Wizard and Glinda are brought in as an even random deus ex machina to top things off It's just clumsy writingThe other reason I disliked this book is the titular Rinkitink He is hands down the single most annoying character I've ever encountered in a work of fiction He makes Jar Jar Binks look like Gandalf by comparison Just two chapters into the book I could have cheerfully shot him in the faceSo in the light of all this why as many as three stars Well despite its downsides this isn't a bad little adventure story up until the point the Oz elements are introduced Prince Inga is a bit on the bland side as protagonists go but his intentions are honourable and he deserves a gold medal for putting up with Rinkitink for so long without murdering him in his sleepAlso the character of Bilbil the depressed smart mouthed talking goat is fantastic Genuinely hilarious it's a real shame the character was stuck in such an otherwise lacklustre bookOverall two and a half stars rounded up

  3. TJ TJ says:

    This was my least favorite oz book so far review to come maybe

  4. Nicolas Nicolas says:

    By far my favorite Oz book to date The story and characters are original and don't rely on the standard Oz archetypes An unlikey group of heroes consisiting of the jolly King Rinkitink Bilbil the talking goat and young Prince Inga take off to rescue Inga's parents This takes them to many different lands and ultimately pits them against Kaliko the nome king My one complaint is the sloppy inclusion of Dorothy the Wizard After follwing King Rinkitink and Prince Inga throughout the story I felt a little robbed to have Dorothy show up in time to save the day I would have preferred to see Inga Rinkitink outsmart the nome king rather than having the victory belong to Dorothy I understand needing to bring the Land of Oz into the story but that could have been done by simply having the travelers end up in Oz or even having Dorothy simply help Inga while still allowing him to be the hero of the book He could have taken Kaliko with the help of Bilbil Rinkitink Overall this was a very good book and makes me want to read some of Baum's non Oz fictionWe discussed this series and many on our Fantasy spotlight for the All the Books Show

  5. Jess the Shelf-Declared Bibliophile Jess the Shelf-Declared Bibliophile says:

    Check out my individual reviews on each book's main page

  6. Tarissa Tarissa says:

    Another fun adventure fairy tale from L Frank BaumI even love the grumpy character of Bilbil the goat He's so disgruntled it's comical However I liked it best when Dorothy Gale finally entered the story I do miss her when she's not thereSometimes I feel like the Oz stories may not be super interesting to youngsters nowadays because it's just written in a older different style But then again there are some laugh out loud moments where the author has some real wit

  7. Dianna Dianna says:

    One of the best Oz books I've read yet I read in the afterword that Baum actually intended this as a non Oz book originally no surprise since the Oz part at the end seemed an afterthought and somewhat contrived It tells the story of Prince Inga who rescues his parents and the people of his island nation with the help of three magic pearls King Rinkitink is a funny character; I love his laugh I'm glad Baum decided to re purpose this book into his Oz series—I'm sure many people read it as a result

  8. Matthew Hunter Matthew Hunter says:

    Hands down Baum’s best effort since early in the Oz series Nary a mention of the yellow brick road; minimal bludgeoning of readers with introductions of meaningless but interesting new characters Surprise of surprises Baum tells a story located primarily in only three small island places Pingaree Regos and Coregos Heck Oz characters and places don’t make an appearance until the very end Turns out Baum took a fantasy novel he’d written ten years earlier and Ozified it He should bring outside influences into his Ozian universe often

  9. Madeline Worrell Madeline Worrell says:

    When I read a Wizard of Oz story I like to be reunited with the familiarity of the old gang This story was originally written unrelated to Oz L Frank Baum re wrote the ending to include several of characters from Oz and added it to the series

  10. Grace Grace says:

    First my dislikes about the book snother misleading title and another deus ex machina ending but at least Baum is consistent Rinkitink is an important character and he does eventually wind up in Oz but Prince Inga is the main protagonist who drives the plot and actually develops as a character And I don't want to put any spoilers here but if you've read any other Oz books then you know that last minute convenient saves by Glinda or Ozma are Baum's usual way of wrapping up a storyAside from those two issues which after reading so many Oz books I think are just Baum's writing uirks I loved this book The story was different enough from other Oz stories to be refreshing but still had all of the winsome fairytale charm that makes the Oz books so lovely Also there was a definite antagonist giving Prince Inga a goal to strive for right from the get go; this was a nice change from many of the Oz books which are basically a plot less road trip through Ozian odditiesI would recommend this book to any lover of the Oz stories and also to anyone who wants a good fairy tale story Because most of the established characters like Dorothy the Wizard and Ozma don't show up till the very end this book can easily be enjoyed by someone with no previous knowledge of any of Baum's other books

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Rinkitink in Oz (Oz, #10)❮Epub❯ ➢ Rinkitink in Oz (Oz, #10) ➡ Author L. Frank Baum – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Book 10 in L Frank Baum's beloved OZ series in which young Prince Inga of Pingaree is aided by King Rinkitink and Bilbil the goat in rescuing his royal parents from the clutches of Kaliko the Nome Kin Book in L Frank Baum's beloved OZ series in which young Prince Inga of Pingaree is aided by King Rinkitink Rinkitink in PDF \ and Bilbil the goat in rescuing his royal parents from the clutches of Kaliko the Nome King.