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Woman King (Dark Horse Trilogy, #1) Reading Woman King Dark Horse Trilogy, 1 Evette Davis Capitalsoftworks.co.uk A San Francisco Political Consultant With Special Powers Joins A Secret Supernatural Political Organization And Has A Series Of Adventures, While Falling In Love Book One Of A Three Part Paranormal Romance Set In San Francisco, Paris And Eastern Europe.

  • Paperback
  • 346 pages
  • Woman King (Dark Horse Trilogy, #1)
  • Evette Davis
  • 09 November 2017
  • 9781483918938

About the Author: Evette Davis

www.evettedavis.com or her Pinterest and Facebook pages, and follow her on Twitter SFEvette.

10 thoughts on “Woman King (Dark Horse Trilogy, #1)

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    This book has a great concept The fog around San Francisco is not a natural phenomena, but one created by the Others to mask the large population of paranormal creatures living in the area You can t exactly be sure of WHAT you saw in that heavy fog, can you Our main character Olivia can be counted among the Others, although she is quite human, just with a few extraordinary gifts She joins the Council, a group of international Others who work on a political level and try to prevent religious zealots from taking office.Be warned,...

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    M s Urban Fantasy desde pticas femeninas G nero Narrativa Fant stica.Lo que nos cuenta En San Francisco, la niebla no es nicamente un fen meno atmosf rico sino una forma de que las personas normales no vean a las criaturas sobrenaturales que les rodean Olivia es una mujer de 32 a os que trabaja en consultor a pol tica que acaba de ser sustituida del proyecto que dirig a por la necesidad de alguien con m s dinamismo C...

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    I won this book through Goodreads Giveaway Thank you to Goodreads and Evette Davis for giving me a chance to read this book.Woman King is the first book in a soon to be trilogy It primarily takes place in San Francisco Olivia is an empath that has blocked her ability most of her life because of the affects it had on her mother Suddenly, her career and emotional state changes dramatically She meets a time walker set out to help her Through the time walker, she learns that a demon has been targeting her because she is weakened from not using her powers Her world turns upside down as she copes with learning how to strengthen her abilities to protect herself from the demon and learning that there are a lot paranormal things to this world than she originally thought and she falls for one of them.Characters The story is written in first person through Olivia Olivia after denying her gift for a long time embraces her empathic abilities and discovers new adventures and job opportunities with the help of a new friend, Elsa Elsa is a time walker that was sent by her grandmother to help Olivia Through her new connection she sees the world differently There are Others that walk...

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    This was such a fun read I wasn t sure I would enjoy the supernatural spin, but it was done with such wit and charm that I loved it And who wouldn t fall in love with these characters, even when they are centuries old vampires It touched on lots of my favorite places in San Fran...

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    I liked the book although it wasn t the usual paranormal fiction I normally read Woman King reminds me of a John Grisham book but Woman King happens to include fairies, vampires, witches and werewolves I liked how the main focus of the story was evenly split between the powerful Council fixing an election and Olivia a modern, very smart political consultant finding her true self as she uses her powers and falls in love All of the characters in this book held my attention evenlyI didn t feel particularly drawn to one over the other But that...

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    Let me begin by first saying, WOW I loved this book from start to finish Evette Davis book truly packs a punch and has plenty to offer including the supernatural, romance, fantasy, politics and At the end of the synopsis, it is mentioned that readers who enjoyed The Night Circus will enjoy Woman King, and I cannot agree This is a beautifully written book with an exceptionally strong plot I am excited to read by Evette Davis Be sure to check out her work, I highly doubt that you ll b...

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    Never imagined myself reading a paranormal political, romantic book and enjoy it as much as I did This could have become boring and messy but the author kept the plot together and convinced me to enjoy the polit...

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    The only thing I didn t like about this book is that it s part of a trilogy I didn t know it was gonna be part of a trilogy b c the book didn t say I like series books that stand alone Anyway, I really liked this book It had everything I look for in a book paranormal, strong female c...

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    I have to admit that politics are not my thing It started off kind of slow and jumped around There is plenty of drama and action The romantic parts are perfect This book is a part of a trilogy so be prepared you will get hooked I received this book through Goodreads first reads.

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