Out of Love eBook å Out of PDF/EPUB ²

Out of Love eBook å Out of PDF/EPUB ²

Out of Love ➻ Out of Love Download ➼ Author Victoria Clayton – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The last time Min saw Daisy they uarreled bitterly not really surprising as Daisy was in bed with Min's boyfriend at the time Fifteen years later they run into each other unexpectedly and as they catc The last time Min saw Daisy they uarreled bitterly not really surprising as Daisy was in bed with Min's boyfriend at Out of PDF/EPUB ² the time Fifteen years later they run into each other unexpectedly and as they catch up on the news it seems as though their friendship has never ended Daisy is a successful academic independent unmarried and with life exactly as she wants it; Min on the other hand is struggling to cope with a large house difficult children and a bad tempered husband So when Daisy goes to stay with Min how does it happen that within weeks of taking the housekeeping in hand Daisy would willingly abandon her well ordered life to change places with Minfor good.

10 thoughts on “Out of Love

  1. Elinor Elinor says:

    I am a big Victoria Clayton fan having read all of her novels Unfortunately it appears that she is no longer writing in this genre This novel was slightly less satisfying than the rest only because the main character falls in love with an unsuitable man and it was a source of much anxiety to this reader knowing that it could not possibly end well However the author pulled a rabbit out of her hat and it all came right at the finish line This is what is termed smart chick lit with sparkling dialogue and lots of literary references but at the heart of it a simple ode to romance hearth and home

  2. Eva Eva says:

    86 pages in and I find it hard concentrating on this book I pulled this one out of my 100 unread bookspile but it just doesn't interest me I don't even know how I got this book in the first place

  3. Sue Sue says:

    ‘Out of Love’ is about thirty something Diana known to most of her friends as Daisy She’s an academic who lives a fairly solitary life by choice She has not seen her best friend Min for fifteen years after a nasty misunderstanding but now they are re united This is a character based book and the people are very well drawn The writing is excellent; the pace perfect for my tastes It's nearly twenty years old thus free of modern trappings such as mobile phones although unfortunately the adults all seem to smoke There’s a lot of drinking and bad language than I’m comfortable with too and yet I loved it I didn’t know where the main romantic thread was going and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome and the gentle and entirely satisfactory ending Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys somewhat erudite women's fiction

  4. Caroline Caroline says:

    This is one of my all time favorite books I picked it up on sale and once I was into the first chapter I went on bought everything else available by this author Excellent writing great story very atmospheric with lots of interesting detail Have re read all of her books multiple times This one is my favorite

  5. Diane Diane says:

    It always surprises me how a novel seemingly about nothing in particular save the daily goings on of life can be so absorbing I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely and skilfully written story about fairly ordinary people doing fairly ordinary things

  6. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book again and I have nothing but praise for Victoria Clayton

  7. Caroline Caroline says:

    One of my favorite books I stumbled across this book and have since read everything I can by this author An absolute gem

  8. Malcolm Steward Malcolm Steward says:

    Min or Daisy but it can’t be both I can’t decide who is to get my support Daisy seems to be so careless of everyone else that she cannot be likeable but then I think perhaps I would like to meet her socially Then I think she can’t help it poor dear she simply is a loose cannon As to mrs butters A beautiful description Dare I say I sometimes regret being only a man But then I am whiteEnglishmiddle classgrammar school educatedable bodiedsolventheterosexual what chance have I got in life Thank you Miss Clayton for a most enjoyable four hours I am a complacent smug uick reader

  9. Carolyn Hill Carolyn Hill says:

    I'm not sure where I came across Victoria Clayton probably one of those sites that say if you like so in so then you'll probably like this writer So for the Anglophile who loves novels with the emphasis on characters and their daily lives and a setting preferably in an old house in the English countryside in a not too distant time period this is just the ticket This is a story primarily about women's friendship and how romantic rivalry or the appearance of such can damage it Narrated by Diana also known as Daisy by her friend Min the book opens with the unexpected meeting of the two in 1969 after a fifteen year separation when they fell out over a misunderstanding involving the young man Min thought of as her boyfriend while they were students at Cambridge The girls had become fast friends in boarding school when Diana rescued Min from being ostracized by the powerful and judgmental cliue Both were academically gifted applied themselves and were able to go to university together A good portion of the first part of the book sets the stage for their friendship and the incident which caused their break up Min goes on to marry and have two children while Diana works as a professor and has a comfortable single life though no serious relationships with men Once they've reunited Min invites Diana to stay with her for a weekend which is extended when Min injures herself and Diana stays on to help out Min is trying to work on a preface for a book she's been asked to write and while brilliant she is a total disaster on the home front Her children suffer from benign neglect the house and garden are in shambles even the family's clothes are worn and tattered and no one ever has a decent meal there Despite her domestic failings Min is refreshing because she really doesn't give a rip what other people think and is therefore comfortable with herself Diana cares for appearances and seems the opposite competent efficient a talented cook gardener seamstress and decorator as well as good with the children and animals She soon has the place running smoothly the children happier and Robert Min's husband less resentful of her and appreciative and admiring Despite Diana's fling with a rich and dashing neighbor the inevitable happens and Diana and Robert fall in love though they both love and adore Min and don't want to hurt her or break up the family Complications ensueIt takes a long time for the relationship between Diana and Robert to develop for they start off disliking each other and I was glad of this subtlety Though the pacing is slow and measured the book is very engaging with likable characters and believable dialogue with flashes of wit Since the author read English at Cambridge as they say the book is full of literary references and allusions that mostly went right over my head It didn't detract from the narrative and I'm sure for those well read in British poetry and literature would add extra depth If I had to uibble I'd say both the older mothers in the book Diana's and Robert's were over the top with their scandalous sexual exploits especially for both of them And with Diana's mother being an alcoholic and taking up with one man after another to the neglect of her young daughter I wondered where Diana got her aptitude and skills for domesticity That was never satisfactorily explainedI had my doubts that it could happen foreseeing nothing but unhappiness for the characters I had come to care about but the ending was truly a happy one I want to know what happens in the next chapter of Diana's life and somewhere I read that she appears in another of Clayton's novels Unfortunately my local library only had this one volume of hers What's an Anglophile to do? I may have to resort to buying used paperbacks on the internet because Victoria Clayton is an author I would like to read again

  10. Hilary Tesh Hilary Tesh says:

    Although the two main characters Daisy and Min are in their mid 30s this is essentially chick lit albeit with an intelligent twist The childhood friends are reunited after a fifteen year estrangement and Daisy visits Min's chaotic family household The book poses the uestion what would or indeed should you do out of love Holding the fort and organising the household whilst your best friend is injured is acceptable but falling in love with her husband certainly isn't How this conundrum is resolved is the crux of the book The book is littered with literary references it certainly makes it seem intelligent and the background cast of characters are many varied and pretty stereotypical It's a light entertaining read if unrealistic and over descriptive at times; a modern attempt at a genre mastered better by previous authors such as Dodie Smith Stella Gibbons and Angela Thirkell

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