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China and the WTO: Changing China, Changing World Trade After Fifteen Long Years Of Dialogue And Heated Debate, China Has At Last Gained Entry To The World Trade Organization It Will Take Its Place Among The Other Member States At The End Of 2001 This Unique And Important Book Analyses The Implications For World Trade Of This Momentous Event, As Seen By The Next WTO S Director General The Key Sections Of The Book Discuss The Effect That Accession Will Have On China As It Struggles To Meet All The Requirements Of The WTO The Future Role Of The WTO And Its Current Shortcomings WTO, Globalization And Its Critics Battle In Seattle, Davos Etc Implications For The USA, Asia And Europe The Strains That Will Be Placed On The Existing Order Shift In The Balance Of Global Power As China Overtakes Japan And Matches The Economic Power Of The USChina S Economic Growth And Its Role In The WTO Will Be In The News For Years To Come This Book, From The Man Who Will Help Shape The Future Of Global Trade, Will Be Widely Reviewed By The Global Media As Dr Supachai Is The First Director General From A Developing Nation To Hold This Key Position China S Entry To The WTO Is A Landmark Event In The 21st Century It Is A Clear Signal That China Is Ready To Take Its Place Amongst The Global Economic Powerhouses And That It Is Prepared To Play By Its Rules This Book, By The Next Head Of The WTO, Explains The Importance Of This Event And Its Implications For The Future Of World Trade.

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